1. R

    Opening Hidden Columns in Excel Sheet

    I tried to open an old Excel sheet, and columns A through AM were hidden. I cannot open the hidden columns by using the Unhide action (highlighting the entire sheet). Any suggestions that would enable me to open these hidden columns would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. D

    Some advice

    Hi all, I'm after some suggestions. I am currently putting a worksheet together at work that will show various bits of data. Some data is pulled onto the main sheet from a hidden sheet when I put their employee ID into a cell. If their telephone number is stored on the hidden sheet it will...
  3. P

    EXCEL shapes.visible won't work anymore

    I have the following code. It used to work on this spreadsheet but no longer works. ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Shapes("Terminator").Visible = True I know there is nothing wrong with the code because I made a brand new spreadsheet and tested the code and it works. However, there is...
  4. T

    How to change code to and

    Private Sub Command43_Click() 'Admin Button Bring back nav and other views that are hidden If Text9.Value = "tam.badal" Then 'UnHide the hidden objects in the navigation pane Application.SetOption "Show Hidden Objects", True 'UnLock navigation pane...
  5. K

    access to hidden sheets

    I have A combo box named comboWs that has a list of all 63 worksheets in the workbook, but all are hidden except the active one. Combo's output is on worksheet named general.switchboard in cell "O54" (this worksheet is visible=true). I want to go to the worksheet selected in the combo. I've...
  6. R

    Remove commented lines

    I have an excel spreadsheet containing many rows copied from VBE. Some of these contain comments - always with a ' in column 1. I would like to delete these lines, but the ' is a hidden character and the program can not find it. Any suggestions, please?
  7. gheyman

    Access: Keep Navigation pane closed

    Is there a way to keep the navigation pane closed or keep users from accessing it without proper permissions?
  8. T

    Apply colour to frozen table header when rows hidden

    Hi All, Silly question(s) time again. I have frozen rows 1 to 4 which contains the table header and other details. What I would like to do is have Row 4 cells fill with red when the user scrolls down. My reasoning is it will help remind the user there are hidden rows. So my questions are...
  9. L

    Losing my mind over "call" macro

    Hello all. I have a macro that hides and unhides several rows on a sheet, and works perfectly when on I use a button ON THAT SHEET. I have another sheet that has a checkbox that when selected, should run the exact same macro and for some reason it only runs half of it. I'm losing my mind, can...
  10. J

    Can't Edit Macro From Personal Workbook

    When i try to edit macro it says can't edit macros from a hidden workbook. The workbook in XLStart is not hidden. I've also checked to make sure it's not in the disabled add-ins list. If i click in macros and hit run the macros will run. But i can not edit them to assign a shortcut key.
  11. muhammad susanto

    Average With Data Hidden NOT WORKING

    hi all.. <tbody> data1 data2 data3 (Hidden) data4 data5 10 5 20 12 15 </tbody> how to use average formula with data hidden column.. i have use average or subtotal but not working. i'm use ms office 2010.. how to figure out this? I want can work for 2 condition, visible column or in hidden...
  12. U

    Copy paste block with hidden rows

    I need to add code to a macro to copy and paste a block of cells that include hidden rows of data, sample code Selection.SpecialCells(x1CelltypeVisible).Select Copy Range(A4:B10).select Application.CutCopyMode=False Range(A4:B10).select Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=x1PasteValues...
  13. Q

    Making Conditional Formatting ignore hidden rows

    I have a document with multiple filters that cause multiple rows to be hidden. The visible data looks similar to this: <tbody> Column A Row 1 15 Row 3 24 Row 4 13 Row 5 32 Row 11 12 Row 13 20 </tbody> I am trying to create a conditional formatting to highlight the highest 3...
  14. D

    Filtered dataset / sort / hidden columns

    If you a have sheet that is filtered, and hide columns, then sort (via any viewable column), does the hidden columns also sort? I have a fairly sizable file (12k rows, 37 cols; several columns are for me) that I want to send to a few team members to sort/verify/update their data. I'm...
  15. T

    VBA: MsgBox Warning if row is hidden

    Hi all I'm new here and kinda of new to VBA, but trying to learn. I have a bit of a tough one (for me at least). I am trying to write a code that can do the following. Whenever a row is hidden manually if the row contains a value greater or smaller than zero, and not text string in...
  16. L

    Copying a cell value from a hidden column

    Hi I have a double-click event that copies a cell on the same row as the Target but that lies within a hidden column. It won't copy and I'm wondering if there is a way of forcing it to copy. I've searched online but can't find anything that really fits my issue. Thanks in advance, Liam
  17. Airwave

    VBA and Hidden Columns

    I am trying to get the below to work in columns that are hidden from view in Excel. It does work, but only if the columns are not hidden. Is there a way around this? With Sendrng .Parent.Select Set Rng = ActiveCell .Select ActiveWorkbook.EnvelopeVisible = True With .Parent.MailEnvelope For Each...
  18. T

    Hidden column cells - data being added but formatting not applied

    Hi all, I have the following code which is supposed to add "N/A" to cells and colour them in green: If ch = vbOK Then Target.Cells.Interior.ColorIndex = 43 Range(Cells(Target.Row, twelvewl + 1), Cells(Target.Row, twelvewr)) = "N/A" Range(Cells(Target.Row...
  19. S

    Using Macros, Hide (with password) and Unhide multiple worksheets

    I have about 90 worksheets in my workbook. About 75 contain sensitive financial information that I don't want available when someone is sent the file. Is there a way to "group" the 75 sensitive worksheets so that with one click of a Macro button, all 75 worksheets are hidden with a password...
  20. G

    Copy Specific Columns Using VBA

    I am trying to copy a row in a table that includes some hidden date. I want to be able to past the row below creating another row in the table. When the columns are hidden I want them to also be copied and pasted below. How can I make sure that all my data in that row is copied including the...

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