hide / unhide rows

  1. R

    VBA Show only rows with FALSE value

    Dear VBA Masters I want below code to check range and If any row contains value FALSE then EntireRow.Hidden = False , else I want rest of rows to be hidden. Seems simple but it does not work the way I want. Below code shows only 2 rows from below example. Why ? Sub ShowFalseOnly() Dim...
  2. A

    VBA Cell Value to hide rows- works on one sheet but not another?

    Hi all, I'll be the first to admit I'm quite new to VBA, but delving into it as much as I can. I've been building a questionnaire & want to be able to hide certain rows based on a certain value of a cell. I have managed this successfully on one sheet within my workbook, however when I copy...
  3. R

    Row Hide in multiple sheets

    Hello, I wanted to hide specific rows in multiple sheets. I've sheet "Info" which have dropdown list (View,Hidden). I also have sheets "Jan" to "Dec" When i choose dropdown list "Hidden" in sheet "Info". It should hide all the specific rows (Example rows 1:10) in all sheets "Jan" to "Dec". I...
  4. H

    Hide/unhide variable number of rows

    Hi All, I am trying to use a code that allows me to hide/unhide x number of rows based on another cell value. I also need this to update automatically when the cell value changes. So for example if cell A1 is =1, I want it to show row 5 and hide rows 6-10, when the cell value changes to 2, I...
  5. H

    Hide and unhide rows updated based on cell data

    Hi all, I am trying to create an Excel that allows me to hide/unhide rows based on cell data based on a formula. It works the first time but then when the data changes it does not unhide/hide the previous data unless I go to the code and refresh after the new data has been selected. I have...
  6. C

    Automatically Hide Rows Based On Cell Ref

    Hi, I would like a page within my macro enabled workbook to automatically hide and unhide rows based on the cell reference within column C of each row. Page Name "Pilot Log" Possible text references within column C would be "MA" "SA" "P3" "P4" "P5" The rows I would like to hide / unhide...
  7. S

    VBA Worksheet_Calculate() Code doesn't run until it is run from VB Editor

    I have a working code, but it doesn't hide until i Run the code from VB Editor : Maybe those D3,D4 and D5 are formulated , that's why it is not running on its own : The above code isto run the formula in cells in CheckList sheet so that they take in values from the drop down list. This code...
  8. tlc53

    Improve VBA Code - Automatically Hide Rows

    Hi there, I have a set of data which can change via formulas. To reduce the amount information the user is looking at, I wanted to hide the rows with a zero balance. I went to test the below VBA code but it was taking so long, I had to stop it. As you can see, there's over 4,000 rows. Since...
  9. R

    Create button that adds rows w/ formatting

    Hello, I have a tab in my workbook that has rows that hide/unhide based off of which radio button is selected. I am wondering if there is a way to use vba to create buttons in a template to make this easy to recreate. If not, do you have any suggestions on how I could go about this smoothly? I...
  10. C

    Automatically Hide rows on Sheet 2 conditional to data on Sheet 1

    Hi, I'm trying to hide rows on an excel worksheet ("ERRORS") based on whether or not a specific cell of another worksheet ("WORKFLOW") is empty. i.e.: If cell I2 of worksheet ("WORKFLOW") has any value (if it is not empty) , row 2 on worksheet ("ERRORS") should be visible. If it has no value (is...
  11. B

    Hide/Unhide Row based on dropdown value

    Hi all, I'm extremely new to VBA and need assistance. I have 2 worksheets; Worksheet 1 has is a list of all employees in both department "A" & "B". Worksheet 2 is a list of employees from department "A" & their tasks for the day. I would like to create a VBA where I can enter all of my...
  12. tlc53

    VBA Code - Macro to Auto Format by hiding and/or resizing rows

    Hi, I have certain formatting (hiding of rows or resizing of a row) that needs to occur if new accounts are added/removed. I will have a macro button which can be run if they make any changes to the accounts. Cell K36 has a count formula and tells you how many accounts there are. Depending on...
  13. E

    Hide and Unhide rows and controls

    Hello everyone! I have to sheets- Sheet1 and Sheet2 In sheet 1 I have ListBox1 with 3 values which correspond to values in cells in sheet 2(A1:A3) In Sheet 1 I have also two textbox controls textbox1 and textbox 2 allocated on the rows 10 to 15. I want to do the follwoing -whenver the...
  14. RavosJ

    If Value X is selected Rows 1 / 2 will be hidden (+DYNAMIC with previous code)

    Hi All, I am almost in the final stages of my code and I am very excited! So close to the end, I can smell it. Unfortunately this also means he code is getting trickier. What I want to accomplish: I have 2 important dropdowns with each 2 different options: 1. A / B - 2. C / D First...
  15. B

    Hide lines in Excel

    I am a rebar estimator, i have a workbook that contains a quote sheet, and a pricing sheet. i have multiple products, and i want to expand with more. I currently have my quote sheet setup to hide rows using a checkbox, the checkbox also gets hidden. There is a macro that resets the Hidden status...
  16. E

    Hide Unhide Rows

    Helloe everyone, I am completely new to VBA so your help will be appreciated. I want automatically hide/unhide rows based on cell value. The cell value could have only 2 options: YES or NO So whenever cell value= YES then hide rows 2:10 and unhide 10:15 whenever cell value= NO then unhide...
  17. J

    Show & Hide Rows - Depending on value (Automatic Change, buttonless)

    Hey people, Just started using vba and this site has really helped me! So I thought I'd try asking with this; I'm wanting to set up a page on excel so that when B15 reads a value, it reveals the corresponding amount of rows on the page. The Values in B15 are drop box selections of: - Single -...
  18. tlc53

    Hide Check Boxes when Row is Hidden

    Hi there, I have check boxes in column L (L20:L64) which I would like to be hidden, when the row is hidden. Currently all the check boxes are clustering together on L65 when any rows are hidden. The rows start off as being hidden and once data is entered in column B, the row below is unhidden...
  19. tlc53

    VBA Code - Hide / Unhide Rows based on Entity Type

    Hi there, Not had to write a code like this so have taken a stab in the dark but it's not liking it. Can anyone see where I am going wrong please? When I try to run it, the error highlights the second row of code (If Not Intersect...) The "Entity_Type" is located in cell D8. The "Entity Type"...
  20. tlc53

    VBA Code Hide / Unhide Rows based on selection of 2x Drop Down Lists

    Hi there, I have the below code, which is working well at hiding and unhiding rows depending on the number of investments selected from the drop down list. In additional to my current code, I was wondering if I could go a step further and hide further rows depending on the outcome of 2x drop...

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