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    VBA to to selectively hide worksheets from drop down list

    I have a worksheet that acts as a Table of Contents, called "TOC". There are dozens of worksheets behind it, which all have an identical format set of headers rows. One of those cells, cell B6, which contains a drop down lists of category, so that I can categorises each worksheet, like...
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    Copy Hidden Template - Results in Error

    Hi - I have a code (shown below) that is creating multiple copies of a template worksheet and number sequentially. The problem is that I would like to have the template worksheets hidden, but when I do this I get a Run Time Error 1004: Method Select of Object_Worksheet failed. If not hidden, it...
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    VBA code optimization for data validation drop down worksheet hiding

    Hi, I have about fifty worksheets most of which are named with two letter country codes. I am using a data validation drop down list to select the relevant country code (US, CA, EU etc…) worksheet in order to hide all the other country worksheets. However, I don’t want to hide all the...
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    Protecting Workbook and its Contents

    Hello, I am continually running into an issue when trying to protect my workbook with macro's I have a workbook with 12 sheets. Upon workbook_open, I hide them all, except the first which is protected completely, no one can even click on a cell. At the end of the code, I protect the workbook...
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    Show / Hide Sheets based on Field Value

    Hi - I am trying to show / hide worksheets that start with a specific character based on a List selection. The following code will show or hide the worksheets however I can't figure out how to run the code based on a cell value. For example, if B15 says "Show Detail" then show worksheets...

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