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    Pivot Table, Value criteria set to sum, hide zero's

    I have a data source that deals with items going to customer on deposit. If they take one widget, there is a sale of 1, when they return the widget, there is a sale of -1. resulting in a Zero. I have attached a picture. Over hundreds of customers and thousands of transactions, we can be...
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    Excel 2010 - If value is zero do not show, show empty cell instead

    Searched Mr.Excel using different wording and this was not easy to find. What I mean is, I did not find the answer here. Used a search engine to find it. In case anyone didn't know the SUPER EASY fix for this, it's under File>Options>Advanced>Display>Display options for this worksheet...
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    Dynamic 12 month updating line chart to treat zeroes as gap.

    Hello, I have made graphs that update the last 12 months of data on different financial metrics. I have not been able to hide the zero values, as the usual solutions such as the NA() or an IF function that doesn't count the value as it makes the data skip over the cell since it goes back -12...
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    Display "" without causing #VALUE in next formula

    A1 Date (user entered value) B1 =Text(A1,"ddd") C1 Arrive Time (user entered value) D1 Dept Time (user entered value) E1 =If(IsBlank(C1),"",Mod(D1-C1,1)*24) F1 Afterhours Home Work (user entered value) G1 =E1+F1 Problem: If 'C1' is blank, then value "" placed in E1 -- which causes...

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