hiding rows

  1. V

    Hiding/Unhiding rows depending on cell selection

    Hi, I am trying to hide rows 78 to 84 if cell C75 is populated with 'Hold', 'Insolvency' or 'other' and show if any other option is selected 'Plan' or 'SST' but it is hiding only row 79 and 80. Can anybody help? Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) If Target.Address(0, 0) =...
  2. M

    VBA - Need help running faster/refining code

    I a very green to VBA (self taught in the last 3 weeks)... I created the below code, which works but is VERY slow. I am hoping someone can help as I still need to protect/unprotect the worksheets which is only going to further impact performance. The code has 3 intended results:1) Reading a...
  3. andrewb90

    can't hide cells using vba when sheet is protected

    Hello all, I have a worksheet change event that hides/unhides rows, but when my sheet is protected it doesn't work. now, the sheet is protected in vba uing this: ActiveSheet.Protect "password", _ DrawingObjects:=True, Contents:=True, Scenarios:=True _ ...
  4. K

    Using a Toggle Buttons to Hide Rows Based of a Value or Text in a Column

    I am trying to use macros to hide certain rows based on a value of a column which is usually a text value. I am planning a using multiple toggle buttons to hides rows that don't meet each criteria. I am kinda lost on how to begin any help and advice to get me through this would be greatly...
  5. N

    Hiding Rows With past Dates Automatically When Opening the Workbook

    Hi all, I want to hide rows based on a timestamp in column A. If the timestamp is a day old, hide the row. The code below used to work great but I just updated the workbook and the problem is that the code is only working for one of the worksheets (past date rows are hidden), while the other 4...
  6. K

    VBA error message "Range of Object_ Worksheet failed"

    Hi, having issues with my code and getting the error message "<Method 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed>" My code below, I just want to hide rows within the worksheet. this code worked fine before but when I made a change to the row numbers, I received this error message. Can anyone help...
  7. V

    Hiding all of the rows on a page

    I have a workbook that have certain page breaks because it is supposed to mirror a word document. I have a code that hides all of the rows on a page. When you hide all of the rows, the page that the rows were on still appears, but it is a blank page. Is there a code that can get rid of this...
  8. P

    2003 and 2007 freezing panes and hiding rows

    I have frozen panes and hidden rows using Excel 2003. When I open the .xls file in Excel 2007, the freezing of pane and hiding of rows is ignored. Is there an incompatiblity in the way these states are saved in the two versions?
  9. S

    Excel VBA to Hide Rows

    I have limited knowledge of VBA, but have determined it is needed to automate row hiding in my workbook with mulitple worksheets. I need help desparately! Here is what I need to accomplish: On Worksheet 1, if I have a 0 or blank in cell C11, I need to hide rows 7, 14, and 21 of Worksheet 2. Or...
  10. R

    Hiding Rows

    Hello, I am trying to hide a different row on two different sheets (sheet 1 and sheet 2) whenever the value of a certain cell in sheet 1 is null. So when cell "O$2" on sheet1 is null, i want cells ("$A$34:$I$34") to be hidden on sheet1 and cells ("$D$5:$H$5") to be hidden on sheet2. What...
  11. M

    Hiding Rows - Help!

    Hello all, I'm very new to VB programming so bear with me... I have a sheet where I have a general checkbox hiding several rows. I also have a set of checkboxes that when one of these checkboxes is selected I would like a subset of rows within the original hidden rows to be unhidden and shown...
  12. C

    Hiding Rows Based on Cell Content Macro

    Hello all I have a list of ingredients and there is a column for each which looks up from another spreadsheet whether the item is currently in use or not (just through a vlookup). Because this is quite a big list and the "in use" part varies what I would like to do is code a Macro that would...

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