1. P

    Look up high and low values, then define them

    Hi, I'm trying to take a list of values in Column A, then in Column B define which ones are "high ranked" and which are "low ranked" So if I have the table shown below, I 'd like to take the top two values in column A and in column B label those as "high" and the bottom two should show as...
  2. A

    If and or conditions (combination) help please

    Greetings all - and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a wonderful whatever else you may choose to celebrate at this tail end of the year. I have been trying accomplish this below, and google, this site and many others have led me close, but I just can’t find the right bit to get it done...
  3. C

    Rank IF / Sum product - Multiple Criteria

    I am working with the following sample data. <colgroup><col><col><col span="6"></colgroup><tbody> Product Code Category 1 2 3 4 5 rank 123 Low 10 20 30 40 50 2 456 Low 5 10 15 20 25 3 789 Med 2 4 6 8 10 234 Med 3 6 9 12 15 567 High 100 200 300 400 500 345 High 20 40 60 80...
  4. H

    Need advise to copy form pdf to exel if possible

    Hi I nead to know if this is possilbe, I have 7 Pdf files ond each one have+- 6500 pages, on each page there is certain info that I need to put in an one excel sheet. it looks like this VMSA-2015-0007: VMware ESXi OpenSLP Remote Code...
  5. P

    If formula help please

    Hi guys This is my first post and I'm really stuck on a formula. any help would be really appreciated. I've got a column of results from various checks across my spreadsheet, and each of these checks will come back with a result of High, Medium or blank. What I'm trying to do is create a...
  6. A

    Looking up a drop down list entry in a range defined by another drop down list

    Hi, I'm working on a spreadsheet that we use to record Supervisor safety contacts (when Supervisors have a "safety moment" with an employee). The contacts fall into different categories/topics (ie: PPE, egonomics, etc.). Each department (packaging, production, etc.) has a different list of...
  7. J

    Line Chart High & Low Points

    Hello - I have a horizontal line chart that contains numerous high and low points (with time and date stamps). I am trying to write a formula (or find a function) that would calculate the distances between each high and low point for each of the drops (sometimes numerous ups and downs per...
  8. A

    Formula Issue

    I am looking to perform the following but cannot figure out what to do with the middle IF statement? =IF(A1<1,"SATISFACTORY",IF(A1>1,A1<1.25,"CAUTION",IF(A1>1.25,"HIGH ALERT","") I know there is a simple solution, hopefully. Thanks.
  9. G

    Greater then running total.

    Hi everyone, I'm lost on this one and been trying different things but still can't get it to work. I have a workbook setup, the first sheet pulls totals from other sheets. I have everything working accept one thing. On the 1st sheet, I need the account balance to increase when there has...
  10. A

    Automatic Distribution of Items based on Priority Level and Type Set!

    Dear, Need to Automatically distribute Items based on priority level and type set for different People. Find sample below <tbody> <tbody> Type Name Priority Level Distributed Summary Items Type Distributed VIP Mithun 1 4 Rubber Special Mithun Special Jonathan 1 4 Sharpner...
  11. O

    Can this be written simpler/cleaner

    Hi I have the following code (its in word but figure its still vba) could this be written better, i expect so but my skills are limited. Any ideas? Private WithEvents App As Word.Application Public Sub LiklihoodCombos(pcb1 As ComboBox) With pcb1 .Value = "Select." If .ListIndex =...
  12. M

    Image Resolution for Excel (High Fidelity)

    I have office 2013 and 2016. The option for 'Default Resolution' as High Fidelity does not show up for me. Any ideas how to show it? https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Change-the-default-resolution-for-inserting-pictures-in-Office-2016-f4aca5b4-6332-48c6-9488-bf5e0094a7d2 The link from...
  13. B

    If logical test

    Could you please help over this formula where I need to have separate logical test where if two certain cells contains special text like medium or high an x should be replaced in other certain cell formula is like but not working...
  14. C

    Risk Matrix Index and Match Problem

    Hello once again people. I have a problem i have been trying and it has been trying me. I am try to index and Match from a risk 5x5 table and place the corresponding outcome from the risk matrix. I have tried various formula for indexing and matching with a result of "Value"or Ïndex"in the cell...
  15. S

    Count School, Month, and Frequency

    Good evening I have a sample of data below. I have about 200,000 rows. I am looking for a formula or subroutine that will find the school month and calculate the frequency like below. Here is an example I would like to check Lincoln School in the SEPT column and count how many cells are 1 to 4...
  16. I

    Between Range of Cells

    Hello, I have a VERY large file that I in summary need to find a number between a range of cells. So Column A I have a low number Column B I have a high number (goes to row 1,000) and need to know if this other number (column C) falls between ANY of those ranges. See below for a small snipbit...
  17. D

    Nested IF formulas

    Good afternoon, I'm trying to create a nested formula in cell Y1 that will return the values of HIGH or LOW depending on a few criteria. 1) First off - I want the cell to return a blank value of nothing applies 2) Looking to have the value of HIGH or LOW returned depending on if the value in...
  18. C

    Conditional weighted average

    Would anyone know how to work out the weighted average P Year based on the Area field for any given Species in the table below where Land Use can be either High Forest or Windblow and Forecast can only be F? I can do this with sumproduct but am not sure how to have more than one allowable...
  19. E

    Index Match with multiple nested if statements

    Hi, I have two tables, one with "source" data as follows: <tbody> A B C D E F G H I J K Lookup Helper High Low Geo_Lookup Geo_High Geo_Low Other Class Description Important A1 A1 11 Apples & Oranges N A2 #ALT 2 Apples & Pears N A2 55 High Apples & Pears Y A2...
  20. T


    Help would be great people. Could someone point me in the right direction with a formula that would calculate the aggregated Total (Col B) for South Location (Col C)? The answer should be 14. And if it's not too much, the Total for South Location where the Severity is High? Should b 9. Thanks...

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