highlight cells

  1. E

    Sum in different sheet in Excel 2013

    Hi all, Hopefully there is an easy fix for this! I 'upgraded' to Excel 2013 today and I have noticed that when I am doing a SUM or SUMIF etc in one sheet or workbook where the array is in a different tab or workbook, Excel no longer highlights the cells I am selecting, so it is relatively...
  2. D

    Conditional Formatting Help

    Hi all, Have a data sheet containing clients and the dates these clients contacted the company. From the column listing dates the clients were established, I'm trying to get any of these dates that are 7 days or older to highlight in red..brain sore and just have not been able to figure it out...
  3. C

    highlighting cells

    Hi all, I have a spreasheet representing a kind of store in a industry. There are in this room several boxes (each box is a cell) with different colors. Is there a possibility to put the cursor over one box of a certain color and the others boxes which have those same colors be highlighted...
  4. W

    Highlight cells based upon multiple strings or file with strings

    I am looking to search a worksheet for multiple strings and highlight each cell that contains one of those strings. For example, if the sheet has a column named color and each row has a color (e.g., red, green, blue) I would like the macro to either take multiple strings such as "blue", "red"...
  5. P

    Conditional formatting - difference between cells

    Hi all, I have an excel sheet for recording the results from measurements made on round material. What I want is to have the conditional formatting so that if they have more than the allowed difference in a column they are highlighted red. Example: Allowed difference is 0.06 so the cells with...
  6. A

    Random Row comparison in two worksheets

    Hello Guys, I have two excel sheets and i need to compare the rows and highlight them, the problem is the rows are random and even the columns are not even. Below is the sample data Ex: Sheet 1 Members Test1 test2 test3 test4 Key 2 3 4 Sheet2 Members Test1 test2 test3...
  7. W

    Highlighting cells after protecting sheet

    I have created some buttons in my excel sheet to highlight cells when clicked. However, I also want to protect the document so that only certain cells can be modified. When I protect the document the buttons no longer work even though the specified cells aren't locked. I'm sure it is just some...
  8. D

    Date Comparison to Highlight Cells

    Hi All, I'm working on a job booking system and I'm looking to create an if statement to highlight cells that have gone past the expected finishing times. In the 'D' collumn I have the date the job is expected to finish as DD/MM/YYYY, and in 'K' collumn I have a similar set up that people...
  9. A

    Compare Each Cell in Columns (with some alternates) and format cell, if condition is met (True)

    My current data sheet looks as under; <tbody> Row ColumnK ColumnL ColumnM ColumnN ColumnO 3 21-Sep-2013 4 27-Sep-2013 5 03-Oct-2013 6 11-Oct-2013 7 23-Oct-2013 8 17-Sep-2013 9 01-Oct-2013 10 08-Oct-2013 11 23-Oct-2013 12...
  10. M

    VBA: Help with conitional formating based on date/time

    I inherited an Excel 2010 workbook that is utilized to import in another excel data feed that is extracted from online source daily. Once imported this .xlsm workbook does several things, custom columns, several sorts, conditional formatting, etc. It currently highlights all rows that have a...
  11. J

    VBA to check if cell is highlighted

    Real easy question... Cell C10 has the favorite team. Cell D10 has the underdog team. What I'd like is a macro that will test whether or not Cell C10 is highlighted (any color). If so, Cell E10 should automatically be "1", if not highlighted, E10 is "2". Hope this is straight forward enough...
  12. B

    Automatic Conditional FONT Color

    Fellow Forum Members, I have a lot of cells containing numbers and with dark colored highlights applied that makes the numbers hard to read. I also have other cells with colors like Yellow that is easy to read the black colored fonts. What conditional formula can I use to change Black Font...
  13. D

    How to highlight subsequent cell when "X" is entered in the cell before it

    Hello excel experts! I am using excel 2007 and I'm trying to figure out how to highlight a subsequent cell when the one before it has an "x" entered into it...and I am completely stuck! For example: when an "x" is entered into A1 then B2 (and only B2) is highlighted. Although I'm fairly savvy...
  14. T

    Find Duplicates and Highlight Row in Red

    Hello Everybody, Let me explain exactly what I'm trying to figure out. I am looking in every row starting in Columns P, Q and R. It will go to the next row below the first and see if those columns have the same exact value. If it doesn't it goes onto the next row. If it turns out that row 1...
  15. K

    Format / Highlight top 3 values at row level

    Hi, I designed a pivot table and have the datas in percentage. So for each row, I have to highlight top 3 values (highest by individual row level) in different colors. Can someone help me with it? <tbody> SUBJECT MARK1 MARK2 MARK3 MARK4 SUB1 86 67 12 76 SUB2 45 56 35 97...
  16. W

    highlight cel with repeated number

    Hello to all I have the following table going down to 3000 rows <TBODY> 01/01/2013</SPAN> 6</SPAN> 17</SPAN> 21</SPAN> 26</SPAN> 35</SPAN> 01/01/2013</SPAN> 1</SPAN> 2</SPAN> 15</SPAN> 17</SPAN> 20</SPAN> 02/01/2013</SPAN> 7</SPAN> 10</SPAN> 15</SPAN> 25</SPAN> 31</SPAN>...
  17. R

    Highlight a number of cells based on a count not value

    Hello to all, I am truly stumped. I searched but couldn't come up with anything that works. I am trying to highlight a number of cells based on a count not values. In other words if A1 has a number 5. I would like A2:A6, next 5 cells, to automatically highlight. I would prefer something in VB...
  18. S

    Color coding cells that contain some substring

    Hello: I have some data shown below in a spreadsheet. <colgroup><col span="2"><col><col></colgroup><tbody> g z g s r b* h c n u* e r </tbody> Each string (g, z, u*, b*...) is in its own cell. I am trying to highlight the cells that has *. I tried Conditional Formatting...
  19. H

    highlight cells which were found in a list of words

    Hello, I would appreciate any help.. I have a list of words which I would like to know if column C contains each one of them in each cell, if it's true I would like to highlight the cell in red. any ideas? with conditional formatting I'm able to create one rule for one each each time.. for...
  20. O

    Macro to highlight a date in he past.

    I have a fairly large spreadsheet which I use for tracking progress, I have dates in columns D-G in two styles "good" i.e. Green and "bad" i.e. Red, I need a macro that will highlight cells with past dates that are considered "bad" as these should always be future dates. The cells that are...

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