1. M

    Grouping dates from the past

    Hi, If i list of historical dates from the past in Column A and I want to identify as either "<6 months from today", "6-11 months from today", or "12+ months from today", how should I write the formula? I am having trouble. Thanks!
  2. J

    Tracking historical values: Index/Match using VBA?

    Good morning all. As always, thanks in advance for your time... I need to capture project status for a list of projects over time and keep historical record of those statuses. I currently have a data connection from a sharepoint listthat brings in a list of projects and their statuses (along...
  3. K

    Matching Product Costs Using Product ID and Dates (multiple ID with varied Dates)

    Hello, I have a file A with product ID's and the date they were sold. I have another file B with the historical cost of these products and the dates the cost was changed/updated. I need to find the pricing for the products ID's in file A on the date they were sold (also in File A). Is there a...
  4. W

    Pasting to last row

    I am working on a spreadsheet that after the user inputs data they run a macro that writes to a table so we can pull historical data into a chart. What I cannot get is the pasted data to begin at the first blank row of the historical table. I cannot figure what I am doing wrong, thank you for...
  5. J

    Find SKU price from a history of prices if i know the sales date

    i have a list of SKU's on Sheet 1. I have historical pricing on sheet 2 by SKU and price date. I am trying to "vlookup or Index/Match, etc to bring in the historical price into sheet 1 that is immediately prior to sales date on Sheet 1 I can NEVER get this right . . . thanks
  6. K

    Obtain historical time period for pattern

    Using Excel 2000 Hi, I got patterns data in cells C6:C85 In the cells E5:G5 I got 3 patterns, In the cell C4 got 1 pattern X|X|1, what I want look this pattern from C6:C85 and get historical time period for the following patterns are listed in E5:G5 For example after the X|X|1 following...
  7. S

    Forecasting Accuracy Model

    Hi all, First time posting so apologies if I'm not overly clear. I've been set a task that is bending my brain a little bit - The document has 3 tabs - Historical Calls, Forecast Calls, Accuracy -Historical Calls - actual data -Forecast Calls - historical data which is either like for like...
  8. T

    Posting Historical Data - Need Help Writing Excel VBA Code To Automate This Process

    Hello Friends, Thank you for your time. In my office, I am responsible for managing the manager "Bonus" Sheets for my company. My bonus sheets work fine, but I am in need of "Posting" the final data I compile each week to a sheet named Historical Data and I have already named ranges at the top...
  9. K

    Plotting vertical bars with values within or outside of designated ref. range

    Hi there, I have received a .pdf file, which is an export from an Excel worksheet. What you see is what should be on the Excel worksheet. The meaning of the text is not important, so please ignore the theme, scientific, medical or else. I like the design of presenting the data ( description or...
  10. S

    Average If, Data on another Tab, Averaging Rows

    I feel like I should get this one, but am falling short on finding my error. I have data, listed below. My averageif formula is: =AVERAGEIF('Historical Scores'!A:A,$B3,'Historical Scores'!E:I). My understanding is: 'Historical Scores'!A:A is pulling Names, $B3 is matching the pulled name...
  11. O

    tracking sheet and searching form for historical sheet

    Dear all Thank you for your support in advance My aim is to make tracking sheet for different project with multiple tasks and with the ability to close this tasks and but it on the historical data Exempla Project-1 has multiple tasks (Task-1/ Task-2/ Task-3) on column E we click the...
  12. N

    Lookup maximum value with additional maximum criteria

    Hello! I am trying to populate missing values based on historical data. The issue is that not every historical year contains data for every variable. So, what I need is a formula to pull the maximum (non-zero) value for a variable from the most recent year that contains data. Example...
  13. K

    Bloomberg currency/date question

    I need Bloomberg to import a historical price into excel for a specific date and currency. So far, I've got it to find the date I need using the below formula: =(BDH(A2,"PX LAST","12/17/2014","12/17/2014")) (A2 contains the ISIN code) But I need it to pick up a specific currency too. For...
  14. F

    Calculate work-in-process historical data

    Hi everyone! My question is as follows: I have a database that shows the start and exit dates (for each entry a separate start and exit date) from a commodity that is going through processing. The commodity has 3 different categories and each entry (lot) has a different volume. The database...
  15. L

    Excel 2007 - Keeping Historical Data

    I have an Excel 2007 spreadsheet that captures all of our sales orders. I've been capturing this data since April 2012. One of the columns captures the Sales Representative (SR) initials based on the vendor purchasing the product. I have a current formula that performs a VLookup to a list...
  16. N

    Pivot table: Display YTD present year together with YTD previous year

    Hi, I have a pivot table that displays the sales per region month by month. For any given period I want to be able to compare the YTD sales figures with the YTD figures for the same period in the previous year. I have managed to create a second column displaying YTD sales next to the period...
  17. B

    Stack data tables from different sources with PowerPivot

    Has anyone come across a way to stack historical data with 'live' data? So imagine if I have live data pulling from a database (Analysis Services) that shows 2012 sales data to date. In a separate Excel file I have 2011's sales data, in the same structure. I've seen online that a "union all"...
  18. girapas

    Estimate future data based on past ones

    I have some historical data from year 2009 till now, for each month of the year and for 7 items. What I want is to make a report table (same or different Sheet) to automatically show a simple estimate of data for the future months (based on actual ones), every time I enter data for a month. I'm...

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