1. T

    Making an order history

    1st time I've posted a question anywhere, so please excuse any lack of info or etiquette. I have 2 worksheets, the first is a form to fill out, the second is an order history. The second sheet will capture all the data filled in on the first form. There's a list of job numbers on the order...
  2. R

    Record history in new sheet

    I have a main sheet, in which some information is asked and the data is saved in the next sheet. Now, there's this field in main sheet as 'revision no.', and every time I enter a new value to the cell, say, R0, R1, R2.... a new sheet should be created. And any changes made in the 'data' sheet...
  3. P

    How to create an history with VBA

    Hello, I hope you can help me. I have a file of prices that I receive weekly, I do some simple calculations with pivot tables in the "Reporting" tab but I would like to create via macro a weekly history of these pivot tables to be able to compare them later. I mean make the pivot tables each...
  4. A

    Automate history

    Hi. Is it possible to make Power BI, every week, save data in a table, in order to create a weekly history? Thank you, Afonso Mira
  5. P

    VBA- Making Log/History

    Hi Guys! I have a sheet that is going to be used every day and i want to press a button and cut today's data and copy in a history sheet. Im kinda new to VBA but was able to cut and paste the data of the day successfully but when i press the button to log another day, the data overwrite the...
  6. D

    Concatenate function

    I am trying to add text using the concatenate function....for example=concatenate(a2,b2,c2) which works fine however if I try this =concatenate(a2:c2) comes back with a hashVALUE error....but...... What I am trying to achieve is to extract data from a report which gives me the subject the...
  7. D

    Maintaining Historical Data

    QUESTION: I'm doing a preventative maintenance spreadsheet. When I complete a task on a particular date, I put the date in that I've completed it in column "B" (for example) and a new "due date" appears in column "B". Is there a way to keep a record on another worksheet that will maintain a...
  8. S

    Clipboard History issue in VB Editor

    If I use Clipboard History in the VB Editor, the text content of the clipboard is hidden unless the Copy was done in Notepad or equivalent. Copies done in VBE paste OK, but you're pasting blind, which is useless My problem is that I work in VBE most of the time, and I've never been able to...
  9. D

    Lookup text in one column, return date from same row in different column

    Using Excel 2016. In the GMH Table, I am attempting to Lookup "Gas Tank Fill" in Event column of the History Table to return the date from same row in the Out column of the History Table using a table that will advance the formula when the next row is added. =LOOKUP("Gas Tank...
  10. F

    Conditional Format query

    Is it possible to highlight cells based on another cell. That is a bit of an oversimplification. My table looks something like this: <tbody> Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3 Choice 4 Choice 5 Choice 6 Option W Option X Option Y Option Z History Spanish Media RS PE Art History Spanish Art RS...
  11. R


    Hi Everyone, I'm stuck and was wondering if anyone can help. I have the students name in Column A. In Columns B, C & D is the subject choice. The student will only have one subject choice in columns B, C or D. In column "E" I want to record the subject picked. Example: A...
  12. T

    Remove data from one sheet and add it to another according to date

    Hi Everyone, I'm need a macro to help me remove events that are past a date i choose so i can "Arcive" them. so heres what I need Sheet "Diary" holds the data i want to move Sheet "History" is where i want it to go Sheet "Diary" Column A has the event dates Sheet "History" Cell A1 has the...
  13. dmxcasper2

    Need ideas for history tracking fro specific cells

    Hi all, I need some ideas for tracking the historical changing values. Problem Statement: Column H and I will be revised multiple times throughout daily maintenance of this sheet, however I would like to be able to keep historical snapshots of what the previous information was in these columns...
  14. F

    Counting the frequency of a value used in a formula

    Hi all, I'm trying to calculate the frequency a value is used in a formula. I have a range of results (ranging numerically from 1-9) each connected to a topic/subject. I have created a cell which identifies the largest number amongst those results in every row (=LARGE(S5:AN5,{1{)). What i'm...
  15. N

    Hide/ Unhide - xlSheetVeryHidden

    Hi, I am looking to hide an array of worksheets as shown below; Worksheets(Array("Data Log", "Rev. History", "Visual Set Point")).Visible = False This works great to hide the worksheets, however what I am really looking to do is, very hide the worksheets, something like this...
  16. E

    Capture and display the cell number being double click as a History record

    Hi All expert, Can I check with you.. As I have a Tools booking system. However, notice, people book already and then unbook later. So I want to track who double click the cell to unbook. How? I intend to record down the action that the user did in the form. Now I can record down the user name...
  17. F

    copy cells from columns A to C to next non-blank cell

    Another day another plea for help :) I have a spreadsheet with 255,398 rows. Each student has anything between 5 to a 1000 rows, however, not each row has the student's details. So the table (in a very simplified form) looks something like this <tbody> Surname Forename UPN Achievement...
  18. S

    In depth checking of two excel lists

    Some Background We provide a software system to organisation to manage their grant making processes. Our online system removes laborious paper centric practices and moves this all online. When a client signs up with us, we need to import a history (3 years) of their grants so that when...
  19. WarPigl3t

    VBA array loop nesting

    Hey yall. Long time no see. I must be out of practice. Can yall help me out with a thing I'm working on for my job? I shrank the code down and the input data so that it wouldn't be too much too read. I only left the relevant code and relevant input data. Data is in Microsoft word; However...
  20. M

    Can I copy-and-paste old data from my table into a values-only table, and then use that in my time series chart?

    I have an Excel table called DailyBalances that uses several SUMIF functions to other tables in my workbook to calculate values for each day. As time goes on this table is getting larger and larger and execution time is getting slower and slower. So what I want to do is every month or so I want...

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