1. P

    Highlight Rows in Different Color Based on Multiple ConditionsHighlight Rows in Different Color Based on Multiple Conditions

    Hi goodmorning, I hope you can help, I have tried conditional formatting but it doesn’twork in the way I want it to, I hope you can help me with the vba code for it. I have row Nthat if ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ is highlighted from a list then I want the column to begreen if yes and red if no. Then in RowB...
  2. S

    PowerQuery: Row with same ID, CONCATENATE image column into one row.

    Hi In PowerQuery I have a tabel that looks like the tabel under (TBL1). if you see under the ItemNo I have 1 or several same ID. So I need help to make a colum that takes e.g. ItemNo: SHD3061 that have 2 rows of images and concatenate. So my result I hope to achieve is this (TBL2) TBL2...
  3. Y

    Lookup different multiple criteria and multiple results

    Hi MrExcel, Hope you can help with the below, I've attempted to google but I'm struggling to find results. I'm trying to fill the total material used on the following two screenshots (there are about 40 total), the problem is if we require a SW 38x63 timber to be cut at for example 2m, the...
  4. Welsh Mark3

    Countifs cell is not blank

    I am attempting to create a Countifs formula. I am trying to figure out how to count if the cell is not empty. =COUNTIFS(B:B,B2,E:E, E2 is not NULL) The above formula shows (I hope) what I am trying to do. Any help please?
  5. R

    using a cell value to determine the sheet name in a formula

    Hello, I want to use a cell value to determine what sheet is used in a formula. For instance, if I have January in cell A1 and I have a sheet in the workbook called January; I want to put a formula on another sheet that says, "look in sheet (whatever is the value of cell A1) and return the...
  6. B

    Help with a change in Macro

    Hi, hope you can help. I currently have a spreadsheet set up with a macro in; we copy data into tab A, run the macro and it pulls through the info into tab B. We use this to format the information downloaded straight from our bank, however the bank's statements are now downloading in a...
  7. M

    Excel VBA shape arrat

    hi guys, i need to be able to create an array of circles. for example, if cell A1 has the value 5 in it, and cell A2 has the value 600, then i need to be able to fit 5 circles in the width of 600... I hope i explained myself properly. Thanks
  8. C

    A very Strange ":"

    Dear All, my friend came across a very strange formula, when you imput in any cell=-" :", you get a number:416.666, anyone can tell me why? hope some one can solve my issue. best regards! calvin
  9. D

    Multiple IF AND Statements

    Hello If I have the following sets of data Cell K2 = 750000 Cell N9 = YES Cell B32 = 15 What formula can I use to say the following If Cell K2 >500000 and Cell N9 = YES and B32 is less than or equal to 20 then use the the value in cell B32, if it is greater than 20 then use 20 I hope...
  10. D

    Code Particular Strings As Numbers, Then Sum Numbers

    Hello, I'm trying to assign numerical values to a set of particular strings; and then add the numbers. It would work something like this -- Category A = 0 Category B = 1 Category C = 2 Category D = 3 -- with "Category A", "Category B" &c. in a dropdown list. Then, a cell with this formula...
  11. P

    textbox cannot enter letters and numbers

    Hi hope youcan help me please, I have attached the file below which I am stuck on, I havea user form ‘enter expenses’ but when I try to enter number/letter combinationin the boxes for Airfare, accommodation, ground transport and food and drink,the box goes red when I click on update and it...
  12. T

    VBA code pastespecial

    Hi All, I hope someone can help me. I have a code that copies and pastes training programs from the planning sheet to the for that specific athlete. I want it to do this but without pulling through the formula in the cells just the numbers/txt/picture in the cells. The code i'm currently using...
  13. A

    Looking for and old coding friend - Ira Gold

    Anybody know if Ira Gold still is active in this forum? I think I remember the name was ingold? Hope somebody can help me.
  14. A

    If isblank or equals zero

    Hi guys, I hope you can help, I’m trying to achieve something here that I just can’t seem to get my head around. I want it to work out what i8/i7 is, but only if both of them have a value. I have a working formula for that. =IF(OR(ISBLANK(I7),ISBLANK(I8)),,I8/I7) However when they’re both...
  15. P

    How to auto update textbox1 with data from 2 different combo boxes?

    Hi Goodmorning, hope you can help me please with some VBA code please, I have a userform called ‘Userform6’, andin this I have a dropdown box which is named ‘ComboBox1’ which has a list ofwords for example, Stores, Late start, Sickness etc. Then I have another comboboxcalled ‘ComboBox2’ which...
  16. H

    Ranking function with no ties

    Hi All I hope someone can help I have a column with lots of data in it (I have attached a small portion in the workbook) I need to rank every six entries going down the column. I have googled and found the + countif option to break the ties but I cant seem to get it to work? I hope someone...
  17. S

    Help with IF / AND

    I am using this IF/AND formula and it works but in certain scenario doesn't work the way I want it...
  18. F

    Looking to use buttons/macros to create a question box (text box) that can cycle through 5 questions using forward and back arrows.

    Would this be possible? I’m new to macros and have basically no VBA knowledge but wanted to make a text box or similar change the text inside by clicking the arrow right or left to cycle between around 5 questions. I hope this makes sense, I teach basic functional skills ICT and this would be a...
  19. B

    entering a vlookup formula into a cell using vba

    i am having trouble with the below code. i am trying to compare a cells text "Week1_Program" is the name of the cell with a list of that i have named each cell "WeekType1","WeekType2" etc and if they are the same return a range name eg"WeekType1Range","WeekType2Range"etc i then want to use...
  20. M

    Advanced Combination Generation

    I wouldlike to expand a combination generator I currently use. It is for use withfantasy football (or soccer). You must select a team of a set formation,specifically 2 goalkeepers, 5 defenders, 5 midfielders and 3 forwards. The onlysolution I currently have is to list 20-25 players and...

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