1. A

    Pivot Table Formatting

    I am pulling my hair out in frustration! I am trying to format a pivot table. I tried adding borders. The vertical borders seem OK, but my horizontal ones are all over the place. I am unable to see find the logic to adding them the way I want. But the worst is ... now I can't get rid of them...
  2. B

    Form Combobox horizontal list help

    I have a combobox where i am trying to get the list o refer to a horizontal list with he first cell named BBFCRatingStart and then to finish at the end of the list depending on how many cells are filled in this is what i have but clearly i am doing something wrong. wsLists is is the name of the...
  3. S

    populate drop down with horizontal range of merged cells

    I have values in a horizontal range of merged cells that I need to appear in a combobox drop down (a form). So, a value in merged F1-R1, and a 2nd value in merged S1-AE1. I'd like to avoid VBA. But, if it's tough to add a 3rd entry in the same style, I suppose an initialization button would be...
  4. S

    Vertical Table?

    How can I make a table vertical instead of horizontal?
  5. S

    Excel 2016 UserForm Listbox - Can listbox horizontal scrollbar be disabled?

    Hi, I don't need the horizontal scrollbar on my userform listbox, is there a property that disables it? Thanks!
  6. J

    Macro to flip horizontal cells to vertical and keep formulas

    Hi, I'm looking for a macro to flip horizontal cells to vertical that also keeps the formulas. Does anyone have one in store? Could be basic, and start in active sheet in A1 etc. Thanks in advance!
  7. A

    AverageIfs multiple criteria not working

    Hi All, I hope someone can help to solve my problem with using AVERAGEIFS if the multiple criterias is on horizontal and vertical cells, here link of my file. Sorry for my bad English.
  8. joshuafournier

    Format chart horizontal axis

    Greetings, I currently have a chart. It collects the data from the same sheet. I only want to display the people involved. I have upto 10 people. My chart always shows ten I have a cell to decide how many people but i cant get the chart to follow. Ideally there is a VBA to check or uncheck the...
  9. H

    Add a bold horizontal line at zero on the new 2016 Waterfall Charts?

    On the older style chart (waterfalls built from tutorials) I would be able to click the zero value on the horizontal axis and in axis options i would just change the width. But that doesn't work on these new waterfall charts. Also I'm not sure if I can create a second series on these charts to...
  10. E

    VBA - determine if a formula refers to a text-only cell

    Hey guys, I have an issue which I am not yet able to solve. Hope you can help out: Well I have a macro which I use to format text/tables in Excel. When I have text in a cell I want Horizontal Alignment = Left, if it is a value or a formula (with calculation, showing a value as a result), I...
  11. D

    I need to re-arrange 3500 horizontal cells that are in 1 row into 500 rows each with 7 cells (many times a day so can it be "automated"?)

    I have this data: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet and so on… (up to 500 sets of data each with 7 cells, and the first cell being the set's number 1-500; so 3500 (500*7) horizontal cells in total) What I need to do is to get each set of data (7 cells) to stack up on top of each...
  12. S

    Excel - horizontal consecutive ranking in row

    <tbody> 1st H Result 2nd H Result 3rd H Result 4th H Result 5th H Result <<irrelevant>> D 12.09 <<irrelevant>> E 12.09 <<irrelevant>> C 12.10 <<irrelevant>> B 12.10 <<irrelevant>> A 12.12 </tbody> So I have the above table and then I want a consecutive rank for each 'H' value. For...
  13. S

    Translate Horizontal Data Set Into a Verical One

    I have a database which I have to enter about 5K line items in a specific format. I am not sure how to translate my raw data into the acceptable format. I have only moderate Excel skills, and know little about macros/VBA. Any help is greatly appreciated! Current format: <tbody> Customer/Fcst...
  14. S

    Auto Populate Horiziontally, with a twist

    Hello, Here is my problem: I am averaging the numbers in rows 1, 2, 3 in column A in cell A5, so my formula in cell A5 is this =Average(A1:A3). Rows 1, 2, 3 continue on until column AD, with each cell below A5 (A6, A7, etc.) containing the average of the next column in line, example: A6...
  15. G

    Named range moving horizontally corresponding row

    the named range should refer to corresponding row where the formula uses the named range and it should be E:AI so lets say we call the named range XXX if i enter formula on 3rd row counta(XXX,1) the formula should count the range E3:AI3 if i expand the formula on the next row 4 the formula...
  16. J

    Summarising data from vertical to horizontal

    Hello, I have a data set that looks like this: In the first data table, the columns named 1-5 are essentially feedback from sales people on information for Companies 1-7 (but goes to around 220 Companies in my RL spreadsheet). <tbody> 1 2 3 4 5 <tbody> Company1 </tbody> ProductA...
  17. I

    Array function to display list horizontally rather than vertically.

    I have a really great formula (not my own design) which does 99% of what I want but falls at the last hurdle. My spreadsheet is basically a 2 column list of things, for example fruits, with a corresponding attribute, such as colours. So A:A might contain apple, apple, banana, banana... and the...
  18. B

    Find Largest Value (then associate) via Multiple Sums

    Hello, So, I have a relatively simple request. I have the following table. <tbody> Sizes: Red Blue Green Yellow Black White Purple Orange Brown Total 5 1 16 15 21 12 7 9 1 Item 1 2 0 1 8 8 1 1 9 0 Item 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 Item 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Item 4 1 1 14 7 12 11 6 0 1 Item 5...
  19. F

    Return Multiple Values Horizontally - INDEX/IF/ROW/SMALL?

    I'm trying to set up a quick reference list and I need to list equipment across the page based on their status. - Column A lists what room the equipment is in. - An "X" in B indicates that the equipment is down. - C lists the name of the piece of equipment. <tbody> A B C D E F G 1 RM1...
  20. R

    Transposing Group of Rows to Columns

    <tbody> Acct Symbol Shrares 123 AAPL 300 123 GOOG 200 567 AAPL 600 567 GOOG 400 </tbody> End Result: Acct Security Shares Acct Security Shares 123 APPL 300 567 AAPL 600 123 GOOG 200 567 GOOG 400 I'm a VBA beginner and am trying to write a code to...

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