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    Saving Macro Shortcuts to All Workbooks

    Hello, I have a number of relatively simply macros that I have created and saved in my personal workbook. One of the macros assigns a shortcut keystroke to the other macros (see below with two of the hotkeys that are assigned listed). Sub SetShortcutKeys() With Application .OnKey...
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    Changing Add-In Hotkeys/Shortcuts

    Does anyone know if it is possible to change the Alt Hotkeys that select different tabs/add-ins on the ribbon bar? I have several add-ins that I am required to use at work, and I would prefer that their Alt Hotkeys weren't randomly chosen. For example, my FactSet add-in uses "S1" which is...
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    Longtime fan from the TechTV days. Have a question on applying formula to highlighted cells

    Good afternoon. In my job, I receive cost invoices that I must convert over to sell invoices. Since markup is typically static across multiple lines of the invoice, is there a way for me to apply markup percentage to the cells that I highlight and replace those results right back into the cells...
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    Hotkey to switch between sheets? - Simple Question!

    Hi there,I'm trying to work out what the Hotkey is to switch between sheets in excel.For example there is Alt+Tab for switching between windows, Ctrl + Tab for switching between open internet tabs, surely there must be a way to switch between sheets in Excel too, right?Thanks in advance for any...
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    Excel 2007 Custom Ribbon Keyboard Shortcut

    Hi, I have created a custom ribbon that has macros running through it. Is it possible to change the keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys for this custom ribbon? This could really help all my colleagues that are used to another version of the ribbon. Thanks in advance, Nana
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    Hotkey probs

    Hi all. I have a colleague whose hotkeys (ctrl+c & ctrl+v) have stopped working in one spreadsheet. They work fine in others and I have looked through the xl options but cannot see why this might happen. Any ideas would be most helpful.

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