1. I

    Rounding using ceiling with conditions

    I'm trying to round to the nearest quarter hour but if the rounding is less than 1:15 I want the cell to just display 1:15 I've tried =IF(CEILING((B2-A2),"00:15")<"01:15","1:15",CEILING((B2-A2),"00:15")) and it just puts 1:15 is every cell no matter if it's above or below 1:15 Below is an...
  2. O

    Updating or Auto Saving a file every hour

    Hi! I have an excel file that is saving every day. I could save it an hour but not 'every' hour because of the error with the filename. Is there a way to just have a file which is updating every hour until it reaches a whole day and automatically save it with the same file name? Thanks
  3. S

    Calculating overtime for workers

    I would like to make a formula stating below: worker finishes work at 18:00, after 18:25, we give half an hour OT after 18:45, we give 1 hour OT I also need to take into account some workers might work a few hours OT, therefore if he finishes work 19:25, I need excel to show 1hr30minutes OT...
  4. C

    Value in a cell between two times

    I'm not an advanced excel user, and there is probably a very simple formula for this, but I am wondering if there's a way to record the value of a cell at a certain time. I'm a writer and I track my word count progress (cell C11) for each hour of the day. Right now, I'm putting it in manually...
  5. G

    Calculating points based on time

    I'm trying to get a formula that calculates points up to a maximum of 50 depending on how many minutes a result is. IE Cell A2 has an actual time in it Cell B2 has a guess time in it Cell C2 has a calculation which shows as points (spot on, 50 points, 1 minute under or over, 49 points, 2...
  6. K

    Add a Slicer to a Ribbon Menu is it possible

    Hello All, I have been searching for the last hour and I cannot find anything on how to add a slicer to a Ribbon Menu. Is it possible? Kurt
  7. H

    Turning time sum into decimal if over an hour

    OK I am figuring the difference in times and the result is a decimal. But if the result is over an hour I loose that time, I only end up with the minutes and loose however many hours. So ... I need to fix that. Here is the existing formula...
  8. V

    Charting issues

    Hi. there are lots of videos online teaching gantt chart with scheduling (by hours and minutes). but I haven't found anything about inserting break hour (lunch hour) Is this doable? can anyone guide me where to find it? Thanks
  9. E

    1 Hour

    Hi, I want that when I copy and paste time in Column C, an extra hour is added automatically. I mean if time is 7:35, when paste time will automatically be 8:35. This is about starting the second half of a soccer game. https://yadi.sk/i/69TRVQvw8zVzoA
  10. P

    convert a custom field

    I have a field on that table that in excel is defined as custom H:mm. It is a duration of session field. The data will be 1:00 or 00:30, for one hour or 30 minutes. In the Crystal report it is showing as 12/31/1899. This is a downloaded excel from a report in the EHR.
  11. K

    Error Handling for Pivot Tables in VBA

    Hi All, I'm not familiar enough with error handling in VBA, so I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle this. I did a little searching and found an On Error Goto that might work but I don't think that will be the best solution here. I have 18 worksheets, each worksheet as a Pivot...
  12. P

    Adjusting Time for British Summer Time

    Hi All I think this is a question to test the chaps who specialise in difficult formula I am working on something that requires me to adjust tide times from UTC to a format that accommodates the seasonal changes in the UK for British Summer Time. Below is an explanation from the UK Government...
  13. G


    Hi, I am new to excel, I want to know if I can add. See Below. Time is written in a specific cell, like this 10:30. I want to add 8:30 hour to it. Can I do it like this = A1 (cell in which time written ) + 8:30. Thanks in advance
  14. C

    Percentages of numbers

    So Im working on a sheet to measure performance in our warehouse. A1=226 cases per hour B1 = 74% (performance) In order for me to see what A1 would look like if B2 were 100% I make a formula like this "A1/B1" which equals 306 cases per hour. That's all fine and dandy, but what if i want to...
  15. L

    SUMPRODUCT combining two and more criteria for check

    disregard pls..thx
  16. L

    Calculating Speed

    Hello. I am looking for a formula to calculate how far you travel in ONE SECOND at both 40 KPH and 60 KPH. Yes Kilometers Per Hour. I am in Canada!!
  17. C

    I have an auto-updating list and I want to to save those data points every hour.

    Dear Excel Geniuses, I am trying to copy a cell every time it updates and put it in a new cell. I am working in a sheet with different numerical values that automatically update every hour. These values are a2:a101. I want to record their changed values to the right of the original number...
  18. M

    Gantt chart production schedule

    Hello. I'm looking for help in creating a production schedule in excel, Gantt chart style. The schedule is for Mon - Fri, 10 hour shifts. Id like the schedule to show in 1 column the routed time in units per hour to show how many units should be produced every hour, based on the total units...
  19. S

    Trying to pull data based on certain criteria

    I am trying to create a document for the VP’s of my companyto be able to type in a Region number and date and have it display only thosestores that have items sold that are under 35. I would also like to break it up buy hour. I have beentrying the formula...
  20. I

    MAX Value based on Time range- not working correctly

    <tbody> row/column C D E ---> BD ----> BI 11 Start End Target TimeHour Target 12 3:00 AM 6:00 AM 2 12:00 AM 1 13 1:00 AM 6:00 AM 4 1:00 AM 4 14 4:00 AM 6:00 AM 2 2:00 AM 3 15 4:00 AM 7:00 AM 3 3:00 AM 2 16 1:00 AM 5:00 AM 4 4:00 AM 2 17 9:00 PM 12:00 AM 5 5:00 AM 2 |...

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