1. D

    Excel formula to add a minimum amount and add an extra hour

    I have a spreadsheet with data entered into cells A5:E11 in a matrix. This is a named range with the name Service_Types. Along the top, starting at B5 I have Mon-Fri, Sat, Sun and Public Holiday. In column A, starting at A6, I have a list of activities. The cells contain hourly cost of certain...
  2. R

    Sum cells in different sheets - do not update relative location if cell moves

    Background: I am trying to build a rough what-if tool for team resource planning. I have separate sheets for different projects. I have a summary sheet that has totals. I can sum cells for a given resource across the sheets to show all planned work by person for a given time period, however if...
  3. S

    Vacation Time Formula

    First off, I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered! I am looking for a formula to determine employee vacation time. Our VT is distributed in hours not days, and no hours can be carried over to the next calendar year. My spreadsheet already has employment start dates...
  4. S

    formatting a date

    Good Morning, I have four cells with time/date info and Time zone adjustment as follows: A1: Date formatted dd-mmm-yy A2: Time formatted hh:mm (24hr) (local time) A3: + or - symbol to denote zone description A4: whole number (i.e. 5) to denote hours from UTC or GMT. So it would appear...
  5. M

    Calculating Hours Worked and breaks taken

    Hello I thought I already posted this question but couldn’t find it anyways here I go I am working on a weekly staffing schedule and it has the follow info type C13 = start time ( 8:30 Am) D13=End-time (5:00 PM) E13 =Hours worked ( subtracting breaks with the following rules ) Works < 6...
  6. O

    Time Management

    Hi all, I need some help, please. I am a truck driver and need to record my working hours, rest hours, weekly hours, fortnightly hours plus "long Hours" which are any hours worked after midnight. Not being a wiz with excel even though I use it every day to record just about everything, this...
  7. R

    =sum totals not adding up correctly

    Hello all, I have a spreadsheet that tracks flight hours and the totals aren't always adding up correctly. If starting total of hours in cell F15 is 5092.0 and this particular days trip was 1.4 total in cell F16, the new total is showing up as 5093.5 in cell F17. Cell F15 is a locked cell and...
  8. C

    Dropdown menus dependent on another cell being <8.0 or >8.0

    Hello - I've created a timesheet for my employees in Excel. I'd like there to be one particular dropdown menu that shows if the total hours for a day are less than 8.0, and another dropdown to show if the hours are more than 8.0. I know how to do dependent lists, but not how to make a list...
  9. T

    Help to calculate 12 hour SLA, 7 days a week based over 10 hour opertaing day

    Hello, I would be most grateful for help, I am trying to calculate SLA for call attendance based on 7 days per week with operating hours of 08:00 - 18:00, SLA of 12 hours. The only solution I can find uses workday which then does not return correct weekend calculations, I feel so silly but can...
  10. C

    Hours calculation

    Hi, Need some help: <colgroup><col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="111" style="width: 83pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 3953;" span="2"> <col width="64" style="width: 48pt;"> <col width="71" style="width: 53pt; mso-width-source: userset; mso-width-alt: 2531;"> <col...
  11. A

    Working out Extra hours with a limit

    OK i have been racking my brain about this for far too long, hopefully someone here can help me What i need is a formula that will tell me how many extra hours someone has worked over their contracted hours, So the Min would be their Contacted Hours Per Week * 4 (32*4=128) the Max would be 160...
  12. M

    Difference Between Two Dates/Times

    I am trying to figure out a way of determining how many hours and minutes have transpired between two Date/Times Cell C3 has the "Start Date/Time" and Cell D3 has the "End Date/Time" I have both of these cells formatted to display the as follows: 9/16/2019 7:30:00 AM In E3 (formatted as "Time"...
  13. R

    Help adding data from multiple sheets

    Hello, I have a workbook with multiple sheets. Each sheet is one 'job'. Each job can have several different employees in column A, and then the rest of the columns are for hours worked (example col B is Monday day shift, C is Monday afternoon, D is Tuesday day shift, etc). I want to be able to...
  14. N

    Help To Cap formulas to recognize hours reached and negative hours

    <tbody> Day (A) Date (B) Job (C) Site Name(D) Start Time (E) Break (F) Finish Time (G) Hours (H) Normal (I) 1.5 Time (J) 2.0 Time (K) Monday (2) 01/01/19 X 6:30AM :30 3:30PM 8.5 8 .5 0 (3) 01/01/19 Y 4:30PM 08:30PM 4 4 (4) 01/01/19 Z 10:30AM 10:30PM 12 8 2 2 (5) 01/01/19...
  15. A

    Adding time to date & time but fit within working days & hours

    I'm trying to do a calculation where time can be added but only adds within working hours & days. I found this calculation...
  16. M

    Cannot Sum Days, Hours and Minutes

    Hi, What is the best way to sum the below values up to get a total? D2: 21 days 17 hours 44 minutes D3: 13 days 01 hours 43 minutes D4: 22 days 02 hours 30 minutes The format of these cells are d "days" hh "hours" mm "minutes" Thanks.
  17. I

    Create new worksheet for each vendor

    Hi, I have an excel sheet that has about 5000+ Sku's from over 150+ vendors, my excel sheet has a vendor column ( C ), I am going throught this manually which has taken me days to copy paste each vendor in a worksheet. I am 5 hours in and realized i did about 50%, anyway i can automate this...
  18. P

    Long shot! - Using time stamps, identify how much time was over the weekend

    Hello, Trying to use time to figure out if a machines down time falls into the weekend or non working hours. Down time date stamps we have for a certain machine Start Date/Time: 9/13/19 10:00 (this is a Friday) End Date/Time: 9/14/19 9:00 (this is a Saturday) Non Working time: TBD If the non...
  19. J

    Make a Line Graph w/ Data

    I have a worksheet that has 70,000+ rows of data across 30+ columns. I'm trying to make a line graph to show trends from month to month. Column F contains "Direct" or "Indirect" Column S contains "Transaction Date" Column U contains "total Hours" Column V contains "reg hrs" Column W contains...
  20. U

    Holiday/annual leave tracker

    Hi my fellow excel warriors, I am looking for an excel template to track holidays. I have found trumpexcel. com/excel-leave-tracker which looks pretty good but I need it in hours and not days. Can anyone help? Many Thanks

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