1. L

    calculating overtime idea

    Hi I want to write a formula to calculate overtime. If the total hrs worked is more than 8 then that is overtime I thought abut this formula but did not work. It only work if the difference is 1hrs and above. if it is 1/2hr then I get garbage number. = max(A1-8,0) <tbody> total hrs worked...
  2. V

    Formula Help: Sharing a bonus payment across multiple employees

    Hello All :biggrin: I have a spreadsheet I use to pay our employees on a 4-weekly basis. We also include a production bonus, which we're modifying to a performance based one. My head is a little pickled!... I have a cell with a "Bonus Pot" for the month - this is the ££ figure I have to share...
  3. B

    Vacation Accrual Can anyone assist with the following vacation accrual attached is a dropbox link for what I have so far. I need to populate the accrued vacation based on the accrual date which we get 10 hrs a month or 120 a year. I need it to stop...
  4. F

    simple formula help plz

    Hello Need help with a formula that will return breakdown of weekly hours worked as Regular ( 40 hrs) and OT ( result of hours worked over 40) But if worked less than 40 hours - then show actual hrs worked and if no OT wasn't worked, then show a result of '0' Thanks in advance for your help ...
  5. R

    Calculate % variance between 2 total columns in pivot table

    I've tried searching for this specific problem on here and online, with no joy. I have a bunch of projects laid out and pivoted in line with the below pivot table, showing me Hours Spent and Billable Hours for each day and then in total for the week. I would like to calculate a simple...
  6. S

    Sumproduct, extract numbers from text

    Hi, I receive an automatic dump of data on a weekly basis that looks like the below Table A. Basically, the first column is by category and the remaining columns are by week. How would I summarize the hours (found within the text) into Table B, which would summarize it by category (A,B,C) and...
  7. A

    timesheet formulas

    Hi All, Would someone be able to help me in designing a timesheet in excel, I do not know how to do the formulas for all the rules below. I guess to have seperate columns that splits the hours worked into the following categories and seperate columns for the rules? I appreciate this is a lot...
  8. S

    Looking for an IF formula which prints MET if less than 1 Day and MISSED if more than 1 Day

    <tbody> A B C D 1 Reporting Date Date Accepted Difference MET or MISSED? 2 <colgroup width="162"></colgroup> <tbody> 11/07/18 11:50 </tbody> <colgroup width="200"></colgroup> <tbody> 11/07/18 11:51 </tbody> <colgroup width="240"></colgroup> <tbody> 0 days, 0 hrs, 1 mins...
  9. L

    Sum with Multiple categories

    BudgetCategory Employee ID Employee Wages Wage Wages Hrs Amount Hrs Amount Hrs Amount DPP 25 Jon 5 500 5 400 5 600 I...
  10. S

    Formula requesting

    i want one formula for finding the value . i want to find overtime hrs . eg: Mr A has 1 day overtime 6 Hrs. but actual his OT is only 2. Because 4 hrs fixed hrs. after above all OT Hrs. How i can make this automatic
  11. P

    Time intersect

    Hi all, Is there a way to get the number of hours intersected by 2 time periods? For example: 09:00 to 18:00 vs 21:00 to 06:00 = 0 hr (no intersection) 18:00 to 03:00 vs 21:00 to 06:00 = 5 hrs (this is from 22:00-03:00) 00:00 to 09:00 vs 21:00 to 06:00 = 6 hrs (this is from 00:00-06:00)...
  12. H

    Time Clock

  13. C

    Autofill based on 2 other cells

    Trying to build a sheet to assist in calculating available working hours vs required hours for a job. Please help with a formula that will calculate Columns D and E based on the logic below: Sheet is setup like this: <tbody> Date Day Status STD HRS OT HRS TOTAL HRS 2-Jul WEEKDAY...
  14. W

    How to Split Shifts into Day/Night, Weekends

    Dear Excel experts, I am required to make payroll payment to few (10-15) employees working in Security industry (Shift workers). The pays are determined by the timings of the shift i.e different rates of pay for Day shift (06:00 to 18:00), night shift (06:00 to 18:00), Saturday (24 hrs) and...
  15. G

    Date, Time calculation

    Hi, I am calculating the hours, min (calling it opportunity) by multiplying available slots of 2 hrs and no of slots as 20. This means 20 hrs available time. Now, i have sum of time spent (start date + time & End date + time) by 4 people. I have to calculate gap : [available time] minus [sum...
  16. C

    Help with vacation time accrual

    Hello there, I'm trying to set up a spreadsheet to manage vacation time accrual and usage. Each employee receives a max # of hrs per yr, based on their hire date. They are also allowed to carry over any unused time from the previous year. I need this spreadsheet to add the time earned to any...
  17. E

    Auto Add and Minus (Military Time)

    Hi all. I've been trying to figure out to no avail on how to automatically add hours to Excel. I want to automatically add 11 hrs to cells that contain military time from 0:00 to 12:00 and subtract 13 hrs to cells that contain 13:00 to 23:00. Thank you in advance! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  18. A

    Time calculation

    =IF(B3>A3,B3-A3,1-A3+B3) Good Day, I need help for above formula. if cells A&B does not have any entry I do not wanted cell C will show as 0:00 Also is it possible to show the result as hrs & min like "[h]\h\r\s m\m\i\n" Many Thanks
  19. Trevor3007


    hi there you would think my issue would not need 'me excel' but as much as i try , i cannot resolve. my issue is to insert a start time ie 07:oo and end time ie 16:00. deduct 8 hrs and any over the 8 eight hrs is overtime payable at 1.5 hourly rate. Saturday would be all the hours at...
  20. Trevor3007


    hi & thanks for your help. Is there a formula so overtime claimable is the extra hours worked outside of 8 hrs? Example:- start time end time Total hrs overtime claimable 07:00 16:00 9 1 sorry if it may be obvious , but am not at the...

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