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    Force mailto hyperlinks to use Outlook

    Is there a way to force mailto hyperlinks in Excel workbooks to use Outlook, perhaps using VBA? A user of one of my workbooks phoned me complaining that the link in the workbook, which should open a new email window with the email addresses pre-filled and a short message, opens up Google...
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    Sending Email Using Hyperlink Question

    Hi Everyone, I have came across a function of sending an email using they Hyperlink Function of Excel, the idea behind it is using the following formula as a hyperlink generates an email in Outlook. I am trying to figure out a way to get this feature to work but include a table within the body...
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    Formula in Excel to display email message with CC & email receiver

    Hello everybody, I am currently following this youtube video: (specifically look at around 07:30-08:30) in order to create an email link in my excel file that people can click on, have a pre-determined email message written and then fill out the blanks and send it out. However, while I tried...

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