hyperlink question

  1. ExploreSunil

    Dynamically getting a Hyperlink stored by selcting a reference column

    Hello Masters , am new to this forum & ExcelIsfun mike has recommanded to check here for my query. Hope i will get guidance here , Thanks in Advance:) Say , I had 101 sheets. so for easy navigating through workbook i named a sheet as INdexSheet( where have placed a table with A , B Cols, A...
  2. A

    create new worksheet and hyperlink it to a variable cell

    Hi I am new to this forum so i hope i am communicating the right thing in order to get help. So i have an excel file containing a complex plan. This file has an overview sheet and project plans. In the overview sheet :column A contains a hyperlinks to other worksheets (1 project plan=1...
  3. N

    copy hyperlink

    hi, I want to Copy hyperlink form my source code to my excel sheet. please tell me how to do it.:confused:
  4. S

    Links and references do not update when cell changes

    Hello, this is probably easy, but as a beginner I didn't manage to find a solution for it. I have a Sheet with 2 columns. Column B get its values from an INDIRECT reference to the first row in column B in another Sheet. This value also contains a hyperlink to the value in Sheet2. I would like...
  5. S

    Preventing Hyperlinks

    Is it possible to set up Excel so that hyperlinks are NOT generated every time I put in an email address or a URL. I don't want to use hyperlinks at all, ever.
  6. P

    Hyperlink Help!

    I'm really hoping this hasn't been asked already, but I've searched everywhere and can't find an answer. I've reached the "ready to throw my computer out the window" stage because I know this can't be as difficult as it seems. Basically, I'm building a spreadsheet for our sales team to be able...
  7. V

    Need help creating hyperlinks using VBA

    Im working on a database and I need to create a hyperlink depending on a value in a specific range cells. For example, the range is A1:A100, If there is a "Y" in this range then I need that "Y" to be converted to a hyperlink to another sheet in the same workbook. If someone could tell me how...

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