1. M

    VBA Hyperlink

    Hi Guys, I am asking about hyperlink function in VBA, I have the following Label1 = "Link from excel cell" I need to add hyperlink to it and i did the following ThisWorkbook.FollowHyperlink Label1 and it works perfect, but what i need is (Friendly name) not to put the link shown in excel cell...
  2. R

    Allow Access to Hidden Sheets

    Greeting, I need to create a workbook which only has the first sheet visible to force the user to go through a process. On the first sheet I'm using the HYPERLINK function in conjunction with a VLOOKUP to create a variable hyperlink to multiple possible destination within the same workbook...
  3. sharky12345

    Efficient method to add hyperlink

    Afternoon guys, I'm trying to find an efficient method to add a hyperlink to a range of cells but what I have so far keeps generating an 'Out of memory' message. The code itself runs fine, but once it's complete I get the message. This is what I have so far: LastImportRow =...
  4. I

    make chart axis labels hyperlink to other pages

    I have an Excel bar chart I would like to make the chart axis labels hyperlink to other other charts that contain additional details about the specific tag of interest. Is this possible?
  5. T

    #NA error on one System.

    The below is a perfectly fine hyperlink formula. On one system it works fine.. however on another system it throws an error. I believe there is some setting in EXCEL OPTIONS or WIN10 that I need to check or uncheck. The below Hyperlink takes the cursor the last row containing data (TEXT or...
  6. L

    selecting a cell which has email address (hyperlink)

    Hi I have lets say 5 cells. The first one has an email address in hyperlink format (blue underlined). How can I select these cells (highlight them). when I click on the first one it will open the email address. It wont allow me to select cell A1. So I went to A5 first, selected it then drag the...
  7. J


    I want to build a hyperlink or a macro which when clicked on will open an new Outlook email with a copy of the file and the email address automatically populated. Is this possible? Ian
  8. N

    Dynamic YouTube Timecode URLs in Excel

    Hello, all. I enjoy indexing chapters for long YouTube videos, so that others can jump to the topics which interest them. For example, someone has created a series of videos with a brief overview of every Family Computer/N.E.S. game released in order of their original publish date. The 2...
  9. F

    using Hyperlink function to extract Google kilometers into Excel Spreadsheet automatically

    Dear members of the forum, I'm struggling with a mind-numbing task that needs immediate automation. While we're looking for cheap alternatives to employ for automating kilometer calculation from point A to point B, I thought it's best to inquire the forum what are the possible options to 1)...
  10. L

    Create hyperlink via userform

    Hi all Not sure what is going on with this, I need my code to add a user selected hyperlink through the dialogue box, into a table on a different worksheet. I don't want to overwrite the current cell value with the screen tip either, What it is doing, is adding the root part of the hyperlink...
  11. J

    VBA code to Modify Formula using new External Workbook Hyperlink

    Hi, I have a Workbook that serves as an aggregation of data from several other external workbooks (same file directory). The workbooks being referenced are all uniform, so the specific sheet and cell reference is always the same in a column with the only thing changing being the workbook name...
  12. D

    Hyperlink missing by set number of rows

    I have 2 tables on separate sheets that each has its header starting at row 5. I have a formula that hyperlinks from a cell in one sheet to a corresponding cell in another sheet based on a value in a column on my first sheet. I'm using structured references in my formula which maybe the...
  13. D

    Tex & Hyperlinks Sharing Single Cell?

    Hello, Is there a way for one single cell to share both text and a hyperlink? For example, I want a cell that describes something, and then after the description, I'd like there to be a hyperlink that would access a webpage extending the topic? So the text body is separate from the hyperlink...
  14. T

    How to create a hyperlink on a blank cell in excel

    Is it possible to format a blank cell in excel as a hyperlink for a web page. I need to do a blank cell because the website address will always be different depending upon the account. I want to format cell K3 that is blank as a hyperlink
  15. T

    HYPERLINK formula or link VBA Question

    Right now I have a Hyperlink with multiple CC's that I would like to put in a list on the worksheet for ease of changing addresses. At the moment I have a link and the addresses are Separated in the Subject Field of the Edit Hyperlink dialog window as so; For%20Blank%20Tomorrow&cc=matt...
  16. R

    hyperlink using a cell with a date in it to complete the link url

    hi, so i'd like to include a hyperlink in my file that will take you to a folder. the url is this "\shared folder\08-Aug\main folder" i have the date in cell A1 as "Aug 2019" is there a way i can make a formula that will factor in what the date in cell A1 says? Meaning it extracts the...
  17. G

    Hyperlink to cell in sheet based off of list of values

    Hi, I am tying to find a way to create a hyperlink that goes to a specific cell in my sheet. I want the hyperlink to be dynamic and change based off a data validation list of values. For example: Cell B2 contains my list of values, so in B3 I would like toinput a formula that says when...
  18. W

    excel hyperlink issue

    I created a monster. I have a workbook that isbeing used as an index of all our documents. Each row represents one document and each row is made up of several columns. Each row has a hyperlink that spans the entire number of columns . The hyperlink is to a scanned document on the network. They...
  19. D

    Assign hyperlink to existing shape based on current column

    Hello, I have searched for a long time but have not found a way to do this, either in Excel proper or with VBA. I need a way to construct a hyperlink address dynamically in real time and assign that link to a shape on the worksheet. I have a workbook with links to specific (dated) columns...
  20. D

    Hyperlinking Cells not Working

    Hi!!! I'm working on a data base where I need to link cells to another sheet, but its not working and i keep getting the "Cannot open the specified file" message. Even the simplest way using =HYPERLINK('Other sheet'!A509) When i use de manual option "Ctrl+K" it does work. But I need to link...

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