1. D

    Search Sheets Help

    I have an idea for a search sheet that i have no idea how to create, and am looking for help. I would like Sheet 1 to just be a search box and you can type in an address, and below it will be a table that will show the results that match your search. The matched search data will be stored on...
  2. M


    Hi I have a Workbook which has a sheet for each month and a totals sheet. I'm trying to get Year to Date totals based on the month. ie in cell E1 on the Master Doc tab the month is Jan then in C5 it shows the value from C5 on the Jan tab. If E1 is changed to June 19 I want C5 to show the Total...
  3. M

    VBA Error window has changed - no more Debug button

    I'm not sure how or when this happened, but the look of the VBA error windows I receive has changed. I've created an image to show you what they looked like before, and what they look like now. This is a big problem, because when my code has an error, I can no longer use the Debug button to...
  4. Z

    how to update records through Forms

    Hello Everyone I'm Trying to Update my records through the form i created. not sure if its VBA or not! so any idea ?!:rofl:
  5. B

    CSV - Data format doesn't save

    Hi, I have a CSV and have formatted the date as DD/MM/YYYY but when I save the file and come to reopen, the formatting has gone, any idea why please?
  6. D

    Copy and Paste from one sheet to another or transfer data from one sheet to another.

    All, I'm trying transfer data from one sheet to another. Doesn't seem to be working. Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(Rows.Count, "F2").End(xlDown).Row.Value = Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B5").Value Any idea what im missing?:confused:
  7. J

    asking for ideas

    any idea on how to make labels in userform look like a button ?
  8. S

    Find By Column - fails

    Using Excel 2010 Sometimes, when I have it set to Find By Columns, it will only Find By Rows. Any idea why? Toggling the setting doesn't help. Maybe closing and re-opening the xls? I don't think that worked.
  9. M

    New table if count is larger than 20

    Hi I have a spreadsheet that uses code to insert rows into my table based on a cell value. My problem is the cell value can be over 100 and i would like to somehow break the table up if value is 20. So if value is 20 then start a new table. This is purely for printing purposes (header on each...
  10. A

    Reset Excel Usedrange not working

    Hey guys, i have been trying to reset my excel range after using clear content but everytime i use it the range stays the same. anyone have an idea how to force the range to get back to "Used range" after " clearing Content " i have used CTRL + END, yet all cells are blank and nothing...
  11. S

    VBA Macro to paste the values with row and column alignment automatically.

    HI Everyone, I need a macro to align my results in same sheet according to last maximum used rows from multiple columns. I have given image link that how am expecting result that will give exact idea. Please check and do the needful your support will be very helpful for me. Image link given...
  12. M

    FInding Match in more than 1 cell

    I need to find a given text in a cell in "myRange" and change the value 2 cells over. The first one is easy using Offset and match. Does any one have any Idea how to find the others. A little VBA script would also be fine as I would run it from a macro anyway.
  13. M

    Data entry from excel to terminal

    Hi , Needed help in inputing data from excel to terminal ,excel contains only 10 digit numbers to be Inputted into main frame any idea please
  14. U

    Updating a list to a yes/no

    I'm currently trying to update a formula from a four-tiered option to a two-tiered. The current formula looks like this: =IF($B5="","",IF(W5=1,"Great",IF(W5=2,"Good",IF(W5=3,"Weak",IF(W5=4,"Bad",""))))) $B5 is a date field, if there's nothing there then the cell should be blank. I'm...
  15. E

    Is this a bug?

    Hello When I try to copy a sheet I get the following error, which no matter what I click, does not go away (it actually generates tons of such messages with different name) Any idea please?
  16. W

    PivotSort Issue

    Hi Team, I am getting the data such as like in th pivot table #1 #1 0 #1 00 #1 000 #1 001 #1 002 . . such but i want my data such as #1 #2 #3 . I have no idea why data is comng like this i have date till 9000. Kindly help me Cheers
  17. R

    Automated Order Form From Selections on an Item List

    Hi There, I have a few sheets of items. I want a person to be able to put x's in the cell to the left of any one of those items on any one of those sheets, and have the selected items appear one after the other on a final sheet, i.e. an order form. Any idea how I might be able to...
  18. K

    Microsoft Visual Basic Error 400

    I am using the following code to automate goal seek with an assigned button. Each time I tried to run it I get an error with big red X with 400. Any idea how to fix this? Sub GoalSeek1_Click() Range("E22").GoalSeek Goal:=Range("6000").Value, ChangingCell:=Range("D6") End Sub
  19. M

    MAC Question: Using [ ] to Specify Range

    I code almost exclusively for PC, but occasionally have to code for MAC. I always use [ and ] to reference ranges (e.g., [MyRange]), but this does not work on a MAC. Does anyone have any idea why, and how to make it work on a MAC?
  20. C

    Chart not updating

    I have a chart in a sheet that doesn't update when a macro I wrote runs. After if I click on the chart it updates. Any idea what I can do for quick fix.

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