1. T

    get value from cell in a range

    I have several hundred workbooks that the Identification number is in various cells between H2 and P4. In cell AI1 would like a formula that will get the Identification Number no matter what cell it is in between H2 and P4 Thanks in advance
  2. L

    How to list certain details about all comments in a worksheet?

    Hi, I have an Excel Sheet1 with data in it and several comments scattered here and there. I think each comment has an identification number automatically assigned to it when it is created? Maybe ID? or Item? Not sure! I want a VBA macro to list all the comments to another sheet (say Sheet2)...
  3. J

    Fill empty cells (similar to index - match)

    Hi, I'm hoping for a solution to my predicament. I have an external data sheet linked via power query - the table contains names, certifications and identification numbers. My problem is that some of the students names are missing; however, their corresponding ID number has populated in every...
  4. M

    Identify Data Source Update Complete

    Is there a way to identify when a data source has completed updating? We have a lot of processes that are sequential and require a data source to be update prior to running the next step in the process. Currently, we are basically, hitting one button and waiting the source data to update, then...
  5. Sharid

    Tax Number Formats

    In my worksheet I have to collect different tax number, In column T it states what type of tax number it is E.G. “This is a Foreign Tax Number” “I cannot issue a tax number” “This is a Social Security Number ” “This is an Individual Tax Identification Number ” “U.S. Employer...
  6. I

    Numerical Code Generation Based off of Text from other Columns

    I have a specific code structure that I would like to be automatically generated based off of text from other columns in the same row. The code Structure is: XX.XXXX.XXXX (PROCESS AREA . COMPONENT/DISCIPLINE . ITEM) The first two digits are meant to represent an "Area" (##.XXXX.XXXX) The next...
  7. W

    Formula to link barcode scanner result to nominal roll

    Basically I have several spreadsheets with list of guests that will be attending a event. <tbody> IDENTIFICATION NO. NAME ATTENDING? REGISTERED? TIMESTAMP <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> A1234567B </tbody> <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> JOHN SMITH </tbody> YES...
  8. S

    Copy row from one Excel sheet to another in same workbook - add below do not replace

    Dear Friends of Excel, I have a issue I hope that you can help me with. I have 2 sheets in a workbook - one called ("2. Identification") another called ("4. Main opportunities"). I found below code to copy all the rows marked with "Yes" from ("2. Identification") to ("4. Main...
  9. S


    I have a list of identification numbers in one column and number of months in another. If identification number occurs more than once then sum number of months on corresponding column. I am struggling getting this formula to work.

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