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    calculate additional fees based on multiple criteria!!!

    Hi all! So, I'm both an idiot in regards to Excel and Forum posting (as this is my first foray in the latter). Basically, what I'm trying to do is this: If a hotel has multiple "Seasons" (example: high, low, shoulder) in any given year, this affects pricing. I have already run a master...
  2. S

    Offset, Index and match combined

    Hi All, Can someone help an idiot with the combined formula, :) TIA
  3. H

    How can I add a space between every digit in a cell?

    Basically I have one cell, call it A1, with over 1200 digits in it. All I need to do is put a space between each one so I can eventually use text to columns via delimited to get each individual number in its own cell. I consider myself a master of excel and this simple thing stumped me and made...
  4. M

    Lookup question

    Using XL 2003 Im trying to determine how many Nos are tied to a certain subject. Here is the format: _| Subject | Y/N | 1 SUB1 YES 2 SUB2 YES 3 SUB1 NO 4 SUB1 YES 5 SUB2 NO I have a dropdown on a different sheet where I can select a subject. I want to be able to determine how many nos...

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