1. L

    VBA create string array

    Hi Guys I have 3 columns A2:C10 where i put an Id in ie 12345 now some cells could have blanks, an Id or multiple Ids separated by a comma what i want to be able to do is if the cell has an id or multiple ids then create a string like this <found> for some reason its lost my string concat it...
  2. L

    Counting number of repeaed IDs

    Hello everyone! i need to make a report with the number of times that a user buy a product... the report must be separated into ranges, and the number of IDs varies from 1 to 20 in the table. im working on power bi; maybe i need to use a measure? i leave a img of my idea. THX nwn <3...
  3. Johnny Thunder

    Excel Formula Help - SUMPRODUCT with Array of ID's

    Hello All! Not sure if this is possible but can I create a SUMPRODUCT formula that contains an array of ID's? Below is the mock up of ID's that referece a Named Range "Cdata". This formula works if you duplicate and enter in a single ID (1256, 1261 ect.). Any help is appreciated...
  4. W

    Macro for rearranging a range (Transpose and possibly loops)

    Hi everyone, I've tried finding an answer to this on my own, but to no avail. To sum up my problem, I'm trying to write a macro that could take the input data from Sheet2 (see below) and rearrange it so that it can be used for data import in Sheet1. Name IDs would need to be repeated...
  5. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Help - Append only Unique Values to List

    Hello All, I am trying to build a piece of code that will append only new values to a Lookup Table and not sure the best way to achieve this. My criteria: Sheets(Master) - Updated Daily so will contain new ID's once a day ID Location: Sheets(Master).Range("A2:A" & LastRow) Sheets(Lookup)...
  6. L

    IDs Included in Another Table

    Hello, I have Table1 that has the first column of IDs. How can my Table2 include all of those IDs in the first column dynamically? Thank you
  7. R

    Find ID's that occur across Selected Sheets

    Hello, I have an Excel Workbook that has five separate sheets on it, and on the sixth sheet I would like to be able to select 2 or more (3,4,5) of the sheets independently and see only the values that appear on the sheets selected in a dynamic fashion. I think I know how to do it as a one time...
  8. M

    Using VBA to return data before the last hyphen

    Hello all Thanks again for this great forum. It is such a great learning curve. I am wondering if somebody could help me with a query. The BI dept at work send me on a weekly basis a report of SKU IDs and total qtys, but with the SKU description added to the SKU ID by a hypen. Some SKU IDs...
  9. H


    Hello I am pretty new to VBA and I have a question In column A i have thousands of IDs, in column B their prices I have a userform where the user enters ID in textbox1 and in textbox2 the prices is retrieved. My question is if there is possible to enter multiple IDs in textbox1 and have...
  10. C

    Formula - how to?

    Hi, In sheet 1 I have product ID's that might be stacked with multiple ID's in a string. Product ID's might have different amount of numbers and combinations with letters, e.g.: Cell/product ID A1: 12345, A1122334, 7654321 A2: A9988776, 54321 A3: 7776655 In sheet 2 I have all invoices per...
  11. T

    Repeat Numbering for like ID's

    Hi, I have id's numbers that repeat and i need to count them with the same "row number" the formula I've come up with is: =if(b2=b1,"1",a1"+1"). each change in employee number it starts over to row number 1. what am i missing <tbody> Row Number ID Number 1 123421 1 123421 2 222323 2...
  12. J

    Filling missing IDs in column

    Hi, can anyone help me with this? I have in column IDs they look like this: A0002 A0010 A0003 Not sorted in any way and some of them are missing. I need to find the blank cells and fill it with what's missing. It has to be done using vba. Thanks.
  13. A

    Add "Texts Value" to ranges randomly based on Criteria

    Hi, I tried enough but stuck with this problem. request someone to help:( I have list of 10000 Order Ids in column A, & Customer Name in column B. Order Ids are duplicated, some orders will be 20, some order ids will be 50 etc. In Column C i want to give this data. 5% of order Ids Vs total...
  14. K

    Finding IDs from one Excel that are missing in a different Excel

    I have been given some wonderfully complicated and not at all well formatted Excel spreadsheets at work. These spreadsheets are kept by the nurses I work with and have important patient info in. I'm trying to consolidate the data and then clean it in a hope to make everyone's lives easier. So...
  15. K

    populating a name based on one of three user ids in a table

    Is it possible to populate a field in a table based on the entry of one of three user id's in another field? I would like to populate the name field in Table 1 that associates to the Identifier based on the information in Table 2. <tbody> Table 1 Identifier name 1234 4321...
  16. K

    distribute data based on city name

    Hello Folks , I have a workbook with 2 sheets (Sheet1 and Sheet2) Sheet1 has 3 columns (Column A- Name , Column B - City , Column C - PSF ID's) , Name and City is mapped and PSF ID's column is blank Sheet2 has 3 columns (City Column A, Name Column B, PSF ID's Column C) all the 3 columns are...
  17. T

    Check the first X characters of each cell in range against list

    Hi all, I have been struggling for a few days with this issue and I'd really appreciate some help: I have 64 columns of data in one sheet with which I want to build a pivot table. In this pivot table I need to add a filter for the Product IDs columns and I filter out all the Product IDs that...
  18. U

    Compare multiple items across multiple worksheets

    I am attempting to compare multiple items against multiple worksheets, to find out if certain property IDs are interacting with the appropriate item IDs, dependent on a licensing condition. Examples: In Worksheet 1, I have a pivot identifying all the unique property IDs. I use a pivot because...
  19. G

    concatenation issue with over 1800 IDs

    I need a quick way to concatenate over 1800 IDs like cell A1:mccrayg, A2:gmcay, A3:marshal6 ..... to se this u properly to be used in a sql query it would take forever using =Concatenate("'",A1,"'",",","'"A2, .....etc can anyone assist me?
  20. F

    How to convert this Aladin's formula to DAX ?

    I have a column "Product IDs" with 5 digit serial numbers in them and expenditure column which has amounts. then i have Year column and department column. I have this below formula. =SUMPRODUCT(ExpenditureCol<wbr style="font-size: 16px; font-family: "Open Sans"...

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