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    Combobox list not displaying correctly when clicked on the Arrow

    Hello my combobox has 2 column counts and its items are added When i am clicking on the same it shows the values of 1st item. i dont understand why ? and not changing the value of idx as shown below infact clicking on each item should display in combobox text Private Sub ComboBox1_Click()...
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    How can i incorporate the Range syntax into Cell syntax

    Hello How can i incorporate the Range syntax into Cell syntax Private Sub CmbBooks_click() Dim idx As Long idx = CmbBooks.ListIndex If idx <> -1 Then ws.Range("B" & idx +2 ).Value End If End sub incorporating from above code into below seems not working Dim idx As Long idx =...
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    Spliting value of Combobox

    Anyone has idea to Split the value of Combobox.Text with smoother functioning I tried the following Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() Combobox1.List = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A2").CurrentRegion.Offset(1).Value End Sub Private Sub Combobox1_Click() Dim splitValue() As String Dim...
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    ComboBox in VBA for excel having limitations. Searching becomes difficult

    Operational Issue 1. I've defined row source of combox having 30 items. So range from A1: A30. it all 30 items. As per the rows defined from the sheet. When searched or simply typed in it searched upto its limitation i.e not more than 10 items. I dont understand why. Though I have...
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    Get row number via combo1.change event instantly using idx = combo1.ListIndex

    Hi Anyone Can you get the Row Number on basis of Index of Combolist ? The reason is that when in Combo1.Change() event when i type the data in combo change i get respective values of its data in text boxes but what happens is the same value gets overwritten in the Defined First row of the...
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    ComboBox Scroll with Mouse wheel

    i tried to work with peter Peter Thornton (Excel MVP 2008-13) code which works amazing for userform Comboxes and listboxes but im a vba noobie and i cant seem to understand how to make this code work for a regular ComboBox on a worksheet Module Code: 'Enables mouse wheel scrolling in controls...

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