1. Y

    write file name into text file

    how do i write the file name and path of my active workbook into a text file without putting it inside quotes i.e c:\temp\col.xls instead of "c:\temp\col.xls"
  2. H

    Macro to delete Duplicate Collumns

    I have headings in row1 in sheet1 I would lie a macro to delete duplicate headings i.e only retain one unique header For eg if "branch" appears in A1 and D1 , then only delete the second duplicate i.e Col D, eg Surname is in B1 and E1, the only delete col E etc your assistance is most...
  3. V

    How to reverse the order in a SUMPRODUCT funktion???

    I have the following example where I found the correct SUMPRODUCT formula but I would like to reverse the order i.e.: In column A I have different names, each of these names has a corresponding value in column B see example below: The following formula can look up any name entered in C1 (i.e X)...
  4. N

    Multiplying entire columns

    Is there a way to multiply every cell from Column D19 through D50 by their corresponding numbers in column G19 through G50 and adding the totals? i.e. =(D19*G19)+(D20*G20)+(D21*G21)+(D22*G22)+(D23*G23)+(D24*G24)+(D25*G25)+(D26*G26)...etc.? I'm doing it long-hand but thought there may be a way...
  5. I

    Multiple If statements

    Hello everyone - getting confused on some nested IF statements. Any help on writing the following formula would be awesome. If a number is between 0 and 6, return the number (i.e. could be 1,2,3,4,5,6) If a number is greater than 6, then return the number 12. Thanks in advance
  6. M

    Extract Characters from String

    <tbody> Reference Desired Output Comments 250.75378 75378 Standard reference - without expected suffix i.e. ".000" 250. 75378 75378 Includes erroneous space 250 .75378 75378 Includes erroneous space 250.75378.000 75378 Standard reference (majority of cases) Text Error Text entry should...
  7. M

    Custom Page Numbering in Excel

    Hi, I need to start page numbering from say 41 and so on, which need to be displayed at the bottom of each sheet i.e at the footer. please guide me how to do this. Regards
  8. S

    Vba recognize first time startup

    Does anyone know how to write coding such that excel will recognize the first time a particular file is opened on a computer? Situation- I have a fairly self-automated workbook/program I’ve written that does a lot on its own with menus and calculations and all- all written in vba- but I’d like...
  9. E

    How can I find the right column by its header and use this to other formulas?

    Hello! How can I find the right column by its header and use this to other formulas? I am thinking to use index match to find the right header by INDEX/MATCH. But how to I convert the above result into the column code i.e. A:A? Thanks!
  10. S

    Issue with MATCH

    Hey all, FormR kindly helped with combining two formulas together: =IF(AND(INDEX(T:T,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=G5,INDEX(BJ:BJ,MATCH(E5,AF:$AF,0))=H5),"Yes","No") This formula is replicated in Rows until 1500 i.e...
  11. C

    Desperate for a solution

    =SUMIFS(INDIRECT("'"&$C$3&"'!h2:h365"),INDIRECT("'"&$C$3&"'!c2:c365",G3),INDIRECT("'"&$C$3&"'!d2:d365",A13)) This formula returns a value of '0', instead of 40 When I remove the indirect function, i.e =SUMIFS('2019'!H2:H365,'2019'!C2:C365,"="&G3,'2019'!D2:D365,"="&A11) I get the value 40...
  12. gssachin

    How to Send Auto-mail for Specific Column based on Column Value

    Hi, I have an excel sheet which having 60 rows (aprrox. which will change every time) and 10 column of data In Column 11 I have stored Location (i.e. "Class A", "Class B", "Class C" etc) For example : Suppose Column 11 having 4 Categories then I want to send 4 emails, after...
  13. B

    Help with IF AND formula again

    I'm trying to write a formula to work out future potential monthly revenue based on contract start dates and their associated payment terms and value... hopefully someone can assist The input cells would be: Column V from cell V12 is the contract monthly value Column W from cell W12 is the...
  14. S

    2% Salary Increase for the first 4 years then 1.5 for the last

    Good morning, I am trying to figure out a shorter formula for figuring out what a 2% increase a year would be for the first 4 years and then a 1.5% increase for the final year. I have a value in A1 i.e. 73688 in C1 I have a value from 1 to 5 telling me what the salary increase would be for that...
  15. D

    vba to format several columns with the date format

    I have some code, trying to format several columns as dates, what is wrong with it as it won't work? Set sht = Worksheets("Home") With sht Set tbl = .ListObjects("tblCosting") For Each tblrow In tbl.ListRows Combo = Format(tblrow.Range.Cells(1, 1)...
  16. S

    Converting Numbers to Dates

    Using the bloomberg function for my work I am extracting numerous dates of data releases. These come in a strictly number format, as well as being in a funny order. I.E. 20100214 is 14/02/2010 20110909 is 09/09/2011 Is there a formula to amend the numbers on the left in the example to a proper...
  17. S

    wait less than one second

    it is my understanding that using application. Wait will only work for durations of 1 second or more I need a way of waiting either 3 milliseconds or more up to about 50 milliseconds for one function I need to perform and up to as much as 500 millisecons (i.e. half a second) for another...
  18. L

    VBA autofilter time > greater than 15 secconds

    I have a column that is in text format with entries like 00:01:22, 00:00:38, 00:10:55, 00:00:09, etc. These are times as in hours:minutes:seconds. I need to put a filter on these and filter anything that is greater than 15 seconds, i.e. ' > 00:00:15 ' I tried the recorder, but couldn't make it...
  19. A

    Parse text from string

    I have a userform label that will display price & percentage ...i.e. -$408.66 (-14.29%). Can someone assist in parsing out only the percentage (i.e. -14.29%) from the string so I can input it into a cell. Thank you kindly
  20. J

    How to turn Macro Recorder code to a dynamic range

    Hi all, Whenever I record a macro to code a series (i.e. 10-30 steps) of simple steps (e.g. add/delete columns, new column headers, insert formulas and copy down to bottom), it often includes many instances of the formulas going to the very bottom of the data set. Super basic. But each time I...

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