1. D

    VBA IE automation: can't access objects inside a frame: run-time error 438

    Hi, long-time listener, first-time caller… I have about 2 months’ experience programming with VBA. I just wanted to make Excel do a few repetitive tasks for me, and now I’m hooked. I have a whole new respect for the Office suite, now that I know it’s capable of so much. I have a hair-trigger...
  2. AnAnalyst

    Message Board Crashing IE8

    Is anybody else experiencing problems with the message board crashing IE8? I can still get into it without issue using Chrome. Any ideas? Cheers :confused:
  3. F

    Determine Internet Explorer Version

    Hello, 1. Does anyone have a VBA solution to determine which IE version a user has installed? I would like to use in a select case statement to process web actions based upon the version installed. 2. If user has IE8, does anyone have VBA code to open new browser, open a couple of tabs...

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