1. M

    combining 2 formulas for sub ifs

    I found 2 very helpful formulas that work separately but I'm looking to find a way to combine them. I want to calculate the subtotal of D2:D101 only if the number is greater than 0 (so no negative amounts) and if the transaction type is "SALE" for G2:G101...
  2. L

    Conditional formatting help!!

    I have a table with a "DATE" column that I generally update daily with the current date, so my current conditional formatting for that column is - Cell Value < TODAY() - (with a green colour), so if the date is from yesterday or beyond then it will highlight green until I change it. But I have 2...
  3. R

    IF/THEN when pointint cell contains an existing formula

    cell a1 ...1 cell a 2 ...=a1+1 cell a 3 ...=a2+1 cell a 4 ...=a3+1 cell a 5 ...=a4+1 in cell b1 ... I want the results of IF cell A5 equals 5 then return a 1, if not then +1 the number like above. Im trying to loop 1-5 in each column based on the last cells info. Can you assist?
  4. Adeneen

    Count Numbers in Contiguous Number Range

    Hi Everyone, New to the forum and really appreciate anyone who can assist. Below is a simple version of a much more complex data set that I am working on. I am trying to get excel to identify numbers within a contiguous number range in a single cell and place an "X" in the corresponding...
  5. Izila

    Summing Items Same Items in a Mixed Column

    Hi All, I have a series of columns for orders on my spreadsheet. The furthest left column contains item numbers, the second column contains the quantities ordered whilst the final column contains the item names. I'm trying to find a way whereby any items that are ordered multiple times have...
  6. D

    win 10 access 2007 what is this

    In a program I wrote many years ago I have this code #If vba3 then some code here #end if What is #If vba3 tia Jack
  7. J

    If Function (or maybe something else)

    I am trying to find an equation that looks at my data, lets say column A, and if it falls between 1-10 then subtract by 10, but if the same column falls between 11-19 then subtract by 5, and so for. Please help, I have read various examples and watched various videos but still can not figure...
  8. P

    Match 3 criterias from table 2 and return "amount" & "stage"

    Hi All, May i kindly get your help on an excel formula? I am trying to match 3 criteria between table 1 and table 2, namely: "Order", "Amount" & "Stage" and return the values to Col D & E respectively. For example, if Table 1 Row 3 has "OrderA", Amount of "5" & Stage is "sent" and Table 2 has...
  9. D

    IF one cell contains a letter then run a formula

    Afternoon all Basically I want to add a formula that means that when U25 starts with "V" then run =MIN(U27:U318) but if U25 starts with a "TC" then to be blank Thanks in advance everybody [/URL][/IMG]
  10. P

    What "IF" formula/Macro should I use to automatically choose which among the sources releases most recent data

    In a worksheet, I have three rows of data from three different sources. I need to get the data from whichever of three sources releases the most recent data.Example: Let's name the sources, Source 1, Source 2, and Source 3 in one column. In another column is "Last Update" which refers to the...
  11. E

    If Or Or Or Statement Then

    Good afternoon, I need to write a formula that does the following: If cell is (#### or #### or any letter combination) then put "MA" if cell is (#### or ####) then put "SC" #### stand for a combination of a few numbers. Haven't been able to figure it out. Thank you!
  12. J

    If Error

    I am wanting to use the formula If(A1="","",A1-B1) in column C. I am using Excel 2007. The values are formatted as [h]:mm:ss, and everything works fine if its false. The sum works, however if the cell is blank I get #VALUE error. I have tried taking off the formatting but no difference. I...
  13. J

    IF Formulas!

    An employee is eligible for retirement if he or she satisfies at least one of the following three criteria: (i) the employee has worked here for at least 40 years (ii)the employee is 65 or over (iii)the employee has worked here for at least 30 years and is 60 or over (a) Create a worksheet...

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