if or

  1. F

    Looking for specific data in two columns to put in 2 text options

    Hi all, Explaining situation: i have document with two tabs, one tab has data that will sometimes need yes selected from a drop down on two different columns (BB and BC) and sometime yes won't be picked at all in my other tab i have one column and i want it to look to those two columns and if...
  2. D

    IF this or this then get value from range a to b else get value from range x to z

    Hi All Would be nice if anyone can help! I have the following setup: Columns P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W Column P I have the formula which is not working. In one of the column from Q to U I have a value. So sometimes it's in column q sometimes in T and the other columns are empty (but...
  3. R

    Conditional Formula: Using 'If' 'And' and 'Or' - solution will save days of work!

    Goal: IF Column E is Blank AND Column M OR Column T are <0 True= "Review" False= Blank I can write the 'if/and' but when I include the 'or' my results are meaningless.:confused: Any help appreciated, as a solution will save me days of work.
  4. D

    Either or?

    I am tracking dates and want to calculate the estimated delivery date in a single cell as I populate dates in each milestone. So I have a 60 day(E), 15 day(F), 5 day(G) notification column. I record the date I receive these notices in their respective column. I want to create an estimated...
  5. Z

    I need the right formula

    <tbody> Questions 2016 Favorability Standard Deviation 2017 Favorability Standard Deviation 2018 Favorability Standard Deviation Result Q1 66.5% 1.15...
  6. B

    Excel IF + AND or OR Statements

    I am trying to do two things, but can't seem to get my IF statements to work. I have a date in column M, time in column N, and day of the week in column O. I want to add information in columns P and Q: 1. I am trying to show when a day would fall on a weekend or holiday. I created a table...
  7. C

    IF 3 conditions & results

    A B C D E F 12345 _____ 11111 aaaaa 55555 zzzzz 67890 _____ 22222 bbbbb 66666 yyyyy 11111 _____ 33333 cccccc 12345 xxxxx 22222 _____ 44444 ddddd 77777 wwwww In an inserted column, I'm...
  8. M

    Combining IF AND and IF OR Statements

    Hi there, I've been banging my head upon this for the past few hours and so I thought best to defer to the experts. IF E3 = "Closed" OR "Rejected" AND S3 = "", T3>0, M3>0 (All 3 conditions must be met) Here is the formula I have so far... I've not yet figured out how to include "Rejected"...
  9. J

    IF formula help, replicating data based on variables

    <tbody> 1 a b c d e 2 1 2 3 3 aa ad ag 4 ab ae ah 5 ac af ai 6 7 8 OPTIONS aa af ah 9 10 11 1 2 3 12 RESULT </tbody> I'm trying to make a formula that will help me copy data based on a set of variables. Three options are listed in cells B3, B4...
  10. S

    "IF" Function With Percentages

    Hi, Im trying to use an "if then" statement to show if a number is larger than 2% of 1,500,000 or smaller than 2% 1,500,000 then FALSE, if in-between the rage then TRUE. In other words, if number is within the range of 2% of X - the statement is TRUE and if outside then FALSE. Any...
  11. D

    Question about using If and Index

    Hi, I'm having an issue with counting words across columns. I'm looking for a solution using multiple index formulas <tbody> Team 1 Team 2 Team 3 Total Keep =INDEX(A2:C2,1,1) Delete Keep Keep </tbody> In the case above Index selects 'Keep' but I'm looking for a...
  12. B

    SUMIFs that meets one of 3 particular criterias

    Hi, I have a SUMIF formula that accomplishes what I want it to: =ROUND(SUMIF('Sheet'!$O:$O, "Common Stock", 'Sheet'!$R:$R)/1000000,0) in that if any items says "Common stock" in column O of 'Sheet', then it will sum up the balances of all those items. (column R contains the balance) however...
  13. F

    =COUNTIFS - the name matches one of the names in a range

    I need my COUNTIFS formula to only count if one of the people who appears in column F is also one of the people in a range on another tab here: =Key!V2:V12. So in this formula below, A_List_Import!$F:$F,'All Dates'!$A$501 is just looking for one person. But I need it to count it if the person...
  14. P

    Simplifying IF(OR(A4=B2, A4=C2, A4=D2, .......... , A4=ZZ2), 0, "Error")

    I've spent quite some time googling to find an to the following but failed (hard to get quite right search terms): How to simplify the following formula: Simplifying IF(OR(A4=B2, A4=C2, A4=D2, .......... , A4=ZZ2), 0, "Error") To something of this style (though this doesn't work)...
  15. M

    Auto convert a cell to absolute on 'met IF condition'? (possible solution)

    =IF(OR(R35<0),((S35*U35)+AF34),(AB35-(AD35*R35))) =IF(OR(R36<0),((S36*U36)+AF35),(AB36-(AD36*R36))) =IF(OR(R37<0),((S37*U37)+AF36),(AB37-(AD37*R37))) The objective is to create a form utility, requiring only initial input. The output will be at least 2 columns of 100 rows: 1 - 100% against the...
  16. K

    If with Or & And

    I have multiple conditions for Or and And that need to be in an If statement. How do I write the IF statement? Thanks in advance! Conditions: <tbody> If A or B is no, then no If A or B is maybe, then maybe If A or B is NA, then take the other cell Else, Yes <tbody> A B Should...
  17. G

    IF OR in an array with SMALL

    I'm trying to use an IF OR in an array with a SMALL argument. Essentially, I have a series of data that will say HIGH or HIGH & LOW in a certain row in column G, and then whatever is in column A of this row will be returned by my formula. It worked great returning those with just HIGH by using...
  18. H

    Help with Nested IFOR syntax

    Hi all, I have the following statement that is returning #Value. Can anyone help me with the syntax please? =IF(Detail!E4<>"", "FILLED",IF(Summary!C4<>""+Detail!E4="",EMPTY,"")) So it should be If E4(detail tab) contains any text print FILLED, ELSE if both C4(summary tab) and E4(detail...
  19. F

    Need Vlookup experts on this string

    Hi, I am looking for some suggestions on why this string isnt working. Background: This code used to be three nested if statements that sepperated people out by thier shift when searching for them using a id (this searched for shift was in a different file, "welder Database") Then I...
  20. G

    IF OR formula

    Hi there, I would like to modify the following: =IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("~*",C3)),"No", "Yes") I would like to acheive the following: "If C3 contains a "*" or "#" then return "No" otherwise "Yes". Am stuck... as ever, assistance is gratefully received. Angus

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