if statments

  1. A

    IF statement looking in three cells

    I am trying to write a simple IF statement, basically I want the statement to look at three cells and if any of the cells have a NO then the formula should return a NO or it should return a YES. This is what I have been using but it does not work. =IF(AND(BF2="NO", BG2="NO"...
  2. N

    Adding conditional statement (if) while optimising via solver

    Hi. My problem is suppose I have 5 hours and hence 5 variables and i want that variables to lie between 0 to 500 with the constraint that next variable should lie between X(previous)-60<X(new)<X(previous)+180. First variable can be any. Apart from this each variable can either be 0 or 50% i.e...
  3. B

    Multiple Condition If statement with loop

    Hello, Im new to VBA and have hit a wall trying to figure out how to write a if statement with multiple conditions to loop through a set of data. I'm teaching myself and the best way has been to look at code others have wrote and then modify it. However, I cant find anything that is similiar to...
  4. A

    TODAY fuction if today is monday

    Hello All, I am looking for a formula that would say if today equals Monday then subtract 2. Thanks!
  5. Johnny Thunder

    Excel 2010 - Combining IF OR Statements

    Hello All, Working on this formula and need help combining it with another IF/OR Statements. = IF(OR(CONCATENATE(C14, "_", D14, "_",E14) =Logos&"_"&'Other Dropdowns'!$B$2&"_"&'Other Dropdowns'!$C$2), CONCATENATE(C14, "_", D14, "_",E14), "Non-Royalty") I need two have the "Logos&"_"&'Other...
  6. J

    Headcount counting by month

    Hi all, I am trying to create a headcount file for forecasting in excel. I have a Date of Hire (DOH) and date of termination (DOT). The problem I have is with my "if" formula. Here is what I am trying to do: If(DOH is < = to (date), DOT = "", DOT > (date), then (1) or "" ). The problem I have...
  7. F

    Use one Set statement to Set second statement

    Hi all, I am attempting to use a previously Set variable as part of the next Set statement, pretty unsucessfully at present. My purpose is trying to look up tb_SelJobID.Value from a userform in Col Z then look across the row to Cols D,I,N,S & W (different types of work) to see if TbSelYr.Value...
  8. F

    If Statements

    i am trying to a formula for the following: If the A1 value is 25K or less, -> 1/2 weeks; If the IO value is 25K to 150K -> 1/week; if the IO value is 150K or more -> 2/week Any idea how i can solve this? Thanks!

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