if then statements

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    IF Yes/No then Pass/Fail ignoring blanks

    I want to show that IF D:D= Yes then column E will show Pass, IF D:D=No then column E shows Fail, but ignoring if D:D is blank. HELP PLEASE!
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    2 If then statements

    I want to create 2 if-then statements and if the 4 cells match it returns a value of Yes, if not then No what am I doing wrong =IF(AND(F4=Q4),IF(AND(H4=S4),YES)) Thanks,
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    Adding days in set increments

    Hi all, Sorry for the lengthy description. I am a newbie here and thought I would include as much info as possible: I am attempting to put together a schedule (list of dates at this point), where each widget will need to be serviced on a set interval of days from a start date. Therefore I...
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    what is the best way to do an if then statement with two if conditions?

    I'm trying to get the code to look at the data in column N and the data in column T and then create rows within a table based on the data in those two cells. I'm new to VBA so I'm having trouble figuring out a solution that isn't an If-Then statement. Is there a way to have to If (this) &...
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    if then statements referencing multiple worksheets

    I am trying to come up with a formula that states: if cell A1 = "January" then go to the January worksheet and grab cell B15 from the worksheet. If cell A1 = "February" go to the February worksheet and grab the data. I've tried to do it by developing multiple nests but for a one year period is...
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    IF THEN Conditional Formulas

    Hello, B7 has a number calculated from two other cells, it is how many days old something is. D7 has one of three words to show how serious something is I want to change the color of B7 depending on what number it is, for example IF D7 = HIGH AND B7 = 15 THEN Fill Orange Conditional Format...
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    Code to delete row when certain criteria met

    Hello Again Forum, I am trying to delete rows when ever a cell in column G says "No Data" and a cell on the same row in column E is blank. Below is my code: lRow = Cells(Rows.Count, "A").End(xlUp).Row Do While lRow > 0 If Cells(lRow, 7) = "No Data" And Cells(lRow, 5) = "" Then...
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    IF THEN with a formula

    Can I write and IF THEN statement that performs a formula as the result? For instance: If cell Z7 = "AWARDED", Then C7 = blank. If not, then C7 = SUM(D7+E7).
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    Help with formula

    I need help with an if/then statement. I have columns B thru S and only one column may or may not have an "x". Column T is where I want the if then statement. If a column in a certain row has an "x", I want an "x" to show in column T. If the row has no x's, I want to have a "-" show. Please help!
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    Would a function within the sub be suitable?

    I have two excel sheets. 06-03-11 tmp.csv and call log master.xlsx. I have opened call log master.xlsx - so it is my active workbook. I have the following code starting my macro. Will call it "startercode" for reference in this posting startercode: '***Set variables/Input boxes***...
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    If Statement for Date between Date Ranges

    I am working with a spreadsheet that has 3 date ranges. One workbook contains income data based on dates from 3/1/2008 through 3/31/2009; another contains income data between 4/1/2009 and 5/31/2010; and another contains income data based after 6/1/2010. The main workbook has dates ranging over...
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    Help with errors or IF statments

    Excel 2002 Below is my code that will create a new tab for the current month for each workbook in a folder. Sometimes there will be a workbook in the middle of a folder that will generate an error so I would like to be able to correct the error in the code but then re-run the macro. So I need...
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    Too many IF's Help!!

    Hello I have a formula that finds the brands in the title of a list of products. I was wondering if a Function can be created or theres another way around this. My formula is =IF(Inventory[[#This Row],[QB Title]]="","", IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("kensington",Inventory[[#This Row],[QB...

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