1. I

    Transposed data with blank spaces and create a Bar Chat without any space

    Hi MrExcel expert, I really appreciate your help to solve this issue. I have been working on this issue for a couple of days now and I feel stuck. Data set: Hours & Date. Goal: 1. I want to sort the data of "date and hours" which have hours assigned to them, and listed beside of my existing...
  2. P

    Formula to lookup values from two tables and combine to a third table IF value is column is not empty and duplicate

    Hi, I have two PowerPivot table that I want to combine and copy information to a third table, however the search criteria is empty as the two PowerPivot tables' amount of data changes from month to month. 1) I want the formula in column K for table 3 to be able to copy values from column B...
  3. M

    Keep IF formula but be able to change quantity if value is true

    Hi, I have a cell that has an IF formula and a Form Control linked to it. If I click the up arrow, the cell input goes up one increment however the IF formula is removed. How do I keep the rule in place but be able to manually enter quantity if value is true? OR Can I get the Form Control to...
  4. U

    Formula - Comparing 2 cells continously

    Hi All, Im trying to think of a formula which i can use and drag down without having to do it manually everytime. For example, im comparing Cell Value L2 against L3, in Cells M2, and M3, and then id want to compare L4 and L5 in Cells M4 and M5 and so on. Is there any one of doing this and...
  5. W

    Sum Count Ifs

    Hello, How do you write a macro that has an entire range of D3:AD29 equal to the following formula =sum(countifs(range,criteria,range2,criteria2),countifs(range,criteria,range2,criteria2))?? THANK YOU!!!
  6. G

    Find Duplicate Values in Column, Return Time Between from Different Column

    This is my first post so please bear with me. I am trying to use some data to pull the lifetime of lithium batteries that I use. My spreadsheet is set up as follows: Column A: Object Battery is powering (Each object has a number) Column B: Second Object Battery is powering (if applicable)...
  7. D

    How can I find multiple items at once in a large list?

    I received a spreadsheet with a list of customers (around 200) that I need to find in another larger spreadsheet (column with around 2K customers) in order to obtain their ID code. What is the easiest way to do so? The column with the larger number of customers has a filter, which I could use to...
  8. F

    VBA: If date in one column is a weekend Then...

    Hi everyone This has been driving me around the bend and have decided to throw it out into the forum as I've tried numerous connotations, searched high and low for a solution and can't crack it. What I'm trying to do is populate the cell in column N with 8:00 if the date in column A of that...
  9. C

    Conditional Sums

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet. See below I need to count only rows that have the correct text in the same row and 1 row off. <tbody> Backs Paid Bonus Combos Paid Bonus Client 1 Combos Paid 100 Bonus 50 Client 2 Combos Paid 100 Bonus 50 Client 3 Backs Paid 150...
  10. C

    Count every second row

    Hi, How can I modify this formula to Count every second row? =SUMIF(D14:D104,"Combos",(H14:H104)) will also need to complete a second cell with a sum of the in between cells based on the same info in column D. So below is an example. in C1 I need to sum the Paid amounts when A = Combos. in...
  11. M

    If Statement only return data if True

    I am trying to use an if statement to return a cell value only when the logical test is True. If it is False, I don't want a blank field, I want it to go to the next cell to check if it is True. Make sense? I have found lots of threads touching base on this topic, but have failed to find a...
  12. M

    Standard Deviation if formula

    Hi, I'm trying to compare the standard deviations 2 different data sets A & B over a period of time. The sets of data do not begin at the same time however, so I'm looking for a formula that will exclude data from the standard deviation calculation of B where there is a blank value for the data...
  13. J

    Help with Vlookup in VBA across multiple tabs

    Hi, I'm relatively new to VBA and having issues when using Vlookup. I'm looking to create a input box where users enter a location and it returns the address of a particular store. The workbook contains information over 12 different sheets and I want it to look through each sheet and if it...
  14. S

    If function doesn't return result. Please assist

    I'm trying to create a macro where if column Q4 is less than 20, column S4 should show N and if column Q4 is between 20 to 30 and is more than 5,000,000, column S4 should show y and if not N and if column Q4 is more than 30, column S4 should show Y. This function should repeat till the last non...
  15. C

    Complex IF in Range using Dates

    Hi, I need to command that if a date (Cell N6:N15) is after another date (P4) but before another date (Q4) then how many months are between Cell N and Q. Main problem is that as I would like to drag this formula across only, at the bottom of a table, I do not know how to get it to search up...
  16. N

    If function question

    I'm trying to create a formula that replicates winning based on the martingale style of gambling for roulette. Odds would be 18/38 that you win each hand. You would begin with a 5 dollar bet, if you lost your next bet would be for 10 dollars, if you lost that bet your next bet would be 20...
  17. L

    Need function help for work

    I need a function for an excel file at work where if value of column E (from E4 to Finfinity) is equal to 002,003 or 019 cell in column F (F4 to Finfinity) reads as MAJOR while if it reads another value it reads as critical Can't find anything on the internet so I would appreciate any help I can...
  18. W

    How to prevent users from Showing Formulas

    I have a workbook where it would not be practical to reformat all of the cells in order to hide the formulas, however, i need to be able to hide them from the users. I have tried using the If formula below to prevent the Show Formulas function from working but am unsure how to trigger this to...
  19. L

    Copy and Paste Macro or Formula

    Hello everyone, thanks for the help. Heres the situation, I would like a formula or macro that would recognize an answer to a question and populate a group of headings in another sheet.My thought is it would be copy and paste related. Specifically, =If(sheet1A1=2013,then show January 2013...
  20. M

    Conditional IF Formular, pls help me.....!!!

    Hell everyone,<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> I have an excel table that I need to Calculate the commission from Jan – Dec which is to based on the following conditions;<o:p></o:p> Under the commission column for each row I need too calc...

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