1. F

    If Statement

    Need Help I'm weighting hours. Example: Work hours for the month is 150 1 = 120< 2 = 121-135 3 = 135-150 4 = 150>
  2. E

    Multiple IFs in a formula?

    Hello! How can I specify multiple IFs in a formula? Thanks!
  3. L

    General Guidance for 10 nested if else

    Hi Everyone, I'm need some advice for nested if else. I needed a 10 item if-else situation and I am aware that the limit is 7. Plus I need it to continuously need to check value such that if user changes values, the if-else statements will auto adjust to new message(while retaining the ability...
  4. F

    Simple Nested IF - Won't Work

    I can't seem to get this to work. <=5% = 1 >5% - 10% = 2 11%=3 12%>4 =IF(AND(D3<0.05),1,IF(AND(D3>0.05),2,IF(AND(D>=0.11),3,IF(AND(D3>0.12),4)))) =IF(AND(D3<0.05),1,IF(AND(D3>=0.05),2,IF(AND(D<=0.10),2,IF(AND(D3=0.11),3,IF(AND(D3>=0.12),4)))))
  5. B

    Macro to count IF's in formulas?

    Good morning, I've run into a bit of a snag with some cells that use IF nested as much as 24 levels deep. So far they haven't angered the Excel 2000 gods but that won't last. Does anyone have any advice for a macro to count the number of times IF occurs in each formula and report the cell...
  6. M

    Unique count of column cells based on date column and specific text in another column issues. Nested IF's within FREQUENCY

    So far my formula (non-working) is as follows. =SUM(IF(FREQUENCY(IF(CritDateTest<=CritOutDate AND IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Vuln1,CritVulnTitleTest)),MATCH(CritIPTest,CritIPTest,0)))),ROW(CritIPTest)-ROW(CritIPBeginTest)+1),1)) or...
  7. G

    VBA looping IF to transform a multi item row into a flat file

    Name|Address|Item1|qty|item2|qty| :--|:--|:--|:--|:--|:--| Dan|456 Cold|Apple|2|Donkey|4| Steve|123 Ripple|Dove|3||| Nate|985 Tara|Monkey|1|Fish|2| Hi all, With my sample data above (imagine there's actually more columns like contact phone, state, zip, email yada yada yada) I need a procedure...
  8. J

    IFS with VLOOKUP, AND/OR function

    Hi All, I have 2 formula that work individually which I can't seem to merge correctly. What I want to do is: If B3=IND & J3 (in tab RM IND)=YES then return the vlookup OR If B3=DOM & J3 (in tab RM DOM)=YES then return the vlookup These are the 2 individual codes that work...
  9. R

    Count ifs with cell reference?

    Hi, Is is possible to add a cell reference for the text in a count ifs formula? Here is what I'm trying to do: I have 195,000 URL Links in one column, I have 2,000 unique URL's in the other column, the column that has 195,000 urls are duplicates of the original 2,000 URL.s For each URL, I...
  10. gheyman


    In a SumIfs formula (Ifs not If) how many criteria's can you have? =SUMIFS(K$8:K25,$P$8:$P25,$Q25,$Q$8:$Q25,$R25,$R$8:$R25,$S25,$S$8:$S25,$T25) Example this one has 4
  11. Y

    No Blank formula (oposit ISBLANK)

    Hi. Is there a formula that i can use part of =IF / =IFS (the cell is not blank). As there is =IFS(ISBLANK(A1). E.g. =CONCATENATE(IFS(ISBLANK(A1),"",(the cell is not blank(A1),"YES")
  12. B

    Nested Ifs referencing different cells

    <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Allocated Budget Spend Forecast Spend Total Spend (inc. Forecast) Max Budget (Overspend) Budget RAG 2 £100 £50 £25 £75 £110 </tbody> Can anyone help correct my formula please? I basically want to work out a single formula to use in F2 for the following rules...
  13. P

    counting cells in a column if the row above has a certain value in another column

    Hi everyone, I need a formula to count the number of cells in a column only containing a certain value, if they are in the row immediately below the row containing another value in another column. Here is an example (columns A, B, rows 1-6): <tbody> A B 1 x 2 y 3 x y 4 x y 5...
  14. D

    Multiple IFs

    I am trying to write a statement that says if cells K2,L2,M2 = Y or NA then make cell P2=Y, but if any one of those cells = N then cell P2 = N. I have tried multiple ways and have struck out every time and am at a loss, thanks in advance!!
  15. M

    Multiple Ifs with Calculations

    Hi All Please assist on the below, I am struggling to create a Nested IF statement Sample Data: <colgroup><col width="64" span="3" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody> A B C aa ff 1 bb gg 1 bb gg 5 cc hh 4 aa hh 5 cc gg 6...
  16. G

    Count Formula on formulated date

    Hello Guyz, I have applied a formula to get timestamp - ( =IF(B91<>"",IF(A91<>"",A91,NOW()),"") ) So it will give the time stamp when B cell filled, I converted format into date only because I want date only.But Now when i applied formula count ifs on this column but it is taking the date count...
  17. J

    Sum if offset cell equals particular value

    So lets say i have two columns. One with names (John and Jane) and one with values. What is a formula I could input in B5 and B6 (John and Jane respectively) that would show the sum for each person. For instance the formula in B5 would return 2 and B6 would return -2. The list I'm using will...
  18. D

    combining Index Match Match with IFS statements

    Hello All, I have some normative data (what I call Index Scores) that are split by age groups (by decade). The "normal index" score is found by looking up two numbers in a table. I have managed to accomplish this with <style type="text/css">p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px...
  19. M

    #N/A Return in nested IFS formula

    Column G has Country codes in it (US,CA,LU,BE,NL,IT,ES,GB,DE,CZ,SK,FR,IE,AU,NZ,JP,CN,SG,KR). In column AT I have an IFS formula to tell me if Column G has any of the country initials for the EMEA region (LU,BE,NL,IT,ES,GB,DE,CZ,SK,FR,IE) so I can identify if a person is part of any of those...
  20. R

    IFS problems

    so I have reference cell say (B49) which has been formatted with a drop down list. The three entries are 1) Need, 2) Want, and 3) is Unsure. Now in F49 is where I want to get the answer to my IFS so if B49 is "Need" the results of F49 should be $10.00 if the results in B49 is "want" results...

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