1. K

    VBA 'if/then' Code Error

    Hello! Today is my first day exploring VBA coding, and I'm having trouble with the below 'if/then' VBA code (also attached a screenshot). In short, what I need is for data in Column E to automatically populate according to what is in Column D. For example, if any rows in Column D read...
  2. A

    if statement for Percent

    I have this if/then statement that doesn't run correctly. lbSL is a label on a userform that displays 5.5% and it should execute the first part of the if/then statement. However, it executes the second part of the if/then statement. My guess the code does not recognize the lbSl.Caption as a...
  3. H

    If/Then with Multiple Ifs

    Hi - I'm wondering if I can define a letter, "X", to represent multiple values in an If/Then statement. The code is not complete and just an example of what i would like to do: x="Apples", "Oranges", "Pears", "Grapes", "Banana", "Strawberry", "Blueberry" If Sheet1.Range("A1") = x Then Rest...
  4. V

    Do/Loop, If/Then or For/Next - Not sure which to use for this reiteration

    Hello Task: Calculate a value, only if the background of the cell is a certain color, then go to next row. I have been reading up on the Do/Loop, If/Then and For/Next statements, but having difficulty making any of them work. Here is the code: Cells.Find(What:=Util1, after:=ActiveCell...
  5. K

    VBA If/then. If cell is blank run macro, if not stop.

    Hi... it's been 8 years but maybe someone will see this. I also want to write in VBA, if cell is not blank, then do this. And then stop. Acting only if the cell is not blank... This is based on a column of numbers, updated monthly. So when the month is updated, I want the macro to run. But I...
  6. synergy16

    blanket "if null" statement

    good morning all. after a bunch of calculations i narrow down a single row based on user choice and populate textboxes with related data. some of the cells are blank tho. is there a way to, perhaps with a loop, to tell the program if any of those cell locations are null to put a "N/A" in the...
  7. T

    If & COUNTIF Statements for Productivity

    For my work my productivity is tracked and recorded, however the database software our company uses is garbage and I have an excel spreadsheet that I prefer to use. So what I track is: Encounter # If it is a NB (NewBorn), Y for yes, nothing if not The LOS (Length Of Stay), # Depending on...
  8. J

    Complex Double If / And formula Help Needed

    Hi, I need help with getting a rather complex double if/and formula working correctly. I am stumped. In the attached spreadsheet we are looking at cell AA157. In the formulas I am setting up requirements using the if & and formulas together that say the job numbers in cells U157 & B157 must...
  9. V

    IF THEN LOOP with ActiveCell

    Hello, I am trying to use an If Then Loop, but I cannot seem to get it to function properly Final Product: Excel will look at Column AN and if the cell value is True, then it will select the entire row and color it orange. Then it will go down to the next cell and check, until it reaches a blank...
  10. P

    If/Then Date Range

    Good morning Group, I have a date column that may be causing the problem. Output for Date Column: AUG 18,2017@15:48:01. I am looking for an If/Then Statement that states if Date Range is between "Oct 01,2016@0000" and "Sep 30,2017@2359", then "FY17", if date range is greater than "Oct...
  11. K

    If then nested with isblank count blank?

    I have four columns of pricing data. If columns A, B, C are all blank, then I want to output whatever is in column D. If Columns A & B are blank but something is in C, then I want C. If Columns A & C are blank, but something is in B, then I want B. If Columns B & C are blank but something is...
  12. M

    Help with multiple if/then formulas in one cell

    I have a spreadsheet in which I need one cell to return a value depending on the entry in another cell, using the If/then function. The formula I am currently using is below. When cell E27 says "Monthly Reduction" or "quarterly reduction", the cell that contains this formula correctly...
  13. W

    If/Then Formulas

    I am trying to do a formula for: IF C5 is blank, then leave blank. If C5 has data, then subtract B5-C5. How do I do this? I have a picture, as well but don't know how to submit it on here.
  14. S

    Updating sheet daily for Shopify

    My husband is starting a website on Shopify. The wholesaler who is supplying the merchandise will send an Excel sheet every day with their updated inventory list. We are supposed to upload this list every morning, which is simple. However, he only wants to sell about a third of what they...
  15. D

    If/Then statement

    I'm trying to set up a logical if/then formula, but not sure how. Here is what I need: I have a 5-digit number and if the first 3 digits are a specific string, I need it to return all five digits, but if the first 3 digits are not the specific string, I need it to only return the first 3...
  16. S

    Multiple If/then Statement Formula

    I need to have a field mark as "Yes" if e6 is =yes, and if not, if f6 is = yes and y6 is = direct, or if z6 = yes, or if aa6 is = yes So, saying if e6 is yes, then yes, otherwise if f6 is yes and the fields y6, either equals direct, or z6 equals yes or aa6 equals yes. Is it possible to write...
  17. P

    Creating an If/Then Macro in Excel using Outlook

    Hello all, I have been wondering if there is a way to pull information from an outlook email address and then in automate a spreadsheet from the contents of the email. So I am in charge of checking email backups of servers and inputting them on a spreadsheet, and every one of the emails...
  18. B

    VBA UserFrom - IF/THEN Function

    Hello, I am new to the forum but i'm pulling my hair on not being able to solve this one! I have database which is filled in via a user form. This user form returns the values to four different pages. I can get the user form to work if i just populate the "Receiver" tab. (The first one)...
  19. G

    If/then with > sign

    Hi folks! Hoping your Friday is going well! Today's question is: Under the total column, I want an if/then statement to provide the greater of the two columns, 25. Can someone help me with this please? <tbody> A B Total 25 15 =formula to give me 25 </tbody> Thank you so much!
  20. E

    If week begins with monday, then, if week begins on tuesday then...

    Hello! Looking for a formula or VBA to help with this. In column L I have a list of dates in order but some dates might be missing (ex. 12/11/15, 12/12/15, 12/14/15). If a date is a Monday followed by a date that is a Tuesday, then 250 needs to go in each adjacent cell for Monday and Tuesday...

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