ignore zeros

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    Ignore zero values in pivot chart

    Hi there, Background: I have a data set for a call centre that displays each staff member's daily call numbers across two different call types (Call Type 1, Call Type 2) - staff only work on one particular call type each day. I would like to create two pivot charts, one with...
  2. M

    Average formula to ignore zeros over several tabs of data (in 1 spreadsheet)

    I have 12 tabs (1 for each month or period) in a spreadsheet and am trying to create a formula to give me an average from tab to tab but to ignore the 0.00%. (So the Period 2 tab needs average Pd1 & 2; the Period 3 tab needs average Pd1,2 & 3; and so and and so forth until Period 12 which needs...
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    Win Percentage

    I am very new to Excell and looking to set up a spreadsheet that keeps track of an office football pool and measures win percentage. This is easy if everyone plays every week. But this is not the case. The formula I would need to use would have to ignore weeks where a particular person...

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