1. E

    Ignore Print Area

    Hi, I am a novice in VBA but my work is demanding more and more. So my issue is that i am trying to save multiple worksheets in one PDF but when i open the PDF, the output is ignoring my customed print area. I wanted to know how can i deflect that so that both my printed hardcopy and my saved...
  2. E

    MAX IF to ignore NA with multiple conditions

    Hello all, I'm trying to do something, which seems fairly simple in my head but I can't get to execute in a formula. We record data daily on on a spreadsheet in a new column every day. Some days certain cells return a calculation, others return NA if there was no activity. I originally...
  3. R

    Automating VB Script, copy range of data from multiple workbooks into one workbook

    Hello All, I have been after this project for quite some time and I feel that someone on here with the correct knowledge will be able to assist me. My googlefu is not good enough for VBA projects I guess. I know this will be long winded but please bear with me. I am looking to make a VBA macro...
  4. r1998

    Ignore #N/A in Array Formula

    Dear Friends and Respected Seniors, I have this data in A1-B10 <tbody> 1 28 2 20 3 80 3 70 2 65 1 40 2 88 1 33 3 41 2 58 </tbody> I want to find the maximum value from column B wherever column A has value 1, so in C1 I am using =MAX(IF(A:A=A1,B:B)) with control+shift+enter...
  5. B

    Extract number value from a cell

    Hi Boardmembers I wonder if someone can please assist me. I have a column, for which I would like to extract the number value, that may be one-five characters, into a new column and ignore the "transactions" part. <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> Units 289 Transactions 0 Transactions...
  6. B

    Using two cells to control one

    Hello, I’m not sure this is possible, if it is please help. I’m trying to simulate a seal in circuit using excell logic. I would like to toggle the value of a cell (A1) true, based on a true value in another cell (A2). So far this is simple. Now, after cell (A2) toggles (A1) true, I want (A1) to...
  7. D

    Ingnore blanks

    Good day, I have the below function and it works 100%. I have now discovered that when there is a blank cell in the lookup the formula does not work. I would appreciate if any one could help me with the formula to ignore when it comes across a blank...
  8. R

    Get First Data and Ignore for same PO

    Hi All - Need your expertise in excel :) Currently i have data with thousands of rows and there is duplication in some of data, but i can't delete it. i have column PO Number and duration of the PO (from PO created - PO release) and not in consecutive. In that column,I just want to take the...
  9. S

    Ignore text in formula

    Need to sum and multiply in a time sheet style formula and ignore text =SUM((K26-H26)+(I26-J26))*24 Columns are Time In, Time Out, Break in, Break Out I'd like to put either a - or n/a if they do not take a break and then sum their hours.
  10. J

    sum function with ignore

    How to sum a long column but ignore numerous date cells in the column. thank for any help Juan
  11. C

    Average Formula -- Ignore cells with "0%"

    Hello. This may not be possible but I'll ask anyway as I've not been able to work it out myself... :( I have a table which collates scores and calculates the total score as percentage. These percentage cells are spread out over one row, but over multiple separated columns because there are...
  12. Z

    Building a logic for multiple conditions

    I need to build logic for below statement: If 2018 Favorability % is greater than 2017 Favorability %, and if 2018 Favorability % is greater than or equal to 70% and if the difference of Favorability percentages 0f 2018-2017 is greater than or equal to 10%, then “positive”, other than that...
  13. P

    Ignore blank cells

    I have a spreadsheet where i am typing into A1 "timber", into A2 "metal", into A3 "marble" etc. If i start to type into A4 "timber" the cell will autofill from cell A1 however if i leave cell A4 blank then start to type "timber" into A5 it will not autofill How do i get excel to ignore the...
  14. C

    Ignore sheet in loop

    So how do I ignore the worksheet named "Data". For Each ws In Sheets if ws.name="Data" next ws end if else 'do stuff here next ws
  15. J

    STDEV to ignore empty cells, but it's within an existing array.

    Greetings Excel gurus, A common question with stdev functions is "how do I get stdev to ignore empty cells or zero entries". I've seen answers to this, however, my stdev is already within an array, and I'm having trouble getting the function below to ignore empty cells or zero values. Any...
  16. J

    sum when numbers are not consecutive and have blanks

    Hi, How do I get excel to ignore the blank cells in this formula? =SUM($W$5+$W$17+$W$29+$W$41+$W$53+$W$65+$W$77+$W$89+$W$101+$W$113+$W$125+$W$137+$W$149+$W$161+$W$173+$W$185+$W$197+$W$209) Thank You.
  17. A

    Ignore Index Variable

    Hello, I have an excel sheet that uses an INDEX function with multiple criteria reference inputs and the function looks through a table of data and returns the rows that match the criteria inputs. I want to be able to ignore certain criteria if i want. I didn't know if a certain value could be...
  18. B

    COUNTIF and Ignore Blank Cells

    Im trying to write this formula below to also ignore blank cells. Any help would be appreciated. =IF(COUNTIF(F$14:F$23;I14);COUNTIF(F$14:F$23;I14);"")
  19. sharky12345

    Run time error 1004 - Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed

    Can anyone offer any advice as to why the following code randomly generates a run time error 1004, 'Method 'SaveAs' of object '_Workbook' failed'? I've read various bits on the internet, none of which seem to apply here, (for example the workbook is not on a shared or mapped drive). If there...
  20. T

    Count Function Error

    How do I have the COUNT function ignore cells with formulas? The formula is below. =IF(COUNT(C5,D5,E5,F5,G5)=1,((H5/1))*5-I5,IF(COUNT(C5,D5,E5,F5,G5)=2,((H5/2))*5-I5,IF(COUNT(C5,D5,E5,F5,G5)=3,((H5/3))*5-I5,IF(COUNT(C5,D5,E5,F5,G5)=4,((H5/4))*5-I5,IF(COUNT(C5,D5,E5,F5,G5)=5,((H5/5))*5-I5,"")))))

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