1. H

    Using Macros to "Change picture"

    Hi All, I need to make several hundred excel files which all have the same layout with different information (I.D. Cards). I have resolved all time consuming issues except manually changing the picture for each person. My idea is to write a macro and assign to a button that does the same thing...
  2. D

    Add every file inside a folder

    Hello, I'm trying to do a macro that let's the user select a folder with more folders inside, this folders could have images .jpg or .png. What I want is that the macro adds only the image files in the excel, any image file. What it does right now is that adds the images but only if they have...
  3. M

    Function does'nt work !!

    Hi, After many researches, I used this function to convert my images path into format BASE64. Public Function EncodeFile(strPicPath As String) As String Const adTypeBinary = 1 ' Binary file is encoded ' Variables for encoding Dim objXML Dim objDocElem ' Variable...
  4. Y

    Error in code to save loaded pictures in userform to specific path

    Hello, I have the following code that I got with the help of this wonderful forum. I have modified a little but it is not working. Would it be possible to get your help? Private Sub PicToSheet1(picControl, sht As Worksheet) Dim PCAR As String CAR = Me.TextBox1.Value Dim p As String...
  5. Y

    Copy image in userform to a worksheet

    Hi, Would it be possible to have your help to get a code that allows to copy an image loaded in a user form to worksheet 4 in cells A12:N12 and M12:BL12? I have the below code but I do not know how to make it work for the range of cells where I need to insert the pictures. I would appreciate...
  6. G

    Screen Refresh

    On one worksheet I have a group of buttons (not actually grouped, but just adjacent). When I click one of the buttons is unhides another worksheet and hides the first worksheet. The buttons show as an image on the second worksheet and the real buttons on the second worksheet are not visible...
  7. Z

    Image Click event

    Hello People, I'm trying to figure out a code which perform this : clicking on a image to open a certain form. I tried using this DoCmd.OpenForm "NameOfForm", , , "Image1=" & Image where Image 1 is the name of the image that i want to click on to open the form. any ideas ?
  8. P

    Import data from excel and update in browser

    I have two columns in an excel file A - contains the web link B - contains the data to be updated in opened browser as per A. While opening in the web browser (1 as per image) there is drop down option comes at a particular section (2 as per image) > select an option > it will open up...
  9. T

    Image in Footer via VBA

    Hey guys, I hope you can assist me... I am trying to protect a document by having a particular footer appear every time a person saves. I have to make multiple versions of the document for different people and am battling to the get the image to change per saved version. I, by the stroke of...
  10. B

    Dynamic date range on x axis

    I am struggling to create an x axis which covers a date range that changes. The attached image shows my data, the bar graph and the date range I want to use on the x axis.
  11. kelly mort

    SaveAs macro bug needs fixing

    I am stacked with this code and I need someone to fix a few bugs for me. I have observed that when I cancel the dialogue box, then the workbook starts to behave some weird way. For instance, there is an image control on one of my worksheets that I load an image to from a userform – it fails to...
  12. R

    Print All Text Black

    Is there a way to have all the text in a worksheet print in black, so that I can still have a color image print in color? I cannot choose the print black and white option in page setup because it turns the image black and white too. I am trying to figure out a way for users to easily identify...
  13. J

    need help

    can someone help me why my userform's background image in my pc is llooking good but when i run it to my friend's pc the background image of the multipages will become small..
  14. D

    VBA code to insert an image in the header

    I have 2 images stored on a sheet in my workbook. I need to be able to copy them and put one in the header and one in the footer. Can anyone help me with the vba code please?
  15. S

    Zoom in on an image (picture) displayed in workbook

    I'm using the following code to display an image in a workbook. Sub Image21() On Error GoTo ProcExit21 Dim objPicture As Picture With Sheets("Working").Cells(1, 1) ' Picture displays in cell from row, column Set objPicture = .Parent.Pictures.Insert(Sheets("Working").Cells(2...
  16. D

    VBA to insert a custom image

    I have code to insert a set image. Could someone tell me how to alter it so it can insert a custom image please? Sub cmdJakeSig() Dim shp As Shape Set shp = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("sheet1").Shapes("textbox4") Sheets("Sheet2").Shapes("ImgJ").Copy Sheets("sheet1").Paste...
  17. D

    Make an image snap to a page

    I have a button that inserts a signature at the bottom of a sheet under the last row but if the rows are nearing the bottom of the page, the signature image will be pasted half on one page and half on the next page. Here is the code to paste a set signature and code to paste a custom signature...
  18. M

    Creating a Powerpoint Based on Excel Data

    Hi All, I'm after a macro that will loop through all the rows in column A on an excel spreadsheet and create a powerpoint slide for each one and put the value from the cell on the slide and insert an image according to a specified filepath in column B. E.g. Create a slide tittle "Apple" from...
  19. A

    Insert Size Shape and Transparent Background Image

    I am making progress. At the moment I can add an image to a cell, size it to a specific range but thats where I am stuck. Now I would like to be able to select an image in a specific range and change the background colour (white) to transparent. Any ideas? My attempt is in red below...
  20. J

    VBA Image from HTML

    Using the following URL in cell S2: I am trying to pull all the image Src URL's on the page. Any ideas why this isn't quite correct please? Thanks. Sub Images() Dim XMLPage As New MSXML2.XMLHTTP60 Dim HTMLDoc As New...

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