1. T

    VBA Put a button in the background on a PDF

    Hello, following discussion on this post: The code allows me to add a button with an image. But I would like to be able to use the dynamic fields of the PDF. Off the button is in the foreground...
  2. M

    Macro Fit a image in a cell acording to his size.

    As this is my first message here and I don't see any place to make it, i Want to say Hello word and thanks for the amazing job all you are doing for teaching us. I have a question with a macro that works well, but I can't adapt it to improve what I want. I have a book that the first sheet is...
  3. J

    Replace Drop Down List Arrow with Image/Shape

    Is there a way to change the box/arrow attached to a drop down list, to an image/shape? Basically, instead of clicking on the arrow & box to activate a drop down list, there's a small image or shape that can be clicked. Same functionality as the regular drop down list, just change how it's...
  4. D

    Inserting an image based on the content of the adjacent cell

    I have a list of zip codes in a verticle column (A32:A200) on a sheet Named "Formulas". I have an image named "Bolt" in cell C4 on a sheet, named "New Job Log". Also on that New Job Log sheet, I have two non adjacent columns. On the left, starting at C5 is an empty column of cells. On the...
  5. N

    Releasing memory while adding new images

    Maybe a silly topic, but I'm still novice and quite unsure about some details. I have a Userform. Left side column has the menu, consisting of 7 options/"buttons". Those buttons are actually images which change when their area is hovered. E.g. they are originally blue, the hovered state is...
  6. N

    VBA - Userform & Image size issue

    Hello everybody, I have a userform, for which I have specified the (Height = 720) & (Width = 1280) properties from the Properties panel. And I have made a Jpeg in Photoshop which is intended as a sidebar menu background in my userform and it's (Height = 720) and (Width = 190) Now, one would...
  7. A

    Post shape from spreadhseet into correct position of html email created in vba

    Hi, I am trying to create an email in outlook using VBA. In the email i want to include text and a formatted table from the spreadhseet. In addition i want to add an image/shape to the BOTTOM of the email, but I can't seem to get it to land there. Here is the code i have managed to put...
  8. B

    Worksheet_SelectionChange event not firing !?!

    Hi all, Worksheet_SelectionChange event doesn't fire if I change the selection from a cell to an image. Does it only fire if a cell is selected (it seems to be the case, but I thought I'd check)? Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Application.EnableEvents = True End Sub...
  9. B

    How to deselect and fire a click event for images laid dynamically on a sheet

    Hi all, I have a program that inserts various square images onto the same size cells, on one particular sheet. From the code on a form, I want to disable all the images, to remove the grab points thus obviously preventing them from being moved, resized, etc. I also want to be able to click...
  10. E

    Simulate a slideshow - image changes on click

    I have a spreadsheet with tons of images and have to demo said spreadsheet to clients. Instead of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling, is there a way to click a button, or use a dropdown to change (load/remove/replace) and image? I would prefer to load the image from my desktop, rather than...
  11. D

    Importing images from folders into corresponding cells in the worksheet

    Hello. I need a macro that I have no idea how to even start making. I have multiple images in multiple subfolders. The file structure looks like this: /Excel_file.xlsm /Images/Object1/Image1-1.jpg /Images/Object1/Image1-2.jpg [...] /Images/Object2/Image2-1.jpg /Images/Object2/Image2-2.jpg [...]...
  12. W

    Convert .jpg files to PDF

    Hello, I currently have thousands of folders with each of them having up to 10 .jpg image in them. My goal is to create a macro that goes over all folders, and for each of them, converts all .jpg files inside it into one PDF (1 img/page). I have successfully made the macro for one folder, so...
  13. S

    Excel lookup images, through VBA.

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to have my buyers take photos and have Excel look in a folder for the photos. Below is an example of current code i use. But I would like a quicker way to have Excel look for a photo. To code this for 200 photos would take a long time. The product for it to look up...
  14. J

    Opening a image within excel

    I have an excel file which lists the stamp sets that I have. This catalogue is used to locate a particular stamp. I want to be able to open an image file associated with that stamp set. I am using the "insert link" function. This works after a fashion ... ie: it works only for that...
  15. K

    Set image as excel sheet background

    as you can see i have an image as a background in excel but this image has been converted as if it becomes the sheet itself, thus allowing to select cells just above the image itself, can someone tell me how to do this in another image?
  16. D

    VBA Copy range as image has low resolution?

    I have some VBA code that finds named ranges throughout a workbook and saves those ranges as images. The code works great, but the resolution of the images is not that great. If you do a manual screen capture of the range and put that image next to the image created from the macro, there is a...
  17. J

    Dynamically move linked pictures, to avoid overlaps / blank gaps between them

    Hey everyone, I was hoping someone could help with some ideas. I have an Excel report with multiple linked pictures, one after another in a vertical layout. Each of these linked pictures points to a named range, and each of these named ranges points to a specific pivot table. Some of these...
  18. A

    VBA to copy and paste image from a folder to another folder

    Hi everyone, I want a button in Excel that allows user to choose an image in their personal drive, through browsing the file location. Once they select the photo, it should create and save a copy of this photo into a shared folder, then put the new file path of the image into a cell. (This new...
  19. M

    How to view an item Image in a Userform from a saved Image Folder

    I have a workbook that has 1500 itmes as inventory and items going out and coming in everyday. I have a userform which i have bult to manage this with ease all items linked to an itemcode. I would like to display the item image as well in the same userform when item is recalled by item code...
  20. W

    Userform picture based on a combobox selection

    Good morning all, I've seen a few posts on here but haven't found a situation similar. On Sheet1, I have a list of all employees. On a local drive I have a picture of all employees which I would like to hyperlink to the name...that's the easy part. My userform has a combobox that's populated...

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