import data to excel

  1. H

    Count particular Values from a closed workbook in Excel

    Hi Everyone ! I really need your help in this. I have a column named "approval" and the user is required to put decision either "Y" or "N" and I want to count the number of "Y" and number of "N" the user has filled in the workbook without opening the file ; I need this data to be filled in...
  2. K

    Excel 2007 only retrieving data from SQL Server till the first semicolon. How to get the complete Data?

    ​Hi, I have an issue and I hope someone in this forum could help me. I am trying to retrieve "XML Data" of a sequence . I am connected to SQL Server and I am able to query the Database. However when I get the Result XML Data, I don't get the complete data. It seems that I am only getting the...
  3. S

    Change macro from acting on specific txt file to prompting for txt file

    Hi, I have recorded a macro to import a .txt file with a specific path, 'Macintosh HD:Users:Stephen.....' which contains some scientific information, and to format the text to only keep the data I want, and then to save it as a .xls spreadsheet. I want the macro to prompt me for a .txt file...
  4. F

    importing data + maintaining history

    Hi All,, I have a bit of a problem: I have to import data from an external source(oracle database) to an Excel(2013) table. Now the data in the staging table in the database keeps refreshing/changing, However in Excel i need the data to come into a new row everytime instead of refreshing the...
  5. M

    Importing multiple SP files into one excel worksheet via macro's

    I have multiple (8) sp files containing two columns of interest each. i'm hoping to import these two columns from each sp file into one excel workbook for plotting into an xy line graph (each sp file will be one series in my graph). I have lot's of graphs to make for an approaching deadline so...
  6. S

    Need VBA code help to import excel files

    I am working with a cross-functional team and responsible for consolidating information from multiple users. All the users drop their files in a specific folder with agreed upon files names and tab names. Not all the users provide same information(i.e. is some provide sales related info and...
  7. B

    Macro to record mouse clicks in external data source

    Hello all-- I'm sorry if this has been answered, but I can't find the answer to this anywhere on the internet. I am trying to record a macro that records the mouse clicks in an application outside of excel. I don't believe this can be accessed by doing a data query b/c to login into the...
  8. T

    Import Data from Web - Syntax issue

    Guys I've created a spreadsheet which calculates scores for Soccer/Football predictions based on correctly predicted scores against actual results. As part of this, I would like to display in my sheet the list of results from the previous week along with the scores actualy scored. I will...
  9. G

    EXCEL and the Web

    Dears all I´m working on a worksheet that need to be actualized on real time with the US market stock such as Dow Jones. Can Excel search ie the coca cola (KO) ´s stock value and put it into my worksheet? Thanks!!!! Guillermo
  10. M

    Create a link between two Excel files

    Hi there, I am trying to create a link between two excel files on an FTP Site but I can not find a working result. What I have: A folder x:\general costs Inside this folder there is a file called costs1.xls which has 3 sheets (Sheet 1, Sheet 2, Sheet 3) Sheet 1 has for example 4 cells (A1...

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