importing files

  1. M

    Importing multiple files into one tab instead of separate tabs

    Hi I've got some code that imports multiple files into one single file. However, each file that is imported is put into a separate tab in the single file. I would prefer to have append the data from the multiple files, instead of having it on separate tabs. Does anyone know how to modify...
  2. K

    Importing CSV Files from a folder

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a macro that will allow me to selected multiple CSV files in a folder to import into an EXCEL spreadsheet. The CSV files are already in an EXCEL worksheet after being downloaded from another database. There are four columns of data in each file that I want...
  3. V

    Avoiding Data Duplication using the Workbook Data Connections

    Hello to everyone, I wrote a code, which allows me to automatically import the Text (.txt) files (that are located in the same folder) on different worksheets (according to a certain criteria). But I have a problem with the duplication of data: I would like to import one text file only...
  4. andrewb90

    importing CSV data from files with changing names

    I am looking for a way to import CSV data from different files into my existing spreadsheet and fill it into my cells. For example one file will be labeled Z005_13 and cells B11:C35 will need to be copied from that file. Now everyday the file name will change. the two digits at the end will...
  5. R

    macro to select file for import.

    Hello Excel Experts. I have sheet4 of my workbook designated as the destination for imported .CSV files. The files data is pre-formated to fit into columns A & G. The rest of the sheets in the workbook read and pull the data from there. I have no trouble manually selecting the needed file and...

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