1. A

    Counting Monthly Enrollment and Withdrawals

    Hello, I have a table with StudentName, DateEnrolled, DateWithdrawn, and Status ( Active or Inactive ). My sample shows just a few rows, although the Enrollment shows nearly 900 rows and the Withdrawal column about 172. Both are subject to change daily, in which the chart would be updated...
  2. G

    Vlookup across two different sheets

    Sorry for the rough title, vlookup might not be the best solution here, but I don't know a better one (that's why I'm here!) Basically I have values on two sheets, Active and Inactive. On the Active sheet, all values have "Active" In column D, and on the Inactive sheet, all values have...
  3. S

    deleting OLE control from inactive worksheet

    Dear Mr.Excel, Happy Holidays; In my Add-In I monitor the SheetActivate event, and create an OLE control by calling active sheet's .OLEObjects.Add() method. When the sheet de-activates its SheetDeactivate event is fired and I need to delete the control by calling its .Delete() member. Excel is...
  4. S

    Flagging the current record in a table

    Hello I need help converting excel logic to Power Pivot formula. I have a list of supplier names (each have a unique ID, a supplier name and a status). The problem is that a given supplier can actually have multiple records ie - same name but different status record and different ID. Here's...
  5. L

    how to combine 3 conditions in one formula?

    Please help me again. I want to create a formulas from which the conditional statements will be coming from 3 different columns. A1 B1 C1 D1 Encode Date Penalty Prev. issued Status wherein Columns A,B and C must...
  6. E

    VBA: Reference Dynamic Range From an Inactive Sheet

    I'm running into a brick wall trying to autofill some formulas on an active sheet with a dynamic range from an inactive sheet. The following code works great if the referenced dynamic range is on the active sheet: Range("AS2").AutoFill Destination:=Range("AS2:AS" & Range("AQ" &...
  7. R

    Data Validation When ComboBox Value Changes

    I'm adding some validation to a UserForm and can't seem to come up with a good approach on one topic. If the cobo_Status field is changed from Inactive to Active, I want to make sure that there is a date entered into the txt_1stPymt box. How can I code it to say something to the effect of If...
  8. W

    Create Dynamic List - Based On Criteria

    Hey guys, <tbody> A B C 1 Client01a Inactive Client01b 2 Client01b Active Client02c 3 Client02a Inactive Client03a 4 Client02b Inactive 5 Client02c Active 6 Client03a Active </tbody> Im working on a database wherein multiple instances of an entry in A:A need to exist for...
  9. T

    Calculating What Months a Date Range Covers

    Good evening. I am developing a trend analysis of data that has a start and end date. I need to count the number of rotations that were active every month that falls within the start and end date range. A rotation starts 1 Oct 16 and ends 4 Apr 17. When I go to count how many active...
  10. M

    Is Inactive Relationship automatic in Power BI Desktop?

    Dear Team, I am trying to use SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR in CALCULATE. My formula did not work because I cannot have a relationship between the Data Table and the Fact Table. So I was intending to use an inactive relationship and then activate it with the USERELATIONSHIP function, but when I checked...
  11. sharky12345

    Add item to Combobox if no match found

    I have a Combobox which is loaded with current staff names by this; lRow = Sheets("Setup").Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row ComboLink1.List = Worksheets("Setup").Range("$A$2:$A$" & lRow).Value The box is then populated by the click of a Listbox item; ComboLink1.Value = ListBox1.Column(2)...
  12. K

    Select row in the inactive sheet

    Hallo. I have simple code to select row which located in the inactive sheet, and here is my code Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = Sheets(2) With ws .Select .Rows(7).Select End With how to select row in the inactive sheet (Sheet2) without abandon active sheet (Sheet1) thanks in advance
  13. R

    VBasic - command buttons stopped working

    I have a Mastermind game sheet that uses many command buttons. After several YEARS(!), it suddenly stopped working. I'm using Excel 2010 at the office but the workbook is saved as Excel 97-2003 for compatibility with my home PC (this has worked fine for years). The buttons are all enabled and...
  14. Alan_P

    Shared Workbook - Auto close when idle too long, still showing as open?

    Hi All, I'm wondering if someone can help, I have a shared workbook that I've added the below code to so that it automatically saves and closes if someone has it open for 30 minutes and hasn't used it (it was constantly annoying people leaving it open all the time!!) :banghead: It works...
  15. N

    OnTime macro stops running when Excel minimized

    Hi. I am using Excel2010. My sheet displays values collected from a database via an AddIn. The values are updated by pressing CTRL+G (AddIn function). I have an OnTime macro running SendKeys "^G" to update the values every minute. When the values exceed a certain limit, a sound is played from a...
  16. A

    help msgbox appear when sheet is inactive

    I need some help. Everyone who has posted in these Forums has been incredibly helpful so far. I wasn't able to find any information on this one however. I have a sheet that alerts me with a message box when a set time has passed. This works fine as long as I have this sheet active. I...

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