1. S

    EXCEL/VBA QUESTION - how to open outlook and access one email content from inbox and further process using VBA

    hello friends, i wish to do following steps with vba code 1. open an outlook application and then go to subfolder of inbox , open one email with perticular subject and then open csv file attached to it please help me with that rest thing i will manage as there is further process involved...
  2. J

    Excel VBA to get Outlook email attachment from alternative pst file

    I have been struggling to find code that will operate from within Excel VBA to; 1) Initiate Outlook (found) 2) Look at the inbox not of the default inbox but of a secondary one from another pst 3) Save all attachments from that inbox into a desktop folder...
  3. N

    Outlook VBA

    Hi All, I want to automatically download attachments I receive from work to a folder on my computer. Currently, I have it downloading everything in my inbox but I want to set parameters so it only downloads the prior weeks attachments from the current day. This is what I have so far: Option...
  4. J

    Cannot Receive Private Messages

    Apologize in advanced if this is the wrong place to post about this. I saw report bugs in the description and I’m worried this might be a bug (but more likely just me not understanding something). I’m a registered user but my inbox is full despite being empty. Am I missing something? I verified...
  5. J

    Microsoft Outlook

    Hello, Is there a way to export a list of all the contacts you have sent emails to in your inbox? Many thanks.
  6. A

    VBA export emails with different worksheets per inbox category

    Hi guys I need help to write a code to take emails per category from inbox with counting .. For example i have categories called "ARBOR", "NAGIOS" and i want to put emails received from this inbox folder with subject and count and date
  7. K

    Run Time Error 438 Object Doesnt Support this Property or Method

    Hi there, I have this macro that extracts data from a shared inbox. I need to set it up on another person computer who has access to a different inbox where the same mail is stored. The following code runs fine when I point it at one shared inbox, but when I point at a different one I get a...
  8. M

    SendMail function

    Hi I have been pulling my hair out over this one After sending a spreadsheet as an attachment I want the recipient to complete the spreadsheet then click a form button (on the spreadsheet) which will automatically send the spreadsheet to a an email inbox I have tried a search on the web but...
  9. 1

    A table of multiple values error

    Hi, this was working last week, now appear to be causing an error. I have 2 tables, one is called inbox and one is sent items. inbox has from, subject, cc, received time, powerapps id as standard sent items has the same plus some formula. Original Subject = if(left('Sent...
  10. L

    Expanding Inbox

    Right now it's saying that my inbox can only hold one message. How do I expand this?
  11. B

    Email Code Needed: Save to Folder based on Category Given

    I was trying to come up with a way to help me better sort emails and had this idea. After receiving an email with it sitting in the Inbox I would like to assign it a category named "NASA Job" once I do that I would like for it to automatically go to a subfolder under my inbox called "SLS...
  12. J

    Rule Forwarding Voicemails in Outlook No Longer Works

    We have employees who call out sick as early as 4 am so we have an unmanned phone with voicemail where employees can call and leave message that they are sick. Those voicemails then go into the inbox (Microsoft voicemail technology) of the office assistant but she is not up that early so I...
  13. R

    macro to download subject, email address from outlook

    Hi, I need help with the macro be used under outlook - and to get output in excel. This macro was working fine for almost a year, but starting from few days - I cannot run it - as I got a message: User defined type not defined. Do you know what can be the issue? Maybe someone modified it...
  14. K

    Extract Emails From Shared Outlook Inbox into Excel

    Hi, I have the following code to extract emails from Outlook into Excel. I can extract emails from my personal inbox, but would like to be able to point the file at a shared inbox instead. What would I need to add to the code to make it extract from a shared inbox? Dim OutlookApp As...
  15. V

    Excel VBA

    Hello all, I have excel file . i need to extract email subject and TO email address from generic email id inbox. Please help me to get the VBA code. Regards,
  16. akhendre88

    Read latest email

    Hello, I have written a macro to go to the specific folder in inbox and read the latest mail and display it via msgbox, however I am not able to do the 2nd part i.e reading the mail body and display it through msgbox. Below is my code, Sub chnageFolder() Dim ns As Outlook.NameSpace...
  17. P

    using send keys in outlook

    My latest project has me looking to try and get a count from a mailbox I am delegated for access on. Since I am not able to add in the mailbox to my profile (do not have full access) and have listed on the left side of the Outlook screen I need to go into File option, Open & Export, Other Users...
  18. C

    Categorize new emails in outlook based on list of email Ids in excel (live)

    Hello All, I'm new to this forum and this forum has already helped me a lot in understanding many aspects related to Excel\VBA. Keep it up all..!! :) I've come up with a concept and I'm seeking assistance. I need to categorize new emails arrive in outlook inbox based on a list of email IDs in...
  19. L

    Inbox (OL XP) subfolders reference using VBA

    Good afternoon all. I have this genral code which is run from OL XP and it saves attachments to a folder. What I need to know is how do I refer to subfolders of the Inbox? Specifically this line Set fld2SaveAtt = ns.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox):confused: ( I have done a bit of...
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