Include a counter in a VBA macro

    Dear all, I'm using a macro just to suffle a sequence of numbers and then assign that to a button (attached), as follow: Sub Embaralha_seleção() Dim numm() numm = Range("A1:A100") ct = UBound(numm, 2) lt = UBound(numm, 1) ReDim dex(1 To lt * ct) n = 0 For h = 1 To...
  2. R

    Send email on workbook refresh

    Hi I think this is a big ask, but here goes! I have an excel sheet which is refreshing and pulling data from a googlesheet. What I am wanting to do is when a refresh occurs any new line will trigger an email. The data coming in will include an email address (Column J) I would also like to...
  3. B

    select and copy

    I am looking for vba code to select all cells to the right of the active cell(s) (include active cells) and insert a copy below. Must include all conditional formatting. Thanks
  4. B

    Formula? Extract text between 2 characters

    I need a formula to help the text below... Company Name (D-0003504825) to look like this 0003504825_Company Name On my excel worksheet, all text inside parentheses include "D" then "-" then 10 numbers. Thanks!
  5. B

    File Format

    Good Evening Could someone assist. I am attempting to save a current sheet (Active sheet) into a new workbook and include in the Name the reference to Range B2 which is Start & C2, which is the user input date. Also would like to include B3, which is the End & C3 which is the user input end...
  6. Shazz

    Alter formula to exclude H

    Hi All, I have a formula they I need to adapt so that is "H" is within the range of cells, it does not include this within the count. Can anyone help. please. =SUMPRODUCT(('Agency Input'!D3:EV3=TODAY())*('Agency Input'!D4:EV26<>""))
  7. S

    Method Range of Object Global Failed Error in With statement

    Greetings, I recently lost a bunch of macros to a PERSONAL file saved in the binary extension format (users caution/beware!) and am having to rebuild several macros. I am running into a method range of object global failed error including the following lines of code. The macro to which these...
  8. R

    COUNTIFS help

    Hi Everyone, I'm using the following formula for working out Students who are above target and it works great. =COUNTIFS($T:$T,">0",G:G,"RE Class 1")/D13 I want to also add to that formula (but I can't get it to work) to only include students "column H:H" with an attendance greater than "95%"...
  9. L

    excel 365 for mac - how to ignore @ sign - autoformatting

    Hi MrExcellers, I use a xls sheet as a help for keeping track of website user login and pwd's. I know this isn't really best practice, but up to now it's still my most convenient solution. Pwd's aren't conveyed in full, but represent a 'hint' that is obvious to me to help reconstruct the pwd as...
  10. J

    VBA: right of a character and include that character

    Hello, small problem: Right(elem.innerText, Len(elem.innerText) - InStrRev(elem.innerText, " / ")) This successfully pulls right of the "/". How would I adapt to include the "/" as well? Thanks.
  11. L

    IDs Included in Another Table

    Hello, I have Table1 that has the first column of IDs. How can my Table2 include all of those IDs in the first column dynamically? Thank you
  12. J


    hello I have this formula =INDEX(Holidays!$A$4:$OE$92,MATCH(O66,Holidays!$A$4:$A$92,0),MATCH($Q$54,Holidays!$A$3:$OE$3,0)) I need to include if O66 is blank, how would I do that than you Jason
  13. S

    Multiple if Query

    I need help! I need help with a formula (in column D) to help me determine 2 categories: Right / Wrong If my customer name in column A contains the word "Apple" (could be variations of name, And if the country (column B) does not include "Ireland" and if the products (column C) includes "Pen"...
  14. J

    How to include image in posting?

    Is there any way to include an image in a posting? I know that I can upload the image to a file-sharing website and enter its URL in the posting. I would prefer that the image appear within the posting when the webpage is rendered, without the reader having to click on the URL.
  15. J

    Adjust Print Area to include 2 rows above Table_VBA

    Hi all, I have a table and want to include the 2 rows above the table (with titles, etc.) in my print area using VBA. ActiveSheet.PageSetup.PrintArea="Tbl1[#All]" I've tried quite a few variations using OFFSET, with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! James
  16. J

    LARGE IF OR question

    Hello, Currently I have the following formula which works great: {=LARGE(IF($Z$1:$Z$10000="EQUITY",$AA$1:$AA$10000),J23)} If I then wanted to include other candidates for large, with different text values than "EQUITY", all in column Z, how would I expand the above to include these?. Been...
  17. E

    Help with power query

    Hi I hope someone can help I have a spreadsheet that draws data from other sheets through a power query. Questions: 1)How do I autofit row height each time the query runs? 2) can I include data on the top of the source sheet above the data table and not have it included in the final query...
  18. I

    VBA - naming columns as ranges using row 1 labels

    Hi all, I've often used the following two lines of VBA to name column ranges based on text labels in the first row of a worksheet, and this has always been really useful when manipulating data. Set rangeToName = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A:BZ") rangeToName.CreateNames Top:=True...
  19. A

    Multiple Account Drawdown

    I'm struggling with how to write a formula that sorts by individual accounts and dates to calculate drawdown. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I was calculating drawdown by this formula =$A$2:A2/MAX($A$2:A2)-1 but that does not include date and it really needs to be in order. I'm not even...

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