1. A

    Search textjoined rows for duplicates and consider different orders a duplicate

    Hi, I have 10 text-joined rows, A1-A10, each with up to 12 items and separated by a " / " as the delimiter. Is it possible to flag duplicates with a color, including when the order might different? i.e if A1 has bear / fish / cat and A2 has fish / bear / cat then they will be considered...
  2. willow1985

    Multiple IF AND statements including LEFT

    Hello, Quick question. I am looking to do a multiple IF AND statement including LEFT. The below formula gives me a #VALUE error so I know I am doing it incorrectly: =IF(AND(C2="Blue",(LEFT(D2,1)="C"),"250",""),IF(AND(C2="Blue",LEFT(D2,1)="B"),250,"")) C2 has to be Blue AND D2 has to start...
  3. H

    Countifs with Count blanks with formula

    Hi All, I would like to perform a Countifs where the second criteria is about counting blank cells, including those with a formula but a blank result. Many thanks
  4. leopardhawk

    Need help with AVERAGEIF formula

    Hello forum friends, this formula below is working but it is also including data for 2020 and 2021 which are both currently 'blank'. =AVERAGE('2018'!I257,'2019'!I208,'2020'!I257,'2021'!I257) I tried the following and I am getting an error ("You've entered too many arguments for this...
  5. T

    Remove everything before and including #

    Hi Folks, I think this is quite an easy one - I've seen similar solutions through searching but not quite exactly this. I have a column with data in it and I want to use vba to get rid of everything before - and including # So for instance I've got ZP02-TS-GLE#1282255 and I want to get rid of...
  6. B

    If A2="X" and B2="Y" then copy entire row including the header row

    I am trying to copy all of the rows in a sheet that meet 2 different criteria. Including the header row. If A2="X" and B2="Y" then copy entire row including the header row
  7. M

    Get only data on PivotTable

    If I double click Grand total on PivotTable I get all columns of data including those not on the PivotTable. Is there way to get the data only for dimensions that appear in the PivotTable only ? Thanks
  8. K

    copy sheet from one workbook to another including formats and values

    Hi, Its about 5 years since I did any VBA. How do I copy the contents of one worksheet into another including formats and values ? Here is what I have so far. Thanks Kaps Sub copy_sheet() ActiveSheet.CopyWith ActiveWorkbook .SaveAs Filename:=Environ("TEMP") & "\New1.xls"...
  9. R

    Seems like it should be easy?? How to format the referenced cell in this formula??

    Hi all, I have this line in a waiver: ="That the total amount of the contract including extras is $ "&D35&" prior to this payment on which he has received payment of $"&F35&" prior to this payment. " Which produces this: "That the total amount of the contract including extras is $ 91855223...
  10. A

    AVERAGEIFS Date is 30 days prior to N date, but not including N date

    Hi. Hoping someone can help me figure out this problem that I'm sure is so obvious that I'm going to be embarrassed when I learn the solution. I tried searching the forum and couldn't find a topic that's exactly the same. I'm using AVERAGEIFS to find the mean PPM for a basketball team for the...
  11. F

    Opening a protected book from cmd, passing pwd as a parameter.

    Hello! I need to open a protected book reading a BAT file, in a silent way, without messages or alerts. Perhaps including the pwd as a parameter in the command line but I couldn't find how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  12. F

    How to exclude all text up to and including a capital letter from the right

    Hi all, Could realy do with some help. The below formula extracts the text up until the 2nd capital letter, like ThompsonTaxi and it will return Thompson, great. But it is not picking up names with an apostrophe or double barrelled names. I need a formula that starts from the right and will...
  13. T

    Vba to clear a range including hidden cells?

    Hi Everyone, Not sure if this is harder than it sounds but i have a range that can have different rows hidden each time. So the range is E:50:M250 now all I want is a macro that can clear the entire range including the hidden cells So I want VBA Activesheet.range("E50:E250").clearcontents...
  14. T

    Autofilter: 1 Field, Multiple Words - NOTHING WORKS

    Hello All, I've been racking my brains trying to shorten a recorded autofilter macro. I recorded the macro 3x's because I have 3 words I need it to find, then it clears entire rows when it finds that word. I want to make it more compact and put all 3 criteria(words) into 1 and not have 3...
  15. G

    Excel Dashboard Course

    Hi, I would like to sign up for an ideally inexpensive online course covering Excel dashboards. There seem to be lots of different options including quite a long list on Udemy. Is anyone please able to recommend a good online course? Thanks!
  16. L

    I pay dual UK and US taxes, is there a good accounting template for this?

    I use Google Calendar with a script that counts up the revenue. I use Wave accounts to import bank transactions. I does 3 lots of tax including US, tax credits and UK self assessment. Please let me know if there is anything suitable? Thanks
  17. E

    Formula is including dates when adding row

    Hello, Thanks in advance for your help. I have a formula that is including dates when it sums toe row. For example if the formula is =sum($a2:$z2) and in column n2 is a date the formula is including that in the results which then increases my result. In my example, without the date the...
  18. K

    Copying table to another workbook

    Hi, i'm a noobie with macros but I need help with the following. Excel 2010 2 reports, both opened in the same instance of excel I add information including formulas into workbook 1 I add information and formulas into workbook 2 including adding additional columns to match columns in workbook...
  19. L

    clearing sheet including form control

    Hi I have Form Controls in my sheet like Checkbox, Options buttons etc. I want to clear the sheet from everything including the form controls. I used this code workbooks(1).worksheets(1).cells.clearcontents But that did not clear Form Controls! Any help please. Thanks
  20. V

    Loop formula

    Hello all Can anyone help please on looping this formula, I need to populate every 4th column up to and including column "AW" [With Range("E4:E" & LR) .FormulaR1C1 = "=IF(RC[-2]<=0,"""",1-RC[-2]/RC[-3])" .Value = .Value End With] Any help on this would be great please

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