incorrect value returned

  1. J

    vlookup returns some correct values, some #n/a and some incorrect values

    I'm doing a simple vlookup between two tabs in the same spreadsheet. Many returned values have #n/a but when I search the second tab they appear in the table. Some of the values are correct and some even return an incorrect value. Please help. I've had to manually lookup over 100 values in...
  2. D

    Excel 2007 linked to Access 2007 query pulls default of query formula instead of correct answer

    Hello - first post here. I have a spreadsheet in Excel 2007 that is pulling from a query built in Access 2007. The formula in the query reads: RetireElig: IIf([age]>=65 And [ServiceYrs]>=10,"65 & 110",IIf([age]>=60 And [ServiceYrs]>=15,"60 & 15",IIf([Age]>=55 And...
  3. T

    LOOKUP Formula not returning correct value from array

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with some data, alongside each entry in the list is a month in "MMM" format. I want to lookup this value and return the full month using a LOOKUP formula. It used to use a VLOOKUP from another table but I want to get rid of this additional table. Basically my...
  4. D

    Pivot Table Results Are Huge

    Pivot table results (using SUM) are huge - not the numbers displayed in the underlying table. If I use COUNT, they are too small. Please advise. DOUG in Wichita KS
  5. ClimoC

    Userform - El Loco

    Hello Had some handy code working, and then to make things neat and tidy and easier to give to users across the network, I've moved it all into a userform. Upon clicking the button, it should open an inputbox, take the answer as a string, and use it to find a folder of that name where some...
  6. A

    Vlookup does not return correct value

    I have a Vlookup challenge which I can´t seem to solve myself. Does anybody have a solution? Matrix defined by AB3:AC26 Format of the column AB is TEXT, of AC is GENERAL Cell F17 contains a Data Validation Drop-Down with source data the matrix AB2:AB26 (including a blank cell AB2). I have a...

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