index &match

  1. V

    Count basing on multiple matching criteria

    Hi, I had a excel workbook .with 2 sheets. Sheet1 consists of data as below: From A4 to A6 vehicle info(Lorry, Minivan & Truck), B1 to B6 Fruit(Apple, Mango & Lemon) Info and C1 to C6(1/11/2023,1/11/2023 & 1/10/2023) dates Sheet 2 is having the info from Sheet 1 like as below: From A4 to A6...
  2. J

    Prevent certain input from appearing in a range

    Hi everyone, Understand my problem can be complex. Allow me to explain in detail. If you refer to my excel file, there were a number of different types of (MI) Measuring Instrument types (TPG, PG, CMM SRT etc) Using my current existing array formula in cell F111:F145...
  3. H

    How to index match with multiple different columns

    I have been using an index match to pull data from a query to one of my spreadsheets. At first I was just having my query pull one day at a time so it was pretty simple. Now, I am having the query pull data from March till present and I need to index match my spreadsheet with multiple different...
  4. I

    Use two criteria on one table to find a matching salary on a second table.

    I have a workbook with two worksheets. on the first sheet, I want to use years of service and category to then derive the salary from the second worksheet. I believe that this will be a combined formula for lookup and index/match. Unfortunately, this is getting way beyond my abilities...
  5. S

    Multiple criteria (date range, product code, value) vlookup and if functions or do I need index and match?

    I apologise if this has been asked before but I can't seem to find an answer. I need the end result to be a discount given based on the product code, date range and quantity. For example: Based on the order date, product code, and quantity from the below table the discount should be -15.00...
  6. H

    How to split the name and display the status of task/project for each name?

    Hi. I want to create a summary report. The table below (at the left side) show that project A is in progress and managed by M1 and M2 (need to key in by staff). To create a summary report (table at the right side), I use INDEX and MATCH (with the help from helper column). But the problem is, it...
  7. T

    Return Date from Matched Adjacent Cell which is Closest to Current Adjacent Cell

    Hi all, I currently have two tables. Table 1 includes a patient's Unique ID and when they visited the hospital (Hospital Visit). In Table 2, there is also the Unique ID, but instead of Hospital Visit I have the date that the patient's primary doctor called to follow up with the patient after...
  8. M

    Returning value from a previous non-empty cell of the table's column to another table using first table's first column and header as criteria

    Dear friends, Good afternoon! I tried both English- and Russian-speaking Google, but couldn't find ANYTHING! So, basically I have two Excel sheets - on the 1st one, I have a table containing prices for the futures at a date (column A) for a particular futures code (row 1). Please, see the...
  9. F

    Strange Error

    Does anyone have any idea why this code only searches the first row with a matching header instead of every row with a matching header? =COUNTIF(INDEX($A$4:$F$360,MATCH(LEFT(L$4,3),LEFT($A$4:$A$360,3),0),0),$J16&", "&LEFT($K16,1))+N16 Array $A$4:$F$360 with header $A$4:$A$360,3 trying to...
  10. C

    Offset Index Match

    I need to get the column next to my target value here is my data sheet Sheet1 Oct Nov Dec Points available Points Achieved % Achieved Points available Points Achieved % Achieved Points available Points Achieved 0 0 #VALUE! #VALUE! 0 0 0 0 0 0...
  11. O

    Two Tabs - One Static Reference Data - One I update Manually - Want to pull Data from Tab 1 into Tab 2 in correct Row

    Hi guys, Please can you help? I know this will be very basic... I just don't know if it's a V-LOOKUP or Index & Match - neither I am good at! Tab 1 is data from data scraping. It pulls in from eBay in CSV (using Parse Hub) and leaves me with several unique rows of data across across a number...
  12. W

    Index Match 2-way conversion to VBA code

    Hello, I am trying convert index match formula to VBA code and fill 47 cells with it. Original formula =INDEX(Copy_Match!$B$4:$Y$34;MATCH(P!A557;Copy_Match!$A$4:$A$34;0);MATCH(P!C557;Copy_Match!$B$3:$Y$3;0)) Current code: Range(ActiveCell, ActiveCell.Offset(47, 0)).Value =...
  13. G

    INDEX and MATCH formula

    I need help creating a formula to look up values in order in the rank column in the table on the right, and pullover the Group A country onto the table to the left. The idea is that I hide the table to the right that is calculating scores based on another area in my spreadsheet, and I will use...
  14. D

    Sum of a text from table when met two criterias

    Hi All, I am being trying to get the some of "Blanks, Yes and No" from a table. But it has to match the "A" Column and the "1" Row. (More like Count ifs) <tbody> Name Cake Fruit Salad Cake Juice Fruit Salad Juice Apple Blank No No Yes Blank No Apple No No No Yes No No Apple Yes Blank...
  15. A

    Return corresponding names in descending order based on next column values.

    Hi everyone, Column A1:A5 contains unique names/references Column B1:B5 contains numbers I want column C1:C5 to be those names but based on their corresponding values in descending order. I don't want to do any filtering, a function on C1 to read values from B1:B5 and return corresponding...
  16. D

    Index Match formula and absolute column reference issues

    Hi, I have a workbook which contains 2 worksheets: 1 called MIPA and another called Dashboard Data. I am using Index Match formulas on several columns on the MIPA worksheet which refers to a named range on the Dashboard Data worksheet called Data (the data) and another named range called...
  17. H

    Extract Rows/Cells from Master Table to Sorted Tables based on Suffix of Text.

    Hello fellow excellors, I have a number of assets that contain very specific suffixes, for example: XRD05_CV XRD06_CV XRD07_CV XRD08_CV_I XRD08_HB XRD08_WS XRD09_CV These assets are listed in a master table. as you can see, there are different suffixes such as _CV, _CV_I, _HB and _WS. Now I...
  18. M


    So I have a workbook with two sheets Sheet 1 (Demand) Has a table of all of the items on the sales for a specific date and the quantities. Column A= Item # Column B=Sales order # Column C=Date of sales order Column D=Qty of Item on order <tbody> Items Sales # Date Qty Item 1 SO#1 9/1/18 5...

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