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    Index Match Return Multiple Matches

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to run an index match function to return multiple matches, but I can't seem to make it return more than just the first value. For example, I'm trying to run a formula that will look for a particular product and then return a customer id number every time it sees that product...
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    using Large function to sort a column of numbers

    I have 3 columns of data: col. A = name (random order), col. B = Net #, Col. C = Gross #. I am using =LARGE(C$1:C$4466,ROWS($D$1:D1) to Automatically sort col C in decending order. I would Like to do another decending sort but only the values in Col C that corespond to a particular name in...
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    Embedded Index and Match and If statements

    {=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(IF(COUNTIF(Table1,INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0)))>1, "Double", INDEX(Table1[User ID], MATCH("Yes", IF(Table1[Asset]=Sheet2!$C8,Sheet1!L$2:L$343),0))),Table1,7,FALSE)&") "&(IF(COUNTIF(Table1,INDEX(Table1[User ID]...
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    find 5 oldest files and their names based their status

    F2 = {=INDEX(A2:A11,MATCH(LARGE(IF(B2:B11="in",C2:C11),1),C2:C11,0),1)} F3 = {=INDEX(A2:A11,MATCH(LARGE(IF(B2:B11="in",C2:C11),2),C2:C11,0),1)} F4 = {=INDEX(A2:A11,MATCH(LARGE(IF(B2:B11="in",C2:C11),3),C2:C11,0),1)} and so on to find the 5 oldest files in order of oldest first. this works fine...

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