1. G

    formula to match next value if value is in row above.

    I have this formula, I am running into an issue when I want the nth value, but it matches the nth value for another column, then does a match to get what value in this column. Visual is below. Column B matches the index of Column C to return a value based on the value. I want it to show what the...
  2. B

    Match then highlight and return value.

    Hi There, How can I have the return value highlight in another workbook before being matched and copy into first workbook. =INDEX(Return_value_range, MATCH(Lookup_value, Lookup_value_range, Match_type)) Thanks in advance
  3. L

    How to return the starting balance of a bank account in a master list of bank accounts

    Hi everyone, I've built a workbook that evaluates a client's banking information and processes multiple bank accounts at a given time. I'd like to find a formula that will return the starting balance of each unique bank account from my dataset to reduce human error with data input. The...
  4. A

    Formula to check range cell if match then check the cell value and return true or false

    Hi there as per title I would like to run through below under a single cell. However I couldn't figure out which direction should I go to get the exact outcome. Here is the logic checklist I wanted to do and return the outcome: Staff A have 5 columns and each have 7 working days ranging C6:P6...
  5. H

    Multiple Matches

    Hi, After previously having a huge amount of help via this forum previously I’m hoping one of you excel gods wouldn’t mind looking at another thing that’s got me stumped. So I’m trying to identify where a telephone call has been made by an agent during a time period they weren’t supposed to be...
  6. S

    Finding values in multiple rows or columns, then returning the first value in the row or column

    I spent a day reading Excel Help articles and trying many different approaches to solving this, but have not been successful. If anyone can help me with the proper formula to make this happen, I would be most grateful. The goal is to identify which physical host (Hostname) a vm computer...
  7. S

    Sum only up to a certain point, then reset

    I have a list of staff with the hours they have worked on a weekly basis. I want to be able to put in a week's column when a payment has been made (this can be done sporadically and so isn't every week). When I put this in a column I then need a row below to reset for the following week to only...
  8. I

    VBA - INdex Match Multiple results

    0 I have two sheets (As Diplayed Below). Sheet 1 or INformation is where i have all of my information Stored. And Sheet 2 is where i want it displayed based on the Urgency (Tab Selection). Please can someone help me with a VBA code which can load this data on each of the Sections on Sheet 2...
  9. V

    Index Match entire row descending order

    I have rows of data I am trying to Index Match variable amounts of dates from. I saw a blog mentioned descending order can extract the highest, then lowest matches. Table example: Bob None 1/1/2020 None None None 1/3/2020 None None None Stanley 1/10/2020 None None None None None None...
  10. W

    Return MULTIPLE corresponding values for TWO Lookup Value, Horizontally, in one Row

    Similar to this link(reference the bottom)- I am trying to return multiple corresponding values with two look up conditions, horizontally, in one row. Then I can apply it down other rows. Not sure how to go about this- I have been stuck for days. I provided a sample below: ID Name Qty A...
  11. tlc53

    Return Text if Number Matches

    Hi, I have been trying to figure out this formula for sometime and feel it's now time to call in the experts. A2:A10 Account Code (format ### or ###/###) B2:B10 Account Description (text) B15 - This is a manual entry tab, you enter the account number B16 = I want this cell to return the...
  12. C

    returning elo calculations from one sheet to another

    Hi everyone, I am quite new to excel and have stumbled upon a problem. Namely I have a document where on one sheet (see 1.png) I have a table with teams and their elo values, while on the other sheet (see 2.png) I have data from a certain period that is then converted to an elo change for a...
  13. R

    Fancy sumproduct / index lookup

    Hi, Apologies for not uploading a workbook - company restrictions prevent me from this However, I need to consolidate the employee data in table 2 at the very bottom and present it as per table 1 below this message. the main issue I'm encountering is that the pay category runs across the row...
  14. V

    Index and match function doesn´t work for all cells

    Hello, I would like to compare value in D6 with values in first column of table F10:G25 and when found just write down the value on right side in second column. I tried to use =INDEX(F10:G25,MATCH(D6,F10:F25),2) (cell F7) and then also =INDEX(G10:G25,POZVYHLEDAT(D6,F10:F25,0),1) (which is G7)...
  15. B

    Complicated lookup reference in table

    Hello! Need some help with a dynamic lookup reference, likely using some sort of Index/Match combination as I'm trying to lookup a player name in a table based on his position and team name. For example, if I use the table below, the row reference in the first Match can only be B2:B16 or D2:D16...
  16. E

    Index and If formula together with two criteria?

    Hi, I would like to know how I can make this formula to use two criteria: =IFERROR(INDEX(Vikta;SMALL(IF(Vikta[Grupper]=1;ROW(Vikta)-4);ROW(2:2));1);"") I have tried this but it gives me a a "#SPILL" error...
  17. J

    Show cell based on current date

    Hello, I come for help :) My situation is very specific and I just can't get match/index functions to work (probably doing something wrong). Data structure: Item stock= yesterday's stock - consumption + production + incoming + delivery - modification + "+/-" => Throughout the month (year)...
  18. C

    Collect data from multiple sheets using Index/Match

    Hi! I´m kind of a basic excel user and struggeling with collecting data from different sheets. First of, the Excel is in Swedish, so heres a short dictionary: #SAKNAS! = NA PASSA = MATCH -------------------------------------------- What i want to do: In my HEAD-tab is where I want all the...
  19. S

    Multiple Cell Check without VBA

    Hi, I have an hard time being able to figure out a solution to my issue and would like to see if anyone can help or has ideas of how this challenge can be resolved. I am trying to find a formula that is able to tell me if a cell has changed from a number to a text (horizontally) resulting in...
  20. O

    Need AGGREGATE to list when category is mixed up with others under one cell

    Hello, I have a Data-Validation Drop Down on Cell A1 that contains Board Game Categories and whenever I click them, I need excel to pull all the Board Games associated with that category and list them down in COLUMN A. So far, my code is only pulling Board Games that has that specific category...

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