1. P

    Quicker way to process more than one row using Index Match

    Hi, I have the below base data that I want to split in to individual sheets. So that each ID has its own sheet. ID heading is in cell A1 ID Name Detail Date 1A Joe Arm procedure 24-Mar 2A David Leg procedure 12-Feb 3A Sarah Shoulder injection 01-Apr 1B Hannah Knee Pain 03-Feb 2B...
  2. J

    Index/Match and Concatenate

    Hello: I have a list of first and last names and amounts in a range. I want to find the amount that corresponds to both the first and last names and return that value. I've used Index/match in the past when there was only the last name and it worked fine. Now, when I added the first name, I...
  3. J

    Pulling from a Vertical worksheet and goes to a Horizontal Spreadsheet

    I am trying to pull information from a Vertical worksheet and put into another worksheet. This is what I have been doing for the past year, but it is time consuming changing the row numbers of the people. =HLOOKUP($B53,'S:\Corporate\Loss Prevention\Schedules\2019\[Southeast.xlsx]Data...
  4. D

    Index/Match in 2 data tables

    So Index/Match is a great tool but I'm having a hard time wrapping my brain around this... I want to return a field called "Date" to "Table1" from "Table2" using a common field of "Ticket" but i keep breaking things.. Kind of like a Vlookup but without the first column restriction... Thanks in...
  5. M

    INDEX/MATCH with Return Numbers Only

    The following INDEX/MATCH formula works but, I would like the return to be just the numbers (no text). Help modifying formula would be appreciated. =IFERROR(INDEX('SDC TRIRIGA'!$C$1:$C$15000,MATCH(A2,'SDC TRIRIGA'!$A$1:$A$15000,0)),"") Current Return: <tbody> REQ-1187706 </tbody> Would...
  6. C

    Index/Match not working

    Morning all, Apologies for the second Index/Match query this morning... wasn't sure if piggy-backing onto that thread was allowed! I would like the formula to look at two separate cells in one worksheet, compare them to columns A and C in a second sheet and return the value in column E... I...
  7. T

    Index/Match Partial Match

    Hello, I have the formula: =IF(INDEX('4WK MVT'!B:B,MATCH('Worksheet'!C12,'4WK MVT'!D:D,0))="*"&"DC"&"*",True,False) The end goal here is if the returned result has "DC" in it, I want it to the True, if not, False. Pretty sure I am using the wildcard incorrectly or something. Thank you!
  8. T

    Index/Match with OR Function

    I need one of my match criteria to be an or statement. I am currently using the below =INDEX($I$37:$I$1128,MATCH(1,INDEX((D37=$D$37:$D$1128)*(F37=$F$37:$F$1128)*($G$37:$G$1128="Base"),0,1),0)) I want the last set to look for "Base" or "Allowance"...
  9. H

    COUNTIFS formula with INDEX/MATCH column

    Hi All DataWork Column Q contains INDEX/MATCH formula results, am I right in thinking that is why this formula returns a count of zero? Many thanks
  10. I

    How to compare two sheets of data for matches?

    hi all. curious what the best method for comparing two sheets of data. essentially, i want to see which data in Sheet A turns up in Sheet B. there are 3 columns (A,B,C) of data with matching parameters in both sheets that i would want to make sure align. is an index/match formula the best...
  11. S

    Index/Match for Nonblanks

    Hello Everyone, I'm designing a sheet that is to be used as a tally for a strawman poll before a real vote is held on some projects being considered at my company. Some of these polls will have comments on them when returned. I'd like to list all comments, though most will be blank with no...
  12. K

    Index/Match in VBA with criterion applied

    Hi everyone, First time posting so apologies if I commit any faux pas. I have a classic problem with vlookup whereas I have multiple matching values but want to get a specific index. I recently got into VBA and wrote a function which does the following: In sheet 1 Looks if cell value is equal...
  13. M

    INDEX/MATCH & SUMIF (with one and/or two comma separated reference numbers)

    Hello All, The following formulas work with a single reference number in a cell. The issue is that some cells contain two reference numbers separated by a comma (example: 123, 345). How can I modify formulas to account for one and/or both reference numbers?. Any help would be greatly...
  14. R

    how to find if any unique values in two columns for each value in one column

    I have two columns. column A has text, column B has a numeric ID. A B Pizza 40 Candy 20 Soda 30 Broccoli 20 Pizza 40 Every time "40" appears in column B, I want to make sure that all the respective values for 40 in column A, are the same. In this case...
  15. M

    Index/Match: Value Return with additional text in front

    Hello All, How do I modify formula below to return value with "Description:" in front? Example Value Return = Description: Cooling System Replacement =IFERROR(INDEX('Report'!R:R,MATCH(A1,'Report'!A:A,0))&"", "") Regards, Morey
  16. M

    Index/Match question?

    With the following example; APRIL 500 MAY 550 JUNE 700 JULY 800 The above months are text rather than a date entry. In cell E1 I would enter a text month name. I need a formula that sums the data above for all rows starting April, up to the row matching the entry in...
  17. K

    INDEX/MATCH Query - Amendment needed

    Hi all, I have this formula below which INDEXs a list for every date of the year vertically G4:G369, I then created a match for the column next to the date so if the cell has a H, it returns the date from the INDEX range...BUT it keeps returning the same duplicated date over and over when I...
  18. K

    VBA Index/Match to Fill Right and Down

    Hello, I have a tab [consolidated] and a tab [adhoc]. I am trying to develop a dynamic formula in [consolidated].F2 to do an Index/Match to the [adhoc] tab and extract a bunch of data. This is super easy without VBA. By writing the code as I do below; this allows me to drag the formula to...
  19. A

    MIN/MAX Value of a Range upon Combo Box Input

    Ciao All ~ Attempting to return the minimum value of a Range based on input from a Combo Box. Combo Box returns value in cell BM6 : 1,2,3,4 Set this table up to use Index/Match formula on : BR BS BT BU 1 S13:S49 W13:W49 AA13:AA49 2 T13:T49 X13:X49...
  20. B

    VBA for loop to loop through index/match Array

    I have the following array formula: ={INDEX(r_base_liability,MATCH(1,("Liability"=r_peril_liability)*(i_score=r_score_liability)*(i_liabilit_bucket=r_terr_liability),0))} This performs a 3 way look up, and so far it is working fine. However, I want to loop through the parameters i_score, and...

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