indirect array error

  1. B

    Multiple Indirect functions in same equation

    So here is what I am trying to do: =IFNA(IF(ISNONTEXT(U7),"",RANK.EQ(W7,INDIRECT(M7&N7):INDIRECT(O7&P7)+COUNTIF($W$7:W7,W7)-1),"") I am trying to establish a ranking on different items down a list so there are as many as 50 items and 20 subsets of each item, I put them all in the same list for...
  2. F

    Search and paste value from other sheet (combination of vlookup,hlookup,index)

    Hi, ino sheet1 I have table: Into sheet2 I have other table: How to write a function, that will be automaticly taken value from sheet1 and put into col H - Target, to sheet2?
  3. M

    Index match using sheet name in array

    I couldn't find anything that seemed like it could help me. This is my problem if you choose to accept. I have a workbook of my products inventory. On the Cover sheet I have an array named Products first column is product code and the second is product description. <tbody> AA AB 1 100...
  4. S

    Help Converting Sum If Array Formula to use INDIRECT

    Hello - I need your help. I currently have an array Sum If formula that sums data from a column in another Workbook. Each month the worksheet that the data is in changes to a new "Mmm Yy" tab in the workbook (from "Jan 16" to "Feb 16"). Because of this I would like to add the INDIRECT formula to...
  5. M

    Assistance with Indirect & Match functions when referencing another workbook

    Good day, I'm using Excel 2010, and attempting to retrieve a number (Account Balance*) from another workbook automatically. In the spreadsheet "60507 Fitness Memberships", I'd like to have the formula in i61. The formula that I can get to work in the same spreadsheet is...
  6. S

    Dependent Drop down data validation

    Is there any way to create dependent drop down list for data validation without indirect function because indirect function is not working on my excel 2013. I have no idea why it is not working.. it returns the result as error. Please help.....
  7. T

    #REF error in INDEX inside an INDIRECT function

    Hi all, I have the following function that multiplies the value in $F$5 with the value of a formula written in plain text on sheet 2 that is accessed via an index. It needs to be like this, because there needs to be a specific formula for each cell. and this formula needs go be multiplied with...
  8. S

    Indirect / Match function used together

    Alright maybe i am not to verse as i thought i was. I want to use an indirect cell reference as look up points for an index match deal. Easy you say well the cell reference is a table. Sheet 1 contains Table named "LookUp" In sheet 2: Cell A1= "LookUp" I want to write a index match that goes...
  9. W

    Named Range Help

    Hello, I am trying to use named ranges to define a group of variables that will be used in a sumproduct, but I am return errors. For example: Sheet 1: Name ranges Apple = {1.000.1, 1.000.2, 1.000.3} Banana = {2.000.1, 2.000.2, 2.000.3, 2.000} Carrot = {3.000.1, 3.000.2, 3.000.3, c.0000}...
  10. G

    (IF, INDIRECT, ARRAY) Search indirect ref (using IF) in an array

    I have two worksheets in my workbook. First one is full of data (headings in row 1, each row from 2 downwards is a new record); second one pulls out certain records based on specified criteria. In Sheet2: Because the column headings change (relative references are not an option in this case)...
  11. K

    Indirect array versus named array formula problem

    Hi folks, I have written some indirect formula functions such as the ones below. =(SUMIF('OPWL (ret)'!$AG:$AG,CONCATENATE($C15," - ",D$6),INDIRECT("'OPWL (ret)'!$AH$2:$AH"&'OP Activity FS'!$C$12))+SUMIF('OPWL (ret2)'!$AG:$AG,CONCATENATE($C15," - ",D$6),INDIRECT("'OPWL (ret2)'!$AH$2:$AH"&'OP...
  12. A

    INDIRECT and INDEX error

    Hi Folks, I am migrating a number of formulas to make use of the INDIRECT funtion (see history here One formula is giving me difficulties. It grabs the last value of a column in a worksheet and displays it in a 'calcs' worksheet. I have...
  13. H

    Problems using Indirect() to refer to arrays

    Hello, people! Here is my problem, and I hope it moves you to reply: I need to refer to an array on another sheet, but at the time of writing the formula, I do not know the name of that sheet, and the sheet does not even exist (it is created and named by my macro). When it is created, the name...

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