1. C

    What's the most efficient way to remove all the salary info from my model without ruining all the calcs?

    I work in Finance and I need to send out our budget model to one of our business partners, but she can't see all the salary info we have in there. One option is to go tab by tab (there are probably 30) and manually copy/paste values in the person-by-person salary calc, then delete the person by...
  2. K

    old index match formula not doing what's needed

    I just found out an array index/match I wrote awhile back isn't doing what I needed. the formula is =IFERROR(INDEX(General.Lists!AV13:AV338, SMALL(IF(COUNTIF($CC$14,General.Lists!AN13:AN338)*COUNTIF($CC$15,General.Lists!S13:S338)*COUNTIF($CC$16,General.Lists!Z13:Z338)...
  3. K

    Auto populate a demand form from quanity list

    Hello, I have a workbook which each sheet has its own list of items for a stock check. On sheet 2 I have a form which is a company made form to request missing items. With this I would like a code to find what items are missing from “Quantity” (Column E7:E) compared to “Quantity Held” and...
  4. A

    Sumifs using two date ranges

    Hi, I am struggling to find a formula to sum utilisation days using two date ranges which is a dump from a system, ideally i would get users to enter info one day at a time but that's not possible and they group info as per example below: Employee........Date From.......Date To...
  5. S

    formatting a date

    Good Morning, I have four cells with time/date info and Time zone adjustment as follows: A1: Date formatted dd-mmm-yy A2: Time formatted hh:mm (24hr) (local time) A3: + or - symbol to denote zone description A4: whole number (i.e. 5) to denote hours from UTC or GMT. So it would appear...
  6. N

    From API workbook to sales workbook. Automating a sales sheet.

    Hi all, I am attempting to automate my sales info per product order. I am using two workbooks. One workbook is static, pulling info from a marketplace website via APIs. The other workbook is created for each product order. It contains product manifest and product sales sheets. I...
  7. M

    VLookup on 3 Columns Formulae

    Good Morning Thanks for Reading I have two spreadsheets one called Switch Info and the other Database Master, I am looking from the Database Manager to the Switch Info Both Have three columns called Login (Column A), Device (Column B) and Numbers (Column C) First Formulae I need a lookup to...
  8. P

    Copy cell value from a different workbook into a textbox in a userform

    Hi, good afternoon, I have a userform with TextBox310 where I want the textbox to show the info from another workbook for example the work book is located in 'G:INDAY.xlsm ' and the info is in sheet1 cell S17, please can you help? I have tried... [CODE]Private Sub TextBox310_Change() Dim WB as...
  9. B

    Protect formula in a cell but allow data entry and clear content

    Hi, I presently have a vlookup formula in a cell but I need to be able to write in that cell if there is no info returned from the vlookup present vlookup formula: VLOOKUP(Sheet3!I5,Sheet13!1:3000,6,False) that formula does not always return info (incomplete info data sheet) so I need to be...
  10. S

    Too many arguments in IF function

    It is saying there are too many arguements, where should I add AND OR in order for this formula to work? =IF($D$1="","",VLOOKUP($D$1,'[Employment Contract (Causual Employee) HC_May20180903_D_SB.xlsx]Staff info summary'!$B:$DQ,91,FALSE)="","",'[Employment Contract (Causual Employee)...
  11. N

    Employee "About you" Directory

    Long shot on this but i really could use some help! I'm looking for a template or someone to help me build an employee directory. I'm not sure if excel is the right medium. Currently I have A Table of contents with names listed and linked to a tab with their info. Basically a self portrait and...
  12. S

    editing lines and updating tabs

    Hi I have a spreadsheet running vba which separates data into the relevant tabs. my problem is after running the macro, if i need to correct a line in the master sheet it doesnt update or create a new tab. So for instance, tab 2 has 2 lines of info, i then go to the master sheet and edit 1...
  13. S

    Code to Highlight / Un-Highlight Cells

    I have a large spreadsheet that will constantly vary in regards to number of rows. Working on a macro that will highlight (fill) all blank cells in red, then after info is entered in cells it un-highlights (fills). This is the macro I have started & it colors the cells, but after I enter info in...
  14. J

    Booking Tracker

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a booking tracker, for example if I input start and end date per guest/room, this days will be highlighted on calendar. One room can have different guest on different dates range. I was using if(and(vlookup, but only able to have first guest info on the...
  15. K

    Code for inserting a row automatically based on a value in a particular cell

    Hi all. I have a spread sheet which is completed using production data. my issue is that when a machine runs more than 1 product only the info. for the one product is collected. What I want to do is enter a figure in column "E", its either going to be 1 or 2. If "2" is entered then I want to...
  16. danhendo888

    How to organise this data (Year, Vendor, expenses)!AvjBsEPEq12ngTEmm7uG4pZsIFot?e=oA9EZo I have three tables of information. Each table has these columns: - Year - Vendor Number - Expenses How would you arrange the info to produce something like the 'output' sheet (shown in link).
  17. H

    Save and show info on form

    I have a access form, and a table with info in the table. on the form it shows all the columns that is on the table. I have a textbox and a button on the form. Now how can I make it that when I put a word in it (that is in the table) and press the button, it must give me all the info of that...
  18. M

    Formula to display one bit of info based on two others matches

    I have a spreadsheet with some data and addresses. I am wanting to do a formula where if sheet1 b2 (address) = sheet 2 b2 through b45 address then sheet 1 a2 = displays sheet 2 a2. If that makes any sense at all sheet 1 A2 123 FAKE ST sheet 2 B2 123 FAKE ST B15 123 FAKE ST sheet 1 A1 FAKE_123
  19. B

    saving hyperlinks between Workbooks

    I am having problems with losng my hyperlinks when I save the exel spreadsheet to another workbook name. Is there any way to save my hyperlink info to another workbook so it appears in the new workbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  20. P

    If cell is blank vlookup and if not blank do another vlookukp

    The formula I am using right now is =IF(M533="",(VLOOKUP(N533,Sheet3!A:D,2,FALSE)),(VLOOKUP(M533,Sheet3!A:D,2,FALSE))) I will either enter info into M533 or N533. If I have no info in M533 and I do put info in N533 I need to have the vlookup pull the info tied to that cell.

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