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    Grab info

    Good Afternoon Everyone My english is not perfect... sorry about that In my work we have a database of clients in html format so we can consult that information with clients numbers. What im trying is to import client info. to excel page: I can do that when i go to data>from web>put the...
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    UserForm Assistance.

    Hi all, When someone clicks on a certain cell a userForm appears and they enter some details, click ok and then the info in put into that cell. But once the info is in the cell the userForm still appears. How can I stop the userForm from showing when there already info within that cell. Thanks
  3. C

    ***Worksheet Name***

    Hi Guys I am trying to pull worksheet name ie "Sheet1"! This forumula only pulls Sheet1"! It won't allow me to insert " at the beginning. =""&RIGHT(CELL("FILENAME"),LEN(CELL("FILENAME"))-FIND("]",CELL("FILENAME")))&"!""" Many thanks Genevieve:rofl:

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