1. B

    Formula Help

    What would be the best formula to use if column B matches something in column X, populate adjacent info in cell Y in column P in same row as column B.
  2. V

    Hiding columns/rows?!

    Hi, I was wondering about copying what's hidden on one sheet to another sheet. If I hide columns/rows as hidden data, can I copy the info as hidden to another sheet and still unhide the info inside the new sheet? Thanks, Studt#37
  3. B

    copy data from one work book to another as a backup

    Hi, I presently have coding that is fulfilling all my requirements except for the ability to save in a back up workbook. The back up workbook is located at (M:\HR\National Transfer Inventory\xxxx National Transfer Inventory Referral.XLSM) this is my present code: Private Sub...
  4. T

    Disappearing borders

    In my Excel 2016 form, I seem to have a disappearing border. I have columns of info that are completed using the drop down box and data validation. If I make a selection and use the auto fill, my upper and lower borders in the cells disappear. It then becomes a continuous column of info...
  5. M

    drop down list question and assistance

    Hello, I need help with a spreadsheet I'm working on. I am trying to have 2 drop down lists and based of the entry in each list I would like a cell to list the specific info that is related to the two choices in the drop down lists. Drop Down list 1 Drop Down list 2 Name of client...
  6. N

    Excel as database question

    I download an entire trial balance from our accounting software into excel. I then map out each account to create a balance sheet. Works like a charm... However, I need to re-download a month that was corrected in the accounting software. While I can manually delete the rows and paste the...
  7. L

    Is this even possible? Big project question!!

    Hey guys, So our LIMS system is down and I'm finding our labelling system is taking forever to do manually. I am wondering if there is possibly an easier way to program this... Some background: Columns labelled LIMS Number and Type will be emailed where we copy from the email and paste into...
  8. H

    Have Excel Automatically select 3 cells

    Hello is there a way I can have excel automatically select cells column A, B, and C together when i select any of the 3 columns. For ex. the info in B1 and C1 are info about A1 I want all 3 to be moved together at all time and not have a choose to moving or copy one cell with out the other...
  9. E

    Pulling specific info from one worksheet to another

    I have two worksheets. One is old, one is new. The new sheet needs the same info pulled in as the old sheet, but in a different order, by last name. There are two columns of info associated with the last name, each will need pulled in separately. I have tried a couple different formula with no...
  10. I

    Empty space/gap at end of drop down list selection

    Morning, When i click the drop down arrow on a Combobox i see the only one option to select of which in this case is N/A But below that option there is a empty space/gap. Please advise how this can be remove. Here is some info to assist you. Code for the Combobox. 'INVOICE NUMBERDim lastroww...
  11. K

    Finding IDs from one Excel that are missing in a different Excel

    I have been given some wonderfully complicated and not at all well formatted Excel spreadsheets at work. These spreadsheets are kept by the nurses I work with and have important patient info in. I'm trying to consolidate the data and then clean it in a hope to make everyone's lives easier. So...
  12. I

    Userform To Worksheet Transfer

    Morning, I have a userform that opens when i open my worksheet. I am having difficulties with the code where i press the CommandButton2 to then transfer the data ive just entered in the TextBoxes on my form to my work sheet. Here is some info to help you. The information needs to be placed...
  13. C

    VBA code to select from list box and combo box and send mail

    Hi Guys I have a file where it has various combo boxes with info. I would want a code to send an email with the info in the subject line and in the body of the mail File loaded here Regards CT
  14. G

    Excel Security

    I have a spreadsheet that has confidential information. I know how to lock the sheet and hide the confidential info that is not the problem, What I want to know is there a way to have two levels of security. Two different passwords to open more or less. Some people need to see the confidential...
  15. A

    Create sheets based on master list and sheet template

    I am trying to make timecards that update from a master list. First worksheet - master list with rows of info (name, acct code, time in, etc) Second worksheet - timecard template (cells call upon info in the master list) I can make sequential worksheets based on a list (column A), but I...
  16. C

    User form drop down box from list on another sheet

    Hi, I want a simple drop down list in a vba userform. The list is from sheet 2 a7:a20. I have it where the form will activate but can't figure out the dropdown. Also, if they dont click one I want a form to show that says missing info. I have that made. Its called missing info. Summary userform...
  17. T

    macro wait for command button

    Hello I have an issue with a macro running till the end instead of waiting for a called userform input. Below is the the code and the called userform code. As you see the SamOpt2x macro finds a cell containing "Sample #1 " and selects the cell. At that point the userform macro is called and...
  18. neilp

    vba combobox worksheet

    Hi All Got a simple userform - 1 combobox and 4 text boxes. The combobox has a list of all the sheet names. when a button is pressed, I would like the info that is in the 4 text boxes to be transferred to the next available row in the correct worksheet. is this doable? thanks neil
  19. D

    pop up boxes to enter multiple info

    Hi, I was hoping that someone could give me the code for thefollowing. I wanted a pop up box for users to fill in 4 columns ofinformation. Col A would be “Date” B “Site” C “Tonnage” D “Reason” isthere a way that it will auto fill the newt row? So row 1 has the header titleso the info would need...
  20. C

    extracting info

    is there a macro that once an external file is open it pulls certain info from it and plugs it in to various sheets?

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